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A visit to times square

A Visit to Times Square

Times Square, one of New York City’s premier tourist destinations, is located on a major intersection in Midtown Manhattan–at the junction of Broadway and 27th Street and from West 42nd Street to West 47th Street.  It occupies the blocks between 6th and 8th Avenues from east to west, and West 40th and West 53rd Streets from north to south.  Times Square was “christened” in 1904; not coincidentally, so were neon lights and the city’s first subway line.  New Yorkers wasted no time in starting the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration tradition: they began ringing in the new year at Times Square in 1904 as well.

Previously, the area that has been called “Times Square” for over 100 years was known as The Longacre.  On April 8, 1904, the name was changed to Times Square to commemorate the official opening of the brand new New York Times Building located on the triangle of land at the intersection of Broadway, 42nd Street, and 7th Avenue.  The building was the tallest in Manhattan at the time.  In 1913, the New York Times moved to a larger facility across Broadway and the New York Times Building was renamed the Allied Chemical Building.  Today, it is known simply as One Times Square.

During the First World War, Broadway became known as one of the world’s premier theatre districts.  The Great Depression hit New York City hard, and many theatres had to close or offer less discriminating fare to attract more theatre-goers.  Thus began a slow decline that reached its lowest point in the 1960s and 1970s.  At this time, Times Square had become (in)famous for erotic bookstores, live nude shows, X-rated movies, and other adult fare.  By 1975, many people considered Times Square to be the epitome of urban and moral decay.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, city and state officials began serious efforts to reverse the decline of Times Square.  Today, Times Square has been restored to its former glory and boasts over 27,000 residents and over 26 million visitors each year, and makes a serious contribution to New York City’s economy-the annual total output is comparable to the economies of Bolivia and Panama, and far exceeds that of small countries.

New Year’s Eve at Times Square is now a global tradition.  Approximately 1 million people gather there each year; additionally, millions across the United States and about 1 billion people all over the world tune into the New Year’s Eve celebration.  The famous ball (currently made of Waterford Crystal) drops from One Times Square, a tradition that began on December 31, 1907 and has continued ever since, except during World War Two when a moment of silence was observed followed by the tolling of church bells, as the blackout restrictions prevented excessive New Year’s Eve festivities.

Times Square has cemented its place in American popular culture.  It has been featured in movies such as Vanilla Sky, King Kong, and Spider-Man.  ABC’s Good Morning America and MTV’s Total Request Live are broadcast live from their studios at Times Square.  Additionally, many exclusive, popular, and specialty retailers and restaurants have locations at Times Square, such as the Hard Rock Caf?, Virgin Records, Toys R Us, ESPN Zone, Sketchers, Planet Hollywood, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, Ruby Foo’s, and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.  Today’s Times Square is a perfect family destination.

The first family overseas holiday with baby

The First Family Overseas Holiday With Baby

Think it’s impossible to take your young child on an overseas vacation? It’s certainly not the easiest vacation you’ll ever take, but with some preparation and patience it can be a fun and enjoyable time for the entire family.

First of all, do a bit of research before you take your baby overseas. Know the passport and visa requirements for the country you are visiting. If you are a UK citizen traveling within the European Union, you will be able to travel without a visa. However, it’s always best to check ahead to avoid any surprises.

How do you choose a destination for your first overseas vacation with your baby? For the first international trip, it’s a good idea to stay relatively close to home. A 14-hour flight with a baby, no matter how well-behaved the baby is, will probably not make for a comfortable vacation. For Britons, there is a wealth of choices out there. Spain is a popular choice, as is the family-friendly island of Menorca and the ever popular sister island sees a lot of people take holidays in Majorca too.

For Americans, international travel is not as simple. However, Canada and Mexico are nearby and can provide a rich cultural experience for the entire family. If you are brave enough to venture a little further afield and can afford it, many South American countries are safe and pleasurable to visit with a family. The region is full of history and will make for an unforgettable vacation.

The number one fear of traveling parents is how young children will act on the airplane. We’ve all been seated near the infant who doesn’t stop crying for the entire flight, and no one wants to be the parent of that child.

Much of that crying can be alleviated with a few simple tricks. First, babies’ ears can pop painfully during takeoff and landing. Be sure baby is nursing or drinking something during these times to help equalize the pressure in their ears.

During a long overseas flight, boredom can set in and prompt a crying jag. Bring along a few familiar toys for comfort. Also buy some new toys to carry on. The novelty of a new plaything can distract baby and give you some much-needed peace.

When reach your destination, it’s easiest to stick to kid-friendly attractions. If your little one decides to have a meltdown outdoors in a park or botanical garden, it’s a much smaller problem than it would be inside a quiet museum.

That’s not to say that you should shy away from museums and other quiet activities. Just make every effort to go at the time of day when your child is most likely to be cheerful.

The most important piece of advice any parent can get about traveling with young children is to relax and have a good time. It may feel stressful when your child cries or whines in public, and you may be embarrassed when your entire tour bus has to stop because of a smelly diaper. But remember that these are the experiences that you will one day look back on with a smile.

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Is it the end of cheap holidays

Is it the End of Cheap Holidays?

Families that were looking to get away this year for a well earned break are finding that they are being stopped by sky-high prices on what would normally be a budget deal holiday.

The average cost of a two week holiday for a family of four has increased as much as ?500 this year compared to prices from the previous year. With the increase in prices families have also seen as massive reduction on the number of destinations that you are able to visit.

One of the leading travel agents has cut the number of sales to the mainland of Spain by as much as a quarter this year. Although Spain saw the most reductions, many other destinations have had a reduced number in sales with some countries not being included at all any more. With a limited number of destinations available many families are finding it hard to find the right one for them without having to spend a lot of money to get it.

The rise in prices of holidays and the reduction of destinations that are now available comes after a combination of the credit crunch, rising oil prices and the weakness of the pound against the euro, which have all affected the travel industry greatly. With the weakness of the pound not only does the initial price of the holiday go up but so do the prices of everyday things while abroad, such as meals, drinks and days out.

Many Brits are now choosing to go all inclusive on their holidays rather than self catering to try and cut costs while abroad. As well as this many are choosing not to go to the travel agents to book their holidays, instead many are using the internet and price comparison sites to try and find them selves a good deal.

Whether you’re looking for self catering <a href=”http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/”>holidays </a>, <a href=”http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/”>all inclusive holidays </a> or <a href=”http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/”>package holidays </a>, try comparing deals online, you may just find yourself a bargain.

World class kanpur hotels

World Class Kanpur Hotels

Kanpur is a large city that has also become an industrial center. It has many different high class hotels that provide budget-friendly accommodations.

Kanpur is a very beautiful city in India. It is also noted as an industrial center that also houses a religious group of people. Karna comes from the word Karnapur, one of the heroes of this historical city. During the late 1850s, Karna suffered a revolution called the Indian Rebellion of 1857 that shed the life of hundreds of people.

Kampur was developed during the 13th century. It houses many world class hotels with rooms at very affordable rates. Many investors are flocking to Kanpur to build more hotels with the influx of realty in the region. These establishments offer the best amenities, facilities and services to both leisure and business travelers.

Kanpur Accommodations

Aside from the temples, lakes, historical sites and attractions, Kanpur has several hotels you can choose from. These are suitable for both business and leisure travelers. After a long day of work or touring the city, it is only right that you go home to a relaxing and comfortable stay. Aside from the usual pool, restaurant and boutiques, there are hotels in Kanpur that has its own chapel.

Here are some hotels you can find in Kanpur:

Hotel Guavar Kanpur
This hotel is located 30 kilometers from the airport. It has a total of 35 rooms. It is considered as one of the finest world class hotels here. The rooms are comfortable and fully air-conditioned. It is also close to many attractions and business centers, making it very convenient for business travelers.

Amenities and facilities include a conference hall, banquet spaces, and multipurpose area for parties and wedding receptions. They have restaurants for your dining options. Other amenities are safety deposit boxes, televisions, telephones and 24-hour room service. They also have recreation areas like a beauty parlor, swimming pool, doctor-on-call, car rental favility, currency exchange and many more.

It is found near the many prime attractions of the city. Many visitors resort to this hotel for proximity reasons also.

Land Mark Kanpur Hotel
This world class hotel lies in the heart of the city. It is located close to Mall Kanpur and about 12 kilometers away from the airport. It is also 3 kilometers away from the railway station. This luxurious property features elegant décors with elegant interiors.

Accommodations feature a restaurant, pool, spa and other recreational areas. The interiors exude a taste of elegance and luxury. They also provide airport-hotel transfers. It is a perfect destination to relax, enjoy the recreational activities of this hotel.

The rooms have the finest range of services like a mini bar on every room. Other amenities and facilities include a dining lounge, conference hall, bowling lane, currency exchange and handicap chairs/comfort rooms as well as a chapel, billiard room and beauty parlor among others.

Hotel Meghdoot Kanpur
This is a luxurious hotel located directly in the center of Kanpur City. Its address is 17/3b The Mall Kanpur. This hotel is famous for its special business amenities. Corporate travelers can hold their meetings and conferences here. It has a total of 100 rooms all well furnished and with a very relaxing ambiance.

The rooms feature comfortable beds, luxurious interiors, and furnishings, making it an elegant place to unwind after a hectic schedule. They also provide specialized business amenities. Other amenities include well equipped business conference rooms, exclusive corporate rooms, swimming pools, shopping arcades and currency exchange facilities among others.