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Tips for booking a cruise through online travel agents

Tips for Booking a Cruise Through Online Travel Agents

Working with an online travel agency to book a cruise can be daunting, since you are not actually face-to-face with a representative. Still, by working with an online travel agent, you can often save a lot of money. If you decide to book your cruise using an online agent, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Book through a reputable company that has representatives willing to work with you over the phone.

It is unfortunately not difficult for anyone to set up what looks like a travel agency. In reality, though, these scammers take your money but never book your trip. You do not want to get to the airport only to find out that there had never been any reservations made in your name.

Make sure that the company you are working with has a good reputation in the travel industry. If the name is not well known, contact the Better Business Bureau to make sure that complaints have been laid against them. One easy test you can do is to call their phone number to talk to a representative. Phony sites usually have fake numbers, phone numbers that never lead to a real person, answering services, or no numbers at all. A real travel agency will be more than willing to help you book your cruise over the phone.

Tip #2: Read the fine print of your contract carefully and ask questions.

Like with every contract, there will be fine print. Online, it can be easy to miss certain clauses that can end up being extremely important. For example, what happens if you cancel your trip? What happens if the cruise company cancels or goes out of business? Will you have to pay interest if you do not pay for the entire trip upfront? Do you have flexibility to change your dates or flight times?

It is also important to understand exactly what is included in your cruise. When you book online, there is no one sitting in front of you to tell you these things, so read about it and, if your questions are still unanswered, call the tour company before you book the cruise.

Tip #3: Don’t enter your credit card information until you’re ready to book the trip for sure.

You should not have to enter your credit card information just to get a price quote or read information about the cruise that interests you. By entering your credit card information, you might be entering into a contract. The site in question might not require you to book a cruise, but you might be paying for a site membership or confirming that you will book a cruise with the company within a certain timeframe. Make an attempt to not enter any personal payment information until you are 100% sure that you are ready to book the cruise.

Tip #4: Shop around when looking for travel insurance.

Most online travel companies automatically add a travel insurance policy to your vacation unless you manually ask for it to be removed. This can be a good thing – travel insurance is important – but if you shop around, you can likely find a better policy through a third party. Look for a policy that protects you medically and financially when traveling, as well as a policy that will make sure you get a refund in case you cannot go on the trip, for whatever reason. Even if your cruise is domestic, never leaving United States waters, it is important to have an insurance policy covering you.

Tip #5: Ask for information via mail on your destination of choice.

Before you make any decisions, call or email the company and ask them to send you information about the cruises available. Sometimes, having the literature in front of you makes the decision process much easier, since you are not going back and forth between pages online. Hard copies of the information can also make it easier for you to understand exactly what kind of cruise you are booking, and for most people, it is visually easier to understand what to expect when you have the ship information. Asking for a hard copy also helps legitimize the business, making it easy for you to spot scammers.

Booking a cruise online is usually not as easy as booking one at a brick and mortar business, but the plus side is that you can save money. You also usually have more options, and with the Internet, you can shop for your next vacation anytime day or night. If you are going to work with an online company, just make sure that you use the tips listed above so that you get the vacation that you really want.

Have an overwhelming luxury adventure travel in botswana

Have An Overwhelming Luxury Adventure Travel In Botswana

When we talk about safari holidays, it is obvious to talk about South Africa – the land of safari parks. If you are a safari lover and are in search of an exciting safari destination, you can plan your tour to Botswana. This part of South Africa has to offer lot many exciting things and experiences to wildlife and safari lovers. During your visit to Botswana you will find lot many things to explore, right from art, culture, people to wildlife.

If you love bird watching, you should definitely plan safari programs to this part of South Africa. One can simply not stop admiring the wonderful birdlife present in Botswana. This place has more than 600 species of birds, which include many rare and unique species of birds as well.

When the annual rains fill the Makgadikgadi, thousands of waterbords which migrate to Botswana further enhance the colorful view of this place. In Botswana, the safari lovers not only see the huge numbers of resident and migratory birds but also witness the wide array of raptors and other species of animals and birds.

The Chobe National Park being one of the best wildlife reserves of South Africa attracts huge volumes of safari lovers on luxury travel tours every year. This reserve is known to have the largest population of elephant in the world. This place also boasts of greater rainfall than other parts of this dry country and the tropical vegetation it is blessed with.

When we talk about luxury adventure travel in Botswana, we can definitely not miss mentioning about the Kalahari Desert. This desert covers most of Botswana and is known to display a wide variety of game within its natural boundary.

The Makgadikgadi and Okavango Delta are the other destinations in the country which are worth a visit if you are interested in exploring the wildlife, birds and other wilderness attractions in this part of South Africa completely, during your African safari holidays.

Botswana is well known throughout the world for having a rich tribal art and craft tradition. It also possesses a rich wealth of ancient rock art. The Tsodilo Hills situated west of the Okavango delta is known to have the site richest in rock art in South Africa. It is known to have more than 4000 catalogue paintings.

Botswana also has a rich history of culture which includes the stone wall ruins, Stone Age tools and patterned pottery. This place continues to preserve its local traditions and very carefully protects the ancient human culture.

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Tansen music festival in gwalior

Tansen Music Festival in Gwalior

Gwalior is a district in Madhya Pradesh. The city celebrates a national level music festival called Tansen. The festival is held in memory of Tansen’s great contribution to Indian music.

Gwalior is the city in North India that lies 76 km from Agra. The city occupies a special position in Indian music history. It is one of the places that saw through the tremendous developments in the Hindustani Classical Music genre. Gwalior is also the home of the famous Indian musician, Miyan Tansen.

The death of Tansen is the birth of Gwalior’s Music Festival. It is also known as The Tansen Sangeeth Sammelan. It is held in memory of Miyan Tansen. The festival is celebrated yearly during November and December, within a span of five nights.

Miyan Tansen was a famous musician in India and was admired by the King. He became one of the nine jewels at Akbar’s court of the Mughal era. Emperor Akbar was believed to be the father of music. Miyan Tansen’s fame spread when he joined Raja Ramachandra Baghela’s court.

Tansen died in 1589, right when he was at the peak of his popularity. He was then buried in Gwalior. His tomb serves as a great venue for his contribution to Indian music. His memorial is part of Gwalior’s living cultural heritage. It was built in an early Mughal architectural technique.

The Gujarat government also decided to bring up a two-day music festival in memory of Riri and Tana. They are the two sisters who rendered Raag Meghmalhar, bringing help to Tansen’s illness. Legend says that Tana and Riri had an interpretation of the song Megamaldhar that cured Miyan Tansen. The king was pleased and the court musician Tansen decided to search for the two girls.

The King asked the two girls to sing at Akbar’s court but they ended their lives in a well rather than to refuse him. Riri and Tana did not want to cause war within their town. From then on, the government gave importance to the two sisters in a form of a concert, particularly starting last 2003. From then on, it was held yearly, becoming part of a tradition, to commemorate their death anniversary.

Festival Highlights
Tansen Music Festival is the gathering of musicians and singers performing through five long nights of classical ragas. Inspiring musical numbers are sung by renowned classical and folk song singers like Asif Zeriya, Nidhi Dholakiya, Gargi Vora, Harikant Sevak and Arunkant Sevak. Loksangeet is delivered by Bihari Hemu Gadhvi and Yashwant Gadhvi.

Other attractions in the event are seminars about classical music, a heritage walk and an exhibition of traditional instruments. The five ancient gates are also a tourist interest. These are the Nandiol, Eithodi, Arajanbari, Amthor Darwaza and the Ghaskot Darwaza. The Sharmistha Talav pond is also enlightened with thousands of lamps.

The Tansen Samman award is presented to deserving musicians in the field of classical music. Maestro Ustad Abdul Haleem Jaffar Khan is this year’s awardee.

Dignatories of the government are also witnesses to the program. They are the Revenue Minister Kaushik Patel, Mangaldas Patel (Assembly Speaker), Anandiben Patel (Education Minister), C D Patel (Tourism Minister), Anil Patel (Industry Minister) and ministers from the Mehsana district.

The grand performances attract the young and the old, especially music lovers. Attending the festival is an easy access to all the main cities of India. Places to stay in include Hotel Gwalio Regency, Usha Kiran Place and Hotel Tansen.

These five mesmerizing nights are truly memorable cultural experiences that bring joy to many people. Tansen Music Festival is truly a musical congregation that showcases the incomparable contribution of Tansen, bringing charm to Hindustani music.

Europe tour travel: europe beckons you

Europe Tour Travel: Europe Beckons You

As far as Europe tour is concerned, one hardly can refuse such offer. It is not only a reason of zeal but also a pleasurable opportunity to explore Europe. Europe with its natural beauty and ancient civilization fascinates people from all around the globe.

In early decades, flying to Europe was like a dream, but presently it is no more a reverie. You can book ticket and be there within less time. Many countries share the opportunity to beautify Europe and so they have become the hot tourist destination spot. People, according to their own taste and convenience, travel by water and air to explore this heavenly place. Before visiting any unfamiliar place or culture it is always helpful to know some facts about it. Good guide books and websites are some reliable sources enrich with information. Planning makes the gear and expedition more easy and worry free. Travellers should not carry bulk luggage; rather some personal belongings. The continuous surge of fresh tour packages descends the tour expenses facilitating travellers to avail it at low cost. It is pertinent to search properly the offers before subscribing a tour package.

One can give many reasons to visit Europe. The ancient architectural mansions and monuments, paddy fields, farms, hills and mountains covered with snow, the hundreds of years old heritage, its mystic and colourful culture, food and lifestyles etc. all blend and shower their grace on Europe.

As soon as you land on the soil of Europe make sure that you carry a map and compass with you. You can enjoy the natural beauty, the iconic city towers and buildings, pastures and shores by riding bicycle, cars, animals, trains and such other mode of communication. One of the best ways to know and discover Europe is by taking the help of an experienced guide.

The experience of Europe Tour Travel is not sufficient to express through verse. So, being familiar with this sort of experience leaves a deep holistic impression in travellers mind.