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Serena spa to launch its exclusive spa in chennai by october 2009

Serena Spa to launch its exclusive spa in Chennai by October 2009

Serena Spa Pvt Ltd will launch its first spa at Mamallapuram in Chennai by October 2009. For the upcoming spa, Serena Spa has tie up with GRT Hotels for their Mamallapuram resort, GRT Temple Bay. GRT Temple Bay, Mamallapuram, which has recently doubled its room inventory to 144, has added another spa to the resort. The resort has outsourced its earlier spa to Ayush Therapy Centre. Serena Spa has spas operational in Kerala, Hyderabad, Karnataka, New Delhi and Rajasthan.
Sabrina Hougaard, Director Spa Operations, Serena Spa, said, “Over the years, Serena Spa has established itself across various places in India, but we did not have any spa in Chennai. We were looking for an up-market quality resort at a good location to partner with and hence we initiated discussions with GRT Temple Bay. We saw a huge potential in this region. Chennai has been rated as one of the best destination in India for spa and resorts. The resort’s expansion will help to create a sound business foundation for the spa. We believe that our spa concept will attract Indians and foreigners.”
Shabin Sarvotham, Resort Manager, GRT Temple Bay, Mamallapuram, said, “Spread across 12,000 sq ft, the wellness space includes gym and yoga rooms, hair salon, manicure and pedicure rooms and a spa boutique. The spa has two couple’s rooms, six single spa rooms and a large semi-open relaxation lounge.”
Onestopshop Retail service official quoted , “More such spas with lifestyle programmes, which should include macrobiotic food, yoga , range of massages, body wraps, beauty treatments and grooming, both as part of long-stay packages and individual treatments should come up in Chennai city”
Talking about future expansion plans, Hougaard said, “We are planning to set up more spa outlets at any part of the country, provided we get good market.”

The Serena Spa will be an excellent gateway for travelers which help the guest to get out their busy lives and enjoy the world of natural beauty and therapeutic healing.

The services at Serena spa will offer an excellent blend of Indian therapeutic healing, with a contemporary international spa feel to it.

Vibrant cities with soaring skyscrapers

Vibrant Cities With Soaring Skyscrapers

It is a country located in the north western region of South America. Colombia is bordered to the east by Venezuela and Brazil to the south by Ecuador and Peru to the North by the Atlantic Ocean, through the Caribbean Sea and to the west by Panama and the Pacific Ocean. Colombia is the only country in South America that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

The fourth largest country in South America and one of the continents most populous nations.

Colombia has substantial oil reserves and is a major producer of gold, silver, emeralds, platinum and coal.

It also has a highly stratified society where the traditionally rich families of Spanish descent have benefited from this wealth to a far greater degree than the majority, mixed race population. With few avenues for social mobility, this provided a natural constituency for left wing insurgents.

Vibrant cities with soaring skyscrapers, elegant port towns cut by cobbled alleys and bougainvillea shrouded balconies, spectacular national parks from tropical to heavenly high alpine, cruise boats, party buses, late night salsa dancing and glorious shopping.

On the surface, Colombia is a seemingly untroubled country. Media reports, however, still speak of coca fields, violent crime and kidnappings. Beyond the headlines is a thriving society with a rising middle class, some of the best health care and universities in South America, and improved security.

The most pleasant time to visit Colombia is in the dry season, between December and March or July and August, particularly if you plan on hiking. It also gives visitors a better chance to savour local cultural events, as many festivals and fiestas take place during these times.

Apart from the weather, you might also consider Colombian holiday periods. There are basically three high seasons when Colombians rush to travel from late December to mid January and from mid June to mid July. During these periods transport gets more crowded, hotels tend to fill up faster and prices may rise, so youll have to pre plan your trip and do more legwork to find somewhere to stay.

The proximity to the equator means its temperature varies little throughout the year. However, the temperature does change with altitude, which creates various climatic zones ranging from hot lowlands to freezing Andean peaks, you can experience completely different climates within just a couple of hours of travel. It has two seasons summer and winter. The pattern of seasons varies in different parts of the country.

Going nuts for brazil

Going Nuts For Brazil

For anyone planning a holiday to Brazil I would recommend one thing. If you can’t take a few months to explore this awe inspiring country then you should at least make use of the Brazil tours that are on offer in order to gain the maximum coverage of the country.

A Brazil tour is the perfect tool to assist you in taking in all that Brazil has to offer. Up and down the country, there are sights that will simply take your breath away. The cities are among some of the most advanced in the world when you look at the standard of the modern day architecture.

Make Brasilia your first stop and take a good few hours to absorb the peace and tranquillity inside Santuario Bom Bosco. This is an imposing building with enormous, arched windows but step inside and you are transported to the cool tranquillity of the sort only Brazilian churches can do. If inspiration is what you are looking for from the local architecture, take your Brazil tour to The National Pantheon. This is a building dedicated to local heroes who stood for freedom and democracy and you are consumed by the fight these people had on their hands to secure this freedom for future generations.

For manmade structures also see the stepped villages of Olinda. Pastel painted terraced houses in a higgledy piggledy fashion are quaintly pretty as well as functional.

As one word of warning, Brasilia is currently seeing a rise in cases of Yellow Fever so seeing your doctor in good time before you go is always a good idea.
Sau Paulo is also worth ensuring is on your Brazil tour itinerary. This is one of the largest cities in the world and as such, can be a little daunting. It can also be viewed as a huge challenge, negotiating your way round the city will bring you in touch with places that you never would have found were you sticking to a plan.

Beaches are something that Brazil has in abundance. Not just any old beach but glorious, sun soaked, palm lined beaches. If you visit Ipanema Beach you can watch the most dramatic of sunsets over the distant Dois Irmaoes mountain. Palms are a common sight in Brazil and a walk down the Avenue of Imperial Palms in Jardin Botanico is an absolute must.

For water lovers, there is more than just the beaches. There is the famous Amazon river and a wealth of waterfalls such as the Iguacu Falls National Park. Brazil tours take you to Devils Throat which is the best vantage point for seeing the waterfall in all its glory. To see and feel the power that this waterfall exudes is truly stirring.

The natural and man-made scenery is much of the reason people visit Brazil. This is a colourful country like no other. There is a wealth of wildlife that can be quite easily seen in Pantanal. From toucans to blue and yellow Macau, from pink flamingos to Caiman (a member of the crocodile family), the animal kingdom from Brazil is among the most beautiful in the world.

As if there isn’t enough natural colour to see on a Brazil tour you can always take in one of the many carnivals. Brazilians pride themselves on the gaiety of their carnivals and everything pertaining to lurid colours is present.

Obviously, this is a huge country and every bit needs to be taken in time and again to feel the full force of its beauty. A Brazil tour would be ideal or you could use the excuse that you need to return year on year as no other holiday destination is quite going to compare.

Hot air balloon ride in luxor

Hot Air Balloon ride in Luxor

Early morning, Our representative will pick you up from your hotel in Luxor to the West Bank to enjoy air balloon riding. Transfer to marine enjoy Soft drinks before you take the motor boat to the west bank , then you will be transferred to the take off area where you are going to start your balloon ride in the sky of the biggest open-air museum( Luxor ). The “Balloon Ride” trip departs everyday, however confirmation in advance is still highly recommended. The balloon ride takes 45 minutes, before your land again, to catch your pick-up and return to your hotel.


? Pick up Service from your hotel & return
? Transfer by a private air-conditioned vehicle Soft drinks (Tea, coffee, cake and sweets)
? Motor boat to transfer to the West Bank
? 45 minutes ride in Hot Air Balloon, in the sky of Luxor
? Flight certificate
? All service charges and taxes
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? Any extras not mentioned in the program
? Tipping Kitty

? The Balloon is scheduled to take off at 5:30 a.m. and the ride takes 45 minutes
? Departure time may vary depending on sun rise time
? The hotel pick-up takes place 45 minutes before take-off scheduled time

More Information :

Trip duration

Approx 02 hours

Trip type

By Balloon

Trip runs

07 days a week

Starting from


Return to


pick up time

From 05:00 to 08:00

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