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What awaits you in myanmar

What Awaits You in Myanmar

In my capacity as the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours Limited, one of my jobs is to ensure every client has the best tour possible, so here are my top suggestions for sites to take in during your holiday Myanmar formerly known as Burma.

1. Yangon is the capital city of Myanmar and is a typical Asian city with it’s beautiful green tropical trees and beautiful lakes. The wonderful thing about Yangon is that it has not been spoilt by modern development although it is progressing gently at it’s own pace. The city is the main entrance to the country and also houses the principle seaport.
Yangon is home to many stunning pagodas, one of the most stunning being The Shwedagon Pagoda which stands on Theingottara hill. This golden shrine is gilded from top to bottom which makes it glisten in the sun an absolutely awesome spectacle.

Not as ancient but of no less beauty is the 20 year young is Karaweik Hall stands in the Royal Lake (Kandawgyi Lake). A mythical creature known as the Karaweik bird is what this structure has been based on and as it too is gilded from top to bottom it is a beautiful sight to behold as it shimmers on the lake.

2. Located in Bagan and erected in the 1100′s is the Dhammayangyi Temple which is a Buddhist temple.The temple remains unfinished to this day. There are other temples in Bagan but the Dhammayangyi is the most popular because of its mass which makes it unique. It is shaped like a pyramid which features very fine brickwork. Some people believe that the temple was built by an evil king.

3. Mandalay is Burma’s second biggest capital and is also the  cultural and religious centre of Buddhism. This is displayed by more than 700 pagodas.
In Manadalay you will find over 700 stone slabs located at the foot of Mandalay Hill. Together they are inscribed with the entire Buddhist scriptures which are better known as the Pali Canon. This has earned the reputation as the biggest book in the world and is known as the official “Buddhist Bible.
Mandalay Palace is a place not to be missed on a visit to Mandalay. There is an 8 meter high brick wall surrrounding the palace and a wide moat  which has plenty of goldfish. Considering that the palace was completely destroyed by fire in World War II and completely rebuilt it remains a popular attraction for many tourists every year.

4.In the Mon State you will find the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda. What helps to make this pagoda very intriguing is the story that accompanies this amazing feat of nature. The pagoda is  7.3 and is perched atop a golden rock. The rock itself is right on top of the Kyaikhto mountain.
The story that accompanies the rocks precarious balance and how it can stay in this position is because of a Buddha hair which has been placed precisely inside the pagoda.
Apparently it is believed that a King who had received the Buddha’s hair from a hermit was told to hunt for a rock that looked like the hermits head. The hermit instructed the King to search for a boulder whose shape resembled the hermit’s head. Once the right rock was discovered the hair was placed into the pagoda on top of it.  Legend has it that the King had supernatural powers as his mother was a dragon princess and his father was an alchemist.
This is considered to be a highly sacred place and people come from all over to visit this unusual pagoda.

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Taking advantage of vacation wholesale pricing

Taking Advantage Of Vacation Wholesale Pricing

Regardless of what ocean you stand by, there will be a nearby coastal vacation resort at which a family or groups can treat themselves to the good life, at least for a week or two. There are many travel agents that are willing to book expensive vacations for you, but to find the beat deals available, becoming a member in a vacation travel club may be the best way to go.

Many clubs work with different business models but they all deliver some of the best travel deals. Up to 50 percent off the posted price for airfare, motels, luxury vacation homes and even dining in fancy restaurants. Imagine staying in homes that cost $1,000 per week through you travel agent for a couple of hundred dollars. Yes, there may be restrictions on availability, but the savings alone should be enough incentive to alter travel plans by a week or so.

Do not misunderstand; these companies are not promoting free trips. Rather, they are a travel club that can negotiate better prices for their members. Similar to shopping clubs that save members money over regular retail price on mane items for the home, car and groceries. The membership fee usually pays for itself within the first year and there are other benefits that go along with being a club member. Some offer roadside assistance plans in case you break down on the way to your planned vacation, or any other time of the year.

Just imagine the possibilities of spending time in luxury accommodations for nearly the same price as low-end motels. Staying in the same homes that celebrities occupy other times of the year and swimming in pools maintained by a staff of professionals, not some person in a pickup truck that looks into the water every few days. If something breaks while you are a guest in a home, a phone call gets it fixed. Living large is how many people describe their membership in a travel vacation club.

There are different levels of memberships in most clubs, ranging from $1,200 to $5,000 depending on the type of travel and vacationing you plan to do, and with the food discounts as well as savings on car rentals and plane tickets, this amount of money is virtually nothing compared to the prices you would pay on the open market. Many resorts participating in these vacation club plans also include golf resort, spa resorts and even those for honeymooners or those on their second honeymoon, allowing you to participate in activities you may have only dreamed about.

Taking advantage of special days is easy for club members and should any problems with the arrangements appear while traveling, they all offer call services to help straighten things out without ruining your entire trip.

Despite all efforts to rid their ranks of unethical sales people, there have been a few that promised more than the company advertised to deliver. It always best to verify all arrangements before leaving home and any issues can be cleared up before your arrival.

Tips to get you vacation air tickets for cheep

Tips To Get You Vacation Air Tickets For Cheep

Frequent travelers and executives are among the masses that get a lot of discount in the airfare. It is easy to get discount airfare for them since they travel very frequently.

Some of the corporate also get cheap air tickets because they tie up with some of the airlines for a certain period based on the discount and services they get from the airlines. Corporate plans are clubbed with other services through some agencies to provide better service for their staff.

Some countries like Malaysia and Singapore promote trading for foreign visitors during some part of the year. During this period, they offer cheap air tickets to their country on certain flights. If you can check with the other airlines during this period, you may get excellent discount airfare, which may even surprise you.

You can become members of certain clubs and associations for which you will discount airfare for select destinations. You may even get a flat discount of some percent of the airfare during all the time of the year.

Without all these, you can also get cheap air tickets if you can plan your trip very early. So its always advisable to plan your trip as early as possible to make it more comfortable and economical.

Go online and check out all the sites to find the best travel packages and compare the prices and the facilities offered and accordingly you could also negiotate with your travel agent and this would help you to have one of the best prices for your airtravel.

Some airlines provide you discounts of up to 85% if you book your air ticket before two or three months. If you are certain of your trip, you can book your air ticket like this. Midnight travel on some airlines will have very low fare since not many people travel during those hours.

If you are planning a vacation and if you plan it a little earlier, you are sure to get cheap airfares. Since a vacation package combine different components like flight booking, hotel booking, car booking etc., you get an excellent discount and cheap airfare for these packages.

If you book each component of your vacation separately you will end in a fare this is costly. Moreover, if you book vacation packages for a group of persons you can further reduce the cost. Usually vacation package booked earlier than two weeks fetch you a decent discount in airfares.

Nehru trophy snake boat race in alleppey, kerala

Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race in Alleppey, Kerala

Snake boat race is one the fascinating events organized in Alleppey, Kerala. It is organized every year on the second Saturday of August and this year in 2009, the event will be organized on 8th August. The event is known by the name of Nehru Trophy Boat Race and is conducted in Punnamada Lake in Alleppey or Alappuzha, Kerala (India).
History of Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race
The event is known by the name of Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race because the rolling Nehru Trophy was started by the first Prime Minister of independent India in 1952, when he visited Kerala for the first time. The people of Alleppey gave him a warm reception escorted by snake boats and Jawahar Lal Nehru was so happy that he donated a rolling trophy which is handed over to the winner of the snake boat race every year.
Attraction of the Event
A number of participants take part in the boat race and the main attraction of the event is the snake boat race, which is as long as 100 to 120 feet. It is made up of forest wood, which is locally called ‘Aanjili Thadi’. It is known by the name of ‘Chundan Vallam’, which carries around 100 rowers at a time and has the distinction of being the largest water vessel which is used for the purpose of sports. It is called snake boat as it resembles the hood of hissing snake.
Some of the famous boats which participate in Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race in Alleppey are Kaarichaal, Paayipaadu, Chambakulam, Cheruthana and St George. Boat race is also known by the name of ‘Vallam Kali’ in Malayalam. It is a game which tests the muscle power of human being on the placid backwaters with the background music and drumbeats of musicians and cheering of the crowd in favour of their favourite boat.
Nehru Trophy Boat Race has emerged as an international sports event which is witnessed by a large number of spectators from all over the globe. The boat race is one of its kinds in the world and is only organised in Kerala, India. As the event is organized in the month of August when the surroundings of the event venue turn all green and picturesque because of the monsoon rains.
So if you are planning a tour to Kerala, adjust it accordingly and do visit Alleppey as it is an event worth witnessing, which leaves the lifelong cherishing memories in your hearts. If at all you have not planned your trip still it is time to ponder over it.

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