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A leap year again – the top 10 places to propose in the usa

A Leap Year Again – The Top 10 Places To Propose In The USA

Every four years, February 29 appears on the calendar and is traditionally the day when women can propose marriage. This custom dates from fifth-century Ireland, when the rules of courtship were stricter. Since many women were waiting too long for proposals, St. Patrick is said to have granted this dispensation to them to speed up the process. And this quaint custom comes into effect again in 2008, as it is a leap year.

If you are planning on “tying the knot” in Leap year here are ten top places in the USA where you can pop the question.

Arizona’s star natural attraction, The Grand Canyon, offers plenty of proposal options, from a magnificent lookout, to a hot-air balloon or helicopter ride.

What about the Big Apple? For a proposal with an incredible view, either take the elevator or climb the 1,860 steps to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building in New York City. Try to make it on a clear day, when you can see for almost 80 miles, or on a clear night, when the city lights will provide a romantic backdrop for your proposal.

New York City is arguably at its most romantic, when viewed from a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park. Featured in countless movies, the carriages start at Central Park South, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, at 59th Street.

The magnificent Bridal Veil Falls at Niagara Falls, in New York State, is a dramatic location to tell him how much you love him. Then pop the question as you marvel at the sheer power and beauty of the water as it rushes downward.

Treat him to a trip in a hot air balloon over Lake Tahoe, California, and propose as you float gently above the beautiful lake and take in the incredible views.

For a year round warm weather proposal destination head for the Florida Keys. Key West, Florida, is the perfect place to be at the end of the day. A proposal here, as the sun sets over the sea, will be a memorable start to the rest of your lives together.

The picturesque 80-foot-tall Wailua Falls, on Kauai, in the Hawaii Islands, are a dream come true, when it comes to marriage proposals. You can propose at the scenic overlook or take the path down to pool below, to swim in the cool mountain water together.

Inspiration Point, at the Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming, with its awesome view, would be a breathtaking spot for your proposal. The Point is reached crossing Jenny Lake boat and then hiking up the Cascade Canyon Trail.

At St. John, on the US Virgin Islands, Honeymoon Beach hosts proposals galore. The question can be written in the sand on the beach or on a diver’s board during an underwater adventure.

And finally, don’t wait to get lucky on the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, just claim your prize with a marriage proposal on a gondola ride at The Venetian, or during dinner at the Eiffel Tower at Paris, Las Vegas.

Burma shares borders with thailand

Burma Shares Borders With Thailand

The country of Burma shares borders with Thailand, Laos, Tibet, India and Bangladesh.

Nearly half the country is covered in forests, with mountainous borders east with Thailand and north with Tibet, where youll find South East Asians highest peak Hkakabo Razi at 5,881m. Central Myanmar is characterised by wide plains and rivers, where the Irrawaddy River flows over 1,600 km, providing the flood plain basis for the main agricultural industry rice. Burma was previously the largest exporter of rice in the world, but is now one of the ten poorest countries in the world.

The south of the country meets the Bay of Bengal and the southern Mergui Archipelago runs parallel to the shared Burmese Thai peninsula and forms part of the Andaman Sea. Its here that you can cruise hundreds of unexplored islands, undisturbed by the passage of time and the tourist masses of neighbouring Thailand.

With a lack of world demand for Burmese fisheries, the seas are less exploited and richer than most, with little industrial fishing taking place.

Burma is ruled by one of the most brutal military dictatorships in the world. A dictatorship charged by the United Nations with a crime against humanity for its systematic abuses of human rights, and condemned internationally for refusing to transfer power to the legally elected Government of the country the party led by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

The Burma Campaign UK is part of a global movement campaigning for human rights and democracy in Burma. Our campaigns aim to increase economic pressure on the regime by discouraging investment and tourism. We lobby the UK government and the European Union to increase political pressure on the regime.

The Burma Campaign UK is the only national organisation in the UK dedicated to campaigning for human rights and democracy in Burma.

For so long the pariah state of South East Asia, Myanmar has some outstanding historical and intriguing travel destinations for the intrepid explorer, such as Rangoon, Bagan, and Mandalay names evocative of colonial times, empires and civilisations of yesteryear, and packed full of impressive monuments and ruins.

It has a tropical, hot and humid climate throughout the year, though it can get chilly in the mountainous north. The dry and cool season runs from November to February. March to May is also dry but very hot. The rainy season runs from May to October with the wettest month being October.

The Burma scuba diving season on live boards in the Mergui Archipelago is restricted to the dry season only, so we recommend visiting between November and early May.

Amtrak trip to santa barbara true getaway

Amtrak Trip to Santa Barbara True Getaway

Got to admit it – it’s tough for this Californian to give up his car for the weekend, but that’s exactly what we did on a recent train getaway to Santa Barbara that proved we could do our small part to help reduce traffic and vehicle emissions and still have a great time.

In fact, just put aside the benefits to the environment and look at the benefits to our own family: We saved on gas, vehicle wear and tear and on the frustration that always comes with a never-know-what-you’re-gonna-get drive through the L.A. freeway system. We got to try a new adventure, introduce our 8-year-old to rail travel and we packed a lot of sightseeing into a short two-day period.

Santa Barbara is especially well suited to car-less travel because years ago city fathers decided they needed to do something to reduce the congestion they were seeing with many more visitors and the smog that would trap itself over the city. The Santa Barbara Car Free Project today offers travelers discounts on Amtrak as well as at participating hotels. They sweeten the pot by throwing in a multitude of discounts on local attractions and transportation. Our family of three decided to give it a try, traveling to Santa Barbara from our home in north San Diego County.

Boarding the 7 a.m. northbound Pacific Surfliner in Oceanside was a snap. Accustomed to long waits nowadays for air travel, we showed up nearly an hour before our train to check our one large piece of luggage. But A/ we really didn’t need to check the luggage – there is a rack you can put your luggage on in the business class rail car – and B/ you can step right on the train, even purchasing your tickets onboard.

Business class is slightly more expensive but offers reserved seating and amenities such as a continental breakfast, a newspaper and a comfortable work area with a power outlet for our laptop. We went up the stairs to the second level, found our seating and sat back to enjoy the scenery. In just a couple of minutes we were on our way, the gorgeous California coastline passing before our very eyes.

We were reminded of a recent country chart-topper called Sunday Morning that talks about the many walks of life in the USA and how people spend their Sunday mornings. It was, in fact, Sunday morning and we were observing our fellow Californians out for their morning jog or enjoying a newspaper and coffee on their beachfront deck, or preparing an outdoor breakfast in one of several beachfront state parks along the Surfliner’s path. The train sped along, often at 70 miles per hour or more, taking us on an adventurous route through many parts of the Southern California coastal region that we had not seen in our many drives along Interstate 5.

Another way to describe the feeling is to relate it to those “Over” shows – you know, the PBS television programs that are entirely made up of aerial views of life in a city or region. We weren’t really up in the sky looking down, but even the upstairs level on the train can give you that same mesmerizing effect.

Our trip from Oceanside to Santa Barbara took about five hours but we noticed something quite curious. When driving that distance, we always are anxious to arrive. But on the Surfliner, we almost were sorry we had arrived. It was such great relaxation and interesting scenery that the journey was no longer a means to an end but part of the end itself. Our stress-relieving getaway weekend had started from the moment we had boarded the train.

Arriving in Santa Barbara, it was just a three-block walk to the Hotel Santa Barbara, one of the “car-free” participating hotels with a location in the heart of the city near sidewalk cafes and chic stores along State Street. We checked into our spacious and comfortable room by noon and were sitting at a sidewalk bistro just a few minutes later, enjoying some terrific people-watching and Panini sandwiches. In fact, we lingered a little too long over lunch and then did something we were trying not to do: we hired a taxi. It was the only way to get to the harbor in time to hop aboard the 43-foot sailboat, the Sunset Kidd, for a two-hour cruise along the Santa Barbara coastline.

The ocean provides the best, most panoramic view of Santa Barbara, its mountains and its beaches and offers convincing evidence that local tourism promoters were spot on when they named this part of the coast the “American Riviera.” One can imagine such places as Monte Carlo or Cannes when you take in this spectacular overview along with the parade of luxurious yachts and young, beautiful people. Captain Dennis Longaberger prides himself on offering a true sailing experience rather than a tourist boat and says the Sunset Kidd is a rare example of a private sailboat that has been upgraded to carry passengers. The best part of this sail was watching two pods of dolphins frolic just a few yards from our boat.

Back from our sail, it was just footsteps to the Endless Summer bar-caf?a perfectly located restaurant and watering hole named after the famous surf movie and offering gorgeous views of Santa Barbara’s harbor area. Known for such specialties as its popcorn shrimp, fresh ahi and to-die-for Kaui Mud Pie, the restaurant enjoys a loyal following of both locals and visitors who keep coming back for more.

This first day set the tone for the entire trip – great restaurants, visits to such attractions as Stearns Wharf, the waterfront, the shops along State Street, the various parks, gardens and museums that all are either within walking distance of downtown or easily reached by the city’s convenient public transportation. The Car Free Project offers a $2 discount off the Santa Barbara Trolley which, for $21, will let you ride the trolley all day to eight different area tourist attractions. (note: you can save $5 by purchasing your ticket online at www.sbtrolley.com). Another convenient way to get around the main part of town is the Electric Shuttle which runs up and down State Street as well as along the beach areas. It’s just 25 cents each time you board.

If that’s still not enough options for transportation, hybrid taxi service is 20 percent off for Car Free visitors, and there are plenty of local bike rentals.

We had a full day of sightseeing that second day because our train didn’t depart until 7 p.m. We had done a lot in just two days, and the gentle journey home by Amtrak gave us the opportunity to truly sit back and relax – a far cry from our usual nail-biting trip home on those congested Southern California freeways.


WHERE: Santa Barbara is about 100 miles north of Los Angeles and a comfortable train ride from many coastal cities to the north and south.

WHAT: Santa Barbara is unmatched in beauty and is an excellent city to see car-free. Or if you prefer, you can drive the coastal highway through Ventura.

WHEN: Any time of the year. Santa Barbara has one of California’s most comfortable year-round climates. Our suggestion would be to consider avoiding the busiest Amtrak trains which are those that depart northbound Friday night and southbound Sunday night. At peak times, coach class can be standing room only. Amtrak is seeing more customers as fuel prices climb.

WHY: The Spanish architecture sets the mood in Santa Barbara, but the city is loaded with tourist attractions including Stearns Wharf, the harbor and marina, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Courthouse as well as parks, gardens and a robust downtown shopping area.

HOW: The Santa Barbara Car Free Project offers discounts on many visitor services in order to encourage people to visit the city without their car. Amtrak allows a 20 percent Santa Barbara Car Free discount on coach fares. The adult coach fare from Oceanside to Santa Barbara, roundtrip, is $66 before discount. Business class offers reserved seating and is $16 more each way with no discount. In addition to discounts on Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner, there are discounts on lodging, services and retail items. For more information, go to www.santabarbaracarfree.org or phone (805) 696-1100. For more information on the Hotel Santa Barbara, a very classically styled hotel with an excellent continental breakfast, go to www.hotelsantabarbara.com.

Different kinds of herbal chinese medicines

Different Kinds of Herbal Chinese Medicines

At one time, Chinese curative and medicine were only well known in their origins. However, nowadays, Chinese alternative treatments and medications are on the mount in the western world. Chinese medicine actually traces back centuries and has been worn and urbanized for hundreds of being. Chinese remedial is worn by Oriental practitioners for a range of material evils. The entirety of Chinese medicine includes more than just herbal therapies, it also includes breathing exercises and muscle exercises, dietary therapies, acupuncture and, at times, a combination of these therapies may be worn at once.

Most of the Chinese curing treatments are based on the Chinese principal on Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang contract with the harmony and equalize of the body and the principals of Chinese medicine restore the body to its common harmony. Various treatments worn in Chinese medicine are developed on the symptoms being revealed by the body that goal to a particular imbalance within.

While at one time many doctors in the United States looked down on Chinese medicine, doctors are now recognizing these earliest medicinal techniques as an useful form of medical treatment. One of the treatments that has been found to be effectual for treating a variety of unrefined troubles is acupuncture. Scientists have been studying the property of acupuncture and studies are showing that the treatment is valuable. Acupuncture has been found awfully effectual for treating back pest, nausea, migraines and most just there mark of it plateful patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Many people are spiraling to this Chinese curative system as an alternative to surgery and medications and are finding upbeat fallout.

Chinese nutrition and herbal medicine are also increasing in popularity throughout the western world. People are spinning to assort herbs such as ginseng and ephedra to regard and check many rude troubles. Recently, studies have actually shown that ginseng may help thwart reoccurrence of breast sarcoma. Chi Di is another Chinese medication that is used topically to delight throbbing the people may have with arthritis, sports related injuries and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Those annoying this Chinese medication have found it actual for treating the unending torture associated with these harms.

The major difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is that Chinese medicine seeks to settle without causing superior ache and problems and it seeks to treat the hindrance instead of only treating the symptoms that surface. Chinese medicine focuses seriously on preventive medicine to keep the body in harmony to keep from developing pure problems. The full concept behind Chinese remedial and medicine rests on having a home evaluate and the medicine strives to adjust imbalances through treatments such as acupuncture and through herbal therapies.

As more and more studies are being done on Chinese curative techniques and herbal supplements, the findings are showing that Chinese medicine is actually effective and sound. Some pharmaceutical companies are actually effective with the Chinese to exploit newer and safer medications based on Chinese medicines. Today, many physicians are recognizing the repayment of Chinese medicine and healing and it is suitable more existing throughout the west.

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