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Kandy: an ancient city of rich and royal traditions

Kandy: An Ancient City of Rich and Royal Traditions

Located in the heart of the hill country, the picturesque city of Kandy was the last bastion of the Sinhalese, withstanding three centuries of foreign invasion before agreeing to British rule in 1815. The geographical location of the city with thickly forested mountains rendered it difficult to approach, thereby safeguarding it as the final Sinhalese kingdom. To this date it remains rich in its ancient traditions and arts, providing visitors with a view of the vibrant cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

The city is home to the island’s most important Buddhist shrine, the Temple of the Tooth which holds the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha. A visit to the temple and its surrounding devalas or shrines honouring the four protective deities of the city will provide an insight to the religious observances, the amalgamation of Buddhist and Hindu practices and the art and architecture that is characteristic of Kandy. It is also the venue of one of the most magnificent pageants in the world, The Esela Perehera which takes place in early August. The carefully orchestrated, gigantic event is formed by five processions from the Temple of the Tooth and from the four devales with spectacular traditional dances, drumming, flute playing, acrobatic performances and fire displays. However, the central focus of the pageant is the great tusker carrying a replica of the tooth relic distinguished from the myriad other richly arrayed elephants by its perfectly proportioned build and majestic demeanour.

Kandy also has several museums showcasing its history and artistic achievements. The tusker museum at the Temple of the Tooth encases the world’s only stuffed elephant: the mortal remnants of the country’s most famous elephant, Raja. The city regularly has traditional dances and cultural shows as well as many interesting handicrafts unique to the region. A visit to this historical city with its tranquil natural beauty is a must for everyone who wishes to experience the dynamic cultural legacy of the island. Comprehensive information on cities in Sri Lanka can be obtained from the TrulySriLanka website ensuring that visitors will be able to successfully plan out a truly memorable tour of this paradise island.

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Insurance offered during move

Insurance Offered During Move

Are you planning to relocate? Moving involves a lot of money and immense stake which can either make your life more comfortable or more complicated. A move brings about a massive change in the life of every member of the family. Relocation process requires a lot of preparation; the first preparation begins with the search for a reliable moving company. All the belongings are moved along with several precious and valuable commodities, but don’t forget about the inevitable mishaps that can damage your property or misplacement of certain important articles.

So, to compensate the loss of property, the Federal Law has fashioned some rules and regulation to protect and reimburse the consumer. Relocation Estimate has a list of moving service providers who are legally qualified in offering reputable moving services across the United States of America. Generally there are two types of valuation coverage provided by movers under the Federal Law; Full Value Protection and Released Value.

Full Value Protection is for the best interest of the consumer, it holds the mover responsible for the repair or replacement value of belongings lost, missing or damaged while under the protection of the mover. If there is a loss or damage of item while under the custody of the mover then the mover has the option to compensate it in three ways for each item. The mover has the option to repair the damaged item/items, replace the damaged piece with a similar one or make a settlement for the cash of either repairing or replacement of the item/items according to the current valuation. This option allows the movers to limit themselves for the liability of loss or damage to expensive items unless it is specifically mentioned in the shipping document. Get a written limitation from your mover before moving. The price for Full Value Protection is not same for all movers; it differs due to inclusion and exclusion of certain items.

Released Value is the most cost effective plan because it does not incur any extra charge; hence it offers meager reimbursement for damaged or lost items. To opt for the Released Value plan you must sign a specific document in the bill of lading or similar contract agreeing to the subject. Generally if you do not opt for anything specifically, then by default you fall under the Full Value Protection plan and you are charged accordingly.

Third Party Insurance is offered by some movers to consumers, especially who are under the Released Value plan. The price of these insurance are generally not included in the basic move and are purchased separately and this optional insurance coverage is regulated by State Law.

There are several things that needs to be attentively selected to ensure tight security to your family and belongings while moving. There are moving directories that offers a pool of selective responsible moving companies that can deliver on time, world class service. Relocation estimate has gathered all the reputed  to make easy the hunt for a reliable moving company.

In moving directories you get the option to choose the most desired movers who can provide you with A-Z insurances required to make your move more successful and peaceful.

Hotels – grand duchy of luxembourg, an introduction

Hotels – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, an Introduction

The country of Luxembourg was founded as a fortress by Sigefroid, Count of Ardennes back in 963AD, and since then the country is now home to one of Europe’s key financial and political centres, the wealthy city of Luxembourg.

In terms of politics, Luxembourg has had a considerably rocky ride to reach its independence. Its bordering nations have long had their eye on it and as a result the country has passed through the hands of Burgundy, Spain, France, Austria and Prussia.

The magnificent historical fortifications that surround Luxembourg are now classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Luxembourg’s relatively small size has resulted in a capital unlike any other throughout the EU. The city is full of charm which is expressed by the local people who are justifiably proud of their city.

The city of Luxembourg is an excellent starting spot to being your adventure. The city itself is split on into two into to districts. The “old centre”, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, is rich with its fortress towers, turrets and winding, cobblestone streets.

Then there is the more modern downtown district, which has been dubbed an “international financial hub”, with its many successfully business, shopping centres and hotels.

Moving out of the capital and you will really get to experience what the country has to offer with picturesque landscape of rolling hills and valleys, many of which are resettled with holiday cottages.

Some notable locations include

  • Vianden Castle
  • Wiltz Festival Town
  • Abbey Town of Echternach
  • Car hire in jaipur – travel in a smarter way

    Car Hire in Jaipur – Travel in a Smarter Way

    Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. It is the firsts planned city founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the ruler of the Amber City. It is one of the most beautiful city of Rajasthan, which well known for its architectural wonders and monumental attractions. Colorful fairs and festivals, bustling markets, cheerful people, warm hospitality and world class accommodation facilities of Jaipur hotels, makes it the most traveled cities of Rajasthan. The city is the last and the final destination of Golden Triangle tours the favored travel package of India. In this city there are wealth of attractions which makes it’s the most preferred travel city of Rajasthan. These tourist attractions can be explored in a delightful and memorable way with a luxury car drive.

    Jaipur is fondly known as the Pink City of India. It is visited by tourist domestic as well as international tourist all the year round. Tours and travel of the city is made luxurious, comfortable and memorable with a luxurious car drive. In this city there are several Jaipur car rental service provides. They offer wide fleet of cars for tours and travels, festivals, marriage ceremony and for various other auspicious occasions. Tourists can choose the car according to their choice and comfort from the car hiring services provides of Jaipur.

    Car rental service providing companies of Jaipur offers car of all ranges and standard at the best rate. From the luxurious car like Mercedes Benz, Corolla Altis, Honda City, etc to the standard cars like swift, Toyota Quails, Tata Indica, Ambassador, etc are available with them. You can also hire cheap budget car like sumo, maruti, travelers, etc for tours and travels in Jaipur. Car hire service provides in Jaipur also provide Volvo coach and bus on the demand of the tourists and travelers. Car hire in Jaipur allows you to explore the striking forts and monuments of the city, which depicts the grandeur, glory and past of the city.

    On your Jaipur city tour you will love to explore the beauty of Amber fort. It is situated 25 Km away from Jaipur city which is made luxurious and comfortable with car drive. Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, etc are some of the most admired monumental attraction of this Pink City. These beautiful monuments were built by the erstwhile rulers which also depicts their love towards art and culture.

    Albert Hall, Ram Niwas Bagh, Ram Niwas Garden, Zoological Gardens, Sisodia Rani Palace, Akshardham Temples, etc are also the admired tourist attraction of Jaipur city. These beautiful and heart grabbing tourist attraction of the city can be delightfully explored by hiring car rental services in Jaipur. Have you ever imagine how dreamy it will be stepping out from a luxurious car to take the snap of the Rajasthani’s women in their colorful dress, or the people in group sharing light joke in the evening. Have you ever imagine how wonderful will it be driving through the bustling markets of Jaipur. It is possible with a car drive while you go for a city tour of Jaipur- Pink City of India. Come and explore the beauty of Jaipur in a delightful and memorable way with a luxurious car drive.