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Why buy a sea ray

Why buy a Sea Ray

A little bit of history Sea Ray is the largest manufacturer of pleasure boats in the world. With factories in Tennessee and Florida, Sea Ray has produced boats ranging from 17 foot power cruisers to 60 foot luxury yachts, for over 45 years.

Established in 1959, Sea Ray was one of the first innovative boat builders to use fiberglass in the production of their boats. This, and many other ground-breaking ideas in technology, propelled Sea Ray to be a leader in its field for over 25 years.

In 1986, Sea Ray became part of the Brunswick Corporation, making Brunswick the world’s largest producer of marine engines and boats. The range increased further in 1995 when Ray Industries purchased Baja, the world’s largest manufacturer of performance boats.

Sea Ray’s customer satisfaction is second to none. A dedication to quality means Sea Ray exceed the standards set by the International Organisation of Standards In fact, they are first pleasure boat company to be certified for meeting the high ISO 9002 standards.

The range The four categories of boats, consisting of more than 40 models, include Sport Boats, Sport Cruisers, Sport Yachts, and Yachts.

Sports boats With boats ranging from 5m – 9m, Sea Ray sports boats offer more standard features than any other boats in their class. The 2009 collection includes; the 175 Sport, 205 Sport, 230 Select, 210 and 230 Select Fission and 290 Sundeck.

Sports cruisers Sea Ray sports cruisers are renowned for the highest quality comfort and elegance. These cruisers offer full-colour hulls in a range of gel-coat colours. Sport cruisers are also now produced as standard with the exclusive SmartCraft instrument management system. This system includes the most up to date innovations in marine diagnostics and easy to read low-glare night lighting.

Sports yachts With yachts from 11m -15m, the long lean lines provide a combination of luxury and performance. The new 455 Sundancer also offers a hardtop and full-color hull.

Yachts The uncompromising quality of yachts set the standard of excellence in the boating world. Luxury comes as standard on all Sea Ray yachts, including the brand new 52 Sundancer.

Award-winning Sea Ray is the first pleasure boat manufacturer to meet the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance standards, and has maintained it for over eight years. Every Sea Ray manufacturing facility has received this award.

The Five Star Diamond Award was presented to Sea Ray by The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences as a symbol of excellence. This award is presented to businesses for outstanding commitment to hospitality within their classification.

What to expect Spacious cockpits Thoughtfully designed cabins Materials which are tested and approved by dedicated professionals The largest and most conveniently located group of dealers in the world Experienced and knowledgeable professionals Excellent sales and service

What more can be said?! If you’re looking for a high standard of quality and a huge range of boats with innovative designs, look no further than Sea Ray.

Airport hotels; undercover airport hotels explained

Airport Hotels; Undercover Airport Hotels Explained

Undercover hotels, what are they? Major travel companies have introduced undercover airport hotels at major UK Airports. These undercover Hotels are a cheaper way to book Gatwick Airport Hotels and Heathrow Airport hotels, two places you would normally pay a premium to get a bed.

Most of these hotels are within a 10-minute drive of the terminals using the Hotel-Hoppa buses. Usually if you book an un-named Four-star hotel you get cheaper rates than the normal rate for the named properties. The special offer prices start from just 45 pounds, room only. The prices are so good but the hotel name remains a mystery until the booking is confirmed.

If you have an early flight, why not book into one of the airport hotels? Choose an hotel close to the airport before you fly and avoid busy motorway traffic on the morning of your trip. As mentioned, these hotels are close to the airport and most of them come with parking both on-site at the hotel itself or at a secured compound near by. This is a peace of mind, at minimal or no extra cost, knowing that your car is safe.

Why book an airport hotel? There are several reasons why a traveller would go for an under cover hotel; firstly the rates are rock bottom, second, it is a perfect way to start or end a holiday knowing that have secured a room before or after your trip whatever time you arrive. Lastly, isn’t it a wonderful thing to wake up refreshed on the day of your flight? You have worked hard, saved money for your trip. It is only fair to enjoy your trip. The anxiety that surrounds traveling and the run of adrenaline is not a good way to travel

The companies proving these hotels run a convenient bus transfer service from and to the airport. This obviously makes your stay as easy as possible. If your flight comes in late or if you are thinking of stopping over on return for shopping or meeting somebody it is good to stay at an airport hotel. If for example you have a friend in London and you are flying to Sydney from New York, you can meet at an airport hotel in London then continue with your flight.

Apart from the convenience, so you can make your journey home the next morning fully refreshed. Most of these hotels can and do provide information on important attractions for those who are interested in up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more.

However, before you commit yourself, do a thorough price comparison. Make sure you the promised facility meets the basic standard and that quality is guaranteed. The deal must be reasonably priced and in the most convenient location.

Have you used mci international calling cards

Have You Used Mci International Calling Cards?

If you are in need of a means to phone back home to the U.S. from other countries of the world, then you should try MCI international calling cards.

They are an inexpensive means of staying in touch with the folks back home, and with business colleagues too.

If you have a loved one in the armed services, make sure to send them one of these cards every now and then, as they can call you in the United States anytime for only 6.1 cents per minute. Yes, that’s right, call from all U.S. military bases on the globe to the U.S. for only 6.1 cents per minute.

This particular service is not available from AT&T tent sites. You need a specific card from AT&T for that, and we can show you where to get it, if you need it.

You could travel the countries of Europe and Asia, South America, Australia, Caribbean islands, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East, and have a reliable, inexpensive way to call back home to America. MCI services over 130 countries with their prepaid calling service.

Whether you are going on vacation, on a business trip, in the military, have or are an exchange student, you can count on MCI to get those international telephone calls through.

How about some example rates? You can call from Mexico to the States for 41.2 cents/minute, from Israel for 23.7 cents, from Japan for 21.2 cents, from Hong Kong for 32.5 cents, from Australia for 27.5 cents, from Italy for 28.7 cents, from Poland for 18.5 cents, from Puerto Rico for 6.1 cents, and more great rates.

Not only can these cards be used from other countries, but they can also be used from the United States to call all other countries of the world, even to cellular phones. Rates are reasonable, especially to cell phones.

There are no fees or taxes attached to your calls, other than a 50 cent charge when you use a payphone. Each MCI international calling card has a lengthy expiration of 180 days after you place your first call, so they can last quite a long time.

If you are looking for an international calling card, take a good look at what MCI has to offer.

Maui hawaii the best place for travelers

Maui Hawaii The Best Place For Travelers

When in Maui you will truly experience the meaning of the words, “Maui no ka oi” which means Maui is the best. And rightly so, you will find Maui Hawaii the best holiday destination you have been to. And when you will be there, you will find that it is a place beyond comparison and a place where you can indulge without worries and become one with nature.

It offers the great versatility of nature in the form of large beaches, majestic mountain ranges, lush rain forests, and its superior marine life which include the humpback whales in the waters. If I call it the best part of Hawaii the natives and the visitors both will agree with me beyond doubt.

Lahaina a famous town in West Maui in Hawaiian language means the “cruel sun”. When in this part of the world, always remember that you are quite close to the equator which makes the sun rays more powerful.

So when going to take a sunbath always take proper precautions so that you won’t get sunburns. After all who would like to get the sunburns on the start of holidays?

This place with all its natural treasures is a wonderful tourist destination. You can find this place changing colors with everyday of your stay. So much so that you will find time falling short to fully experience this place. You can start with relaxing on the warm beaches getting sunbath in the morning and then jumping into the waters to get a glimpse of its marine life.

The very second day you can plan for trekking and camping in its lush green valleys. And when you do all sort of activities in the day time soothes you in the evening with the cool breeze and an interesting nightlife. The city is full of events all the time. You will have to work overtime to keep up with the unlimited fun taking palace in Maui.

Reaching this city is not a problem as it is conveniently connected with the Kahului Airport which is the main airport for the islands of Maui. Getting around in the city besides its lack of public transportation systems is never a problem as you can find car rentals everywhere.

Another advantage in going in for car rentals is that you will find it cheaper than any other place in the US. Same is the case with the hotels as you can find a hotel for every budget. So if you are running on a tight budget be assured that you will find a budget hotel.

The only important part for you is to make prior reservations as the city is always packed with tourists. Some of the regular facilities offered by the hotels in the city include air conditioned rooms, car rentals, airport pick and drop facilities, swimming pools, health clubs, spas, restaurants etc.

The best part of Hawaii is always ready to embrace you into its valleys so if you yet not visited this wonderful place, just pack your bags and take off to this wonderful part of the world, Maui.

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