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A travel guide to turkey

A Travel Guide to Turkey

Turkey is a unique country that lies along two continents. One side of Turkey is part of Europe, while the rest is geographically situated in West Asia, (also called the Middle East). Many languages are spoken in Turkey, such as: Greek, Armenian, Kurdish, Arabic and their official language, Turkish. A holiday in Turkey is the best way to see some beautiful sites and learn a great deal of history about Western Europe.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Travelers that come from Western Europe are not required to have a visa, except those coming from the UK. It is still possible to travel to Turkey by means of a train from Europe, albeit it is not very practical. This is done by those who are driven by the romantic notion of traveling by train, made famous by the movie, The Orient Express.

  • Arriving by plane is the fastest way to get to Turkey, and the most practical. Taxi services are widely available outside of the airports to welcome tourists.
  • It is a delight to travel around Turkey by bus. The buses offer accommodation equipped with air-conditioning and a great crew that attends to the needs of the passengers. They also offer food and drink, in addition to rest stops at restaurants every couple of hours or so.

  • Visitors who plan to drive while visiting this country should be very careful while on the road. Road accident rates are high in Turkey, especially since their roads are often left in poor condition.

    Things to do in Turkey:

    • Turkey offers a great cuisine derived from Arabic and Mediterranean style. These
    dishes often contain meat such as lamb, which is a staple meat in turkey. A lot of spices are also used in their dishes. Turkish coffee is a very popular drink that must be sampled while visiting.

    • Travelers who are planning to go to Turkey during winter can take advantage of the
    numerous ski centers that are available. Rafting and yachting are also popular activities there, perfect during the summer and fall season.

    • Tourists who want to absorb the culture and get better acquainted with Turkey’s history can visit some of their famous landmarks such as: Topkapi Palace, Ayasofya Museum, Mt Nemrut tours and the ancient City of Troy.

    • Turkey is also famous for their diverse wildlife. It is one of only a few countries in the world that has preserved their ecological equilibrium. Many rare species here are
    protected by the government.

    • The natural landscape of this country is a treasure. Visitors can go on hiking trips to
    partake in this wonderful outdoors experience.

    There are so many wonderful things to see and do here. I hope this travel guide to Turkey has opened up this destination as a travel possibility. Many people take their holiday in Turkey to provide much needed rest and relaxation. So, if you are looking for something completely different and exotic, look no further than the only country in the world that lies on two continents.

  • Top five destinations for india holidays

    Top Five Destinations for India Holidays

    India is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Every year it figures a large number of vacationers from all over the world coming for mesmeric holidays in India. There are many fascinating holiday destinations in the country where vacationers can enjoy their holiday in most convenient, comfortable and luxury ways. The country has a lot of destinations for perfect vacations for all kinds of vacationers whether they are coming for honeymoon vacation, beach vacation, luxury vacation or just a break from tight scheduled life. When it comes to luxury vacation, India stands ahead. Perhaps this country is a perfect destination where vacationers can spend their holidays in comfortable and luxury way. Vacationers can also enjoy awesome tourism opportunity during luxury vacations or luxury tours in country. There are a number of destinations for luxury tours and vacations in the country which can be visited on luxury holiday in India. Kovalam, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur and Bangalore are some of wonderful destinations for luxury and memorable holidays in the country.

    Kovalam: It is a globally famous holiday destination situated in Kerala, South India. It is one of the finest beach resorts in the world where vacationers can enjoy truly luxury holidays. It provides tourists and vacationers for awesome beach tourism and comfortable & luxury holidays. There are world class resorts on the pristine beaches of Kovalam, where tourists and vacationers love to spend their vacations in lavishness and at fully comfort. Kovalam is easily accessible from Trivandrum the capital city of Kerala, God’s Own Country.

    Bangalore: Situated in South India, Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka, India. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It is a very favored destination of those tourists and vacationers who are coming for India for truly luxury experiences. The city is known for awesome beauty and modern charm. There are many world class hotels, resorts, ayurveda resorts and spa centres in the city offering luxury accommodation facilities to vacationers and tourists.

    Agra: Agra is ancient city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is culturally and historically rich and known for its heritage attractions like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and Itmad-Ud-Daullah Tomb. It is one of the most romantic cities in country has many world class hotels and resorts offering truly perfect experiences of India tours and travels. It is also perfect destination for India holidays and provides wonderful opportunity to visit three UNESCO World Heritage Monuments – Taj Mahal, Agra Red Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.

    Jaipur & Udaipur: Jaipur and Udaipur are beautiful cities situated in the imperial state of Rajasthan, India. Jaipur is the capital city and known for beautiful forts, palaces, temples and havelis. Udaipur is one of the most romantic cities in country and known for beautiful palaces, beautiful lakes, beautiful temples and beautiful landscapes. There are many heritage & palace hotels in Jaipur and Udaipur where travellers and vacationers can enjoy the charm of India luxury tours visiting major attractions of cities.

    If you too have desire to experience the luxury charm of India tours then visit these preferred destinations of India and make ensure you vacation & tour in India truly luxury, truly comfortable.

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    Amar nath ji yatra


    Amarnath shrine is are one of the most renowned shrines in Hinduism, and is devoted to the god Shiva. The shrine is claimed to be over 5,000 years old and forms a significant part of old Hindu mythology. Inside the main Amarnath cave is an ice stalagmite which looks like the Shiva Linga, which waxes during May to August and gradually wanes thereafter. This lingam is said to become big and get smaller with the phases of the moon, reaching its height during the summer festival.

    Shiva popularly known as “Bhole nath” is a living god. The most pious and most ancient book of India, the Rig Veda calls to mind his existence in its hymns, Vedic Myths, rituals and even confirm to his presence from the dawn of time.

    Legend has it that Shiva told Parvati the secret of creation of this universe in a cave in Amarnath. Not known to them, a pair of doves heard their conversation and having learnt the secret, are reborn again and again, and have made the cave their everlasting habitat. Many pilgrims report seeing the doves pair when they go to pay their respect to the ice lingam (the phallic symbol of Shiva).

    The annual yatra to Holy Amarnath Cave, located at 14000 ft. above sea level, is arranged by the State Government during the month of July and August. The wanting pilgrims are permitted to perform darshan from Ashard Purnimashi to Shravan Purnimashi which sprreads over a month or so. With a vision to work out and finalize several arrangements, a sequence of core meetings is held at Srinagar as well as Pahalgam (the base-camp for Amarnath Yatra). Among other matters connected with yatra, a verdict is taken for managing the yatra traffic within the prescribed daily ceiling as per Sen Gupta Report on both Pahalgam and Baltal routes. Concurrently, the J&K Tourist offices situated outside the State, are asked to start advance registration of yatries on first come first serve basis, within a fixed period and thereafter `current registration’ of yatris is done by the Tourist offices within the State which continues till conclusion of yatra. The detailed information with regard to Yatra, including other related issues like Do’s and Don’ts, installation of free langers by NGOs is revealed by the Tourism Department in leading national dailies as well as local news papers. However the intending Yatris can have the comprehensive information in the form of printed material at all the Tourism Offices located within and outside the state.

    Things to do on a germany trip

    Things To Do On A Germany Trip

    Germany is suitable more and more accepted with families on festival staying in nature catering apartments and festival villas. Germany is situated in Central Europe. Denmark bordered the country, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Belgium.

    Sun lovers collect to Germany in the summer months and many choose to deferment in a luxury cottage with a swimming assemble. In the iciness months, it is extremely current with winter sport enthusiasts, festival rentals are unfilled to rent in all the chief ski resorts from ski chalets to character catering apartments.

    There are a limitless number of cities in Germany which can be of attention to tourists. The center city of Berlin offers a diversity of equipment for tourists to indulge in. While there you can postpone in one of the the luxury identity catering apartments or feast villas in the center. This city is well known for the historical bygone of Germany.

    The Berlin bordered is the most notorious historical locate in Berlin. Many tourists rent a luxury cottage or holiday dwelling and use this as a center to explore the native society and night life. The lively and spirited night life in Germany attracts thousands of tourists every year. Cafes, bars and clubs are full with people every night. You can experience the authentic Berlin life by indulging in one of the many walking tours. The home guides help to train us all about the city and country.

    Frankfurt is yet another notorious city in Germany. It is situated in the innermost state Hesse of Germany. This is prominent for two equipment, the international airport and its futuristic skyline. The city is renowned for the large number of museums it has. The ward possesses the uppermost number of museums in the city. You can see diversified exhibitions in these museums that have stunning architectures.

    Tourists visiting the country around June can experience the prominent Kieler Woche festival. This week longed festival takes place at the conceal of Kiel. Ships and boats come from all over the world to take part in this aftermath. You can see the oldest to the newest ships of Germany in this parade. Military ships, sailing crafts and old tall ships can also be seen by millions. There are many holiday homes and nature catering apartments to rent adjoining.

    Rhine in Flames is yet another infamous festival in Germany. The festival takes place once a month in diverse cities. The incident combines festival, fireworks and melody. People gather at the banks of Rhine River with food and down to consider the magnificent fireworks. The dispatch paraded also accompanies the firework festival.

    Munich is the third prevalent city in the country and assets of Bavaria. The city is legendary for the Oktoberfest festival. This beer and plum festival take place in October in Munich every year. Whenever people think of this festival they think of massive glasses of plum, reply watering sausages, women irksome dirndls and men bearing Lederhosen. Millions of people call Munich during the festival. This is one festival well merit visiting. Near here are many holiday homes presented to rent exact from the holiday home landlord.