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Selling your timeshare – 6 essential tips – a must read

Selling Your Timeshare – 6 Essential Tips – A Must Read

1. When it comes to how to sell your timeshare, be certain that you that you use a reputable company. Be sure that before you commit to anything, even if you just want to sell your timeshare for cash, that you obtain their full trading name to enable you to evaluate them.

2. Do not agree to paying anything before the sale is complete. Just as when you sell your own property, the company that you are involved with should not ask for any money. If they do, you really need to ask yourself why they might be doing this. Even if the company says they will not do this, do not give them bank details or credit card/debit card information in case they attempt to take any money ahead of time.

3. When you are looking to resell timeshares, confirm that any offer that is put on the table is given to you in writing. Whatever the salesperson may promising, it is worth nothing until it is clearly written down. Do not let yourself be committed to details of the sale by any kind of verbal contract. Protect yourself by making sure you get it all down in writing.

4. The commerce in timeshares is definitely a complex business. A lot of people are trying to resell timeshares at any one time. If you are looking to sell your timeshare for cash or other transactions, there are many potential dangers, therefore, it is crucial that you have any contracts drawn up scrutinized by a professional, just like what you should if selling your own property. If the company that you are selling through does not allow you to this, then you should question strongly why this is so. Wise advice would be to stay well away from this situation.

5. Do not give in to the hard sell technique or accept anything they offer you for free. This is generally indicative that they probably want you to commit paying some money in advance. The hard sell is not necessary. You will want to find a company that conducts itself professionally and one you feel comfortable with.

6. The last point is that if the deal sounds too good to be true, then be sure to do thorough checks, since very likely, the deal is too good to be true!

So when you are asking “Can I sell my timeshare?”, now you have 6 crucial tips that you should remember when you want to sell your timeshare.

The kenya masai age-set

The Kenya Masai Age-set

This is the central unit of governance in any Masai community. Once a child is born, after three months, he becomes a very important part of the society. A child is not named or full accepted in to the society until three months are over due to the high mortality rate. The boy as he grows is shown how to be a man. Aspects of manhood are measured by one’s ability to withstand pain. Ritual beatings are common where the boy is mercilessly beaten and taught how to endure pain. This makes them strong and brave men fit to guard the community from other tribes and wild animals. At the age of thirteen to twenty five years, the boy child is circumcised.

The age normally depends on the timing of the initiation ceremony that is normally performed after every fifteen years. Once the boy is circumcised, he now graduates to become a junior Moran. The circumcision ceremony involves cutting off the boys’ foreskin without anesthesia. This is a very painful procedure but the boy is not supposed to show any sign of pain or discomfort. If he does, this brings shame to his family. A makeshift bandage made from cow’s hide is used to stop excessive breeding.

The junior Masai after circumcision goes to live with the other men in a manyatta built by their mothers until they are completely healed. They are charged with the duty of protecting the society and their individual families. During the next initiation ceremony, probably after fifteen years, they are promoted to become junior elders and after that senior elders. This is an age set cycle that repeats itself after every fifteen years.

Top ten things to do in paris that you should not miss out

Top Ten Things To Do In Paris That You Should Not Miss Out

Romance is definitely in the air in the city of lights. It’s a rendezvous for lovers or for those who wants to rediscover love in one of the most romantic city. If you happen to be in Paris and want to have a memory that will last a lifetime then you should not miss out on the following activities:

  1. Visit the Eiffel Tower- a visit to Paris without a visit to the famous Eiffel tower is not a Paris vacation at all. So experience the iconic tower and get to know why it represents Paris.
  2. Go on an open double-decker bus tour- get oriented on the city with a bus tour. This is a great way to tour at your own pace and stay longer in places that attract you the most. You can buy a one day pass or a two day pass that will give you an unlimited access of bus rides.
  3. Take a sunset river cruise on the Seine- this is the best way to see Paris. Cruise down the Seine River while the sun is setting over the magnificent Eiffel Tower. You can also see other sites of the city of lights while cruising down the river.
  4. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral- another famous icon of Paris that you should not miss. Enjoy the magnificent architecture and take a picture of the famous gargoyles.
  5. Take a stroll at Champs Elysees & Arc de Triomphe – the city’s most famous avenue is definitely a place where you should be strolling in. maybe sit down in one of the caf?’s and just enjoys the scenery.
  6. Take a photo of Saint Chapelle Church- another gothic gem that is near the Notre Dame that you should not miss out. Greta to see and great to take pictures in.
  7. Visit Napoleons Tomb- get to know more and rediscover history by visiting Napoleons Tomb.
  8. Enjoy the art at Musee d’Orsay- if you are an art lover then this place will be a haven for you. Explore 3 floors of painting by art geniuses and indulge in the creativity and arouse your senses for the arts.
  9. Take a guided tour for the Louvre-the largest art museum in the world that you should not miss out in Paris. Or further enjoy the museum, take a guided tour and learn more about the arts inside and outside the museum.

10.  Enjoy the French Cuisine- Bon App?tit!

Australia’s nightlife: clubs & bars

Australia’s Nightlife: Clubs & Bars

The fun of an Australian travel is not limited until the sun sailed out. Because during the night, until dawn, celebration plays for anyone who is asking for it. You can get the most out of your Australia tourist visa, not just on heritage sites and other artful landscapes that the country is proud of. You will surely have a good time on the cities by visiting different bars and clubs. The only thing they know is fun and party. Aussies are known to be friendly and jolly, and that is seen much on public places. They entertain every visitors, from Australia or not, in a way that no one would forget.

You can find the most pleasurable bars and clubs mostly on the cities. Cities that have the most wonderful hub for party-goers are Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, Canberra and so forth. You can find music, comedy or disco bars.

Sydney is a city famous not only because of the Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House. During night time, the city attracts more visitors because of the city lights and the clubs and bars. Opera Bar is one of the most visited. Of course, just by the name, it is found in the Opera House. This bar offers its customers an array of exotic Australian and International delicacies. Firefly Wine Bar is another attraction in the city. It is a wine and tapas bar situated by the sea. Feel the calmness of water as you feast your eyes and stomach with all the delicious servings of world class dishes. If you want a scenic view of the Harbor Bridge, you can go to the ECQ Bar in Macquarie Sydney.

In Brisbane, you can visit the DownUnder Bar & Grill which is exclusively for students and backpackers. Dockside Comedy Bar is also a good choice if you want a dose of laughter and Aussie kind of humor. According to Brisbane’s very own site, ourbrisbane.com, clubs that worth a visit are Family nightclubs, GPO Hotel, the Empire Hotel and The Beat. By checking out the site or the place itself, you will discover more spots to hang out to. These pubs and hubs are perfect for family gathering, friends night out and for other celebration.

The Railway Bar in Byron Bay is perfect if you want a taste of live music and some “hook-ups”. The attire here is casual. The bar offers great Laksa and steaks. While you were there, you will see a real train pulling up to the station with the all the sounds and noise of horns and engines, something that is unique to the Railway Bar.

The best bars are not just found on the cities of Australia. Beaches is now the emerging setting for parties and dance. You would love it to swing your body around above the white sand in front of the cooling whistles of the air. Parties usually start after or during sunsets.