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Travel to french polynesia, getting around and climate

Travel To French Polynesia, Getting Around And Climate

You can get to French Polynesia reasonably easily from most parts of the world. It appears inaccessible but that is simply the distances involved, and the length of the flight particularly if you are coming from Europe or the eastern Seaboard of the USA.

Airlines such Qantas, Air New Zealand, Air France, Hawaiian Air, all fly into Papeete to Faa Airport.

In terms of getting around the scattered island of French Polynesia, there are two ways, and that is by boat or by air.

Air Tahiti flies from Papeete to 42 airstrips in French Polynesia.

There are a number of inter island boats which run regularly between the main island groups, and this is an incredible way of getting around this part of the South Pacific. There are huge catamarans that run between Tahiti and Moorea, but of course with the pressures of modern life and the probability that your vacation will be two weeks only, then flying is the most likely option for most people.

On the other hand French Polynesia is probably a once in a lifetime vacation, and you will have been flying for around 24 hours if you have come from Europe, so at least a month would still not be long enough to see and do everything!! It would however give you the chance to travel around a little by boat.

On land in Tahiti and the more developed islands there is a local bus service which is cheap cheerful and pretty reliable. A much more expensive option are taxis, and you can rent cars scooters, and bicycles to explore the island you are on. Finally you can hire 4×4′s to explore inland.

The big question about any vacation destination is the weather, what is it like, and when is it best to go?

French Polynesia has warm tropical weather all twelve months of the year. The climate is sunny and pleasant. You need to realise that as the islands of French Polynesia are south of the Equator, the seasons are reversed compared to Europe.

There are effectively two seasons, the first from November through to May when the weather is warm and somewhat humid with the daily temperatures averaging about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It is at this time that most of the rainfall occurs, but it’s still sunny, and there is a refreshing breeze. Between June and October it is drier and cooler, with a daily average temperature of about 82 degrees. The average sea temperature is in the low 80′s and it rarely gets lower than 70 degrees at night.

It may take you a lot of flying time, but if ever a place was worth the effort it is French Polynesia

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The life at montien riverside hotel

The Life at Montien Riverside Hotel

Visiting Bangkok? No where to stay and relax? Consider Montien Riverside Bangkok.

Montien Riverside Hotel caters a five-star luxury living and amenities while enjoying the view of the River of Kings. It is a paradise of traditional Thai hospitality mixed with international excellence in the hotel industry. The hotel is perfect for ultimate relaxation and comfort as well as business endeavors like meetings and conferences.

The hotel is situated on the banks of Chao Phraya River or the River of Kings. It is 45 minutes from the Suvarnabhumi airport and linked by expressways. The hotel is also connected to a wide choice of dining and shopping experience, also to different entertainment hubs in the whole of Bangkok. Montien Riverside Hotel offers a wide selection of rooms for accommodation that would fit your budget. They have simple yet functional rooms and up to the most luxurious suites for more lavish relaxation. The rooms offer the great view of the Chao Phraya and the wonderful Bangkok City skyline. From the windows of Montine Riverside Hotel, you can experience the life in Bangkok.

There are rooms specially made for families on vacation who want to experience the ultimate family recreation and relaxation. There are also rooms specially built for couples that suit the required intimacy. Rooms for business endeavors are also available. Extravagant and lavish suites are specially made, on the other hand, for people who want a bit of luxury in their vacations.

A vacation will not be complete without experiencing food. At Montien Riverside Hotel, different cuisines can be experienced through their restaurants and bars. There are of course restaurants that offer Thai cuisine. There are also Chinese and Vietnamese cooking aside from Italian. Their restaurants are open for 24 hours to serve their guests with good food. There are also musical performances of bands to liven up the night. But still the guests are open to explore the city for more sights and sounds. Montien Riverside Hotel also converted one of their rice barges into a mini-cruise ship. It is available for guests for them to cruise the River of Kings. It can also be used in any private charters or special events.

The Montien Riverside Hotel offers an array of recreational activities for both young and old for an ultimate vacation experience. This includes an outdoor swimming pool with sundecks for those who love dipping in the waters and enjoying the sun. The rooms are also equipped with 24-hour satellite channels. The hotel also has a fully equipped gymnasium for sports buff and fitness conscious guests. Included in the gym is an aerobic dance studio. There are also sauna and steam rooms. You can also experience traditional Thai massage, oil massage and other types of massages in their spas. They also have other sports equipment for maximum recreational activities.

The Montien Riverside Hotel is the hotel that you will need when you visit Bangkok. Motien Riverside Hotel will let you experience the ultimate vacation that you will have to experience.

Oxford parks and gardens

Oxford Parks and Gardens

There are a variety of different parks and gardens in Oxford, each with their own unique qualities and attractions. Oxford’s parks are well known for their children’s play areas and liveliness. Oxford’s gardens on the other hand, are known for their peaceful and natural surroundings. Some of Oxford’s lovely parks are:

Cutteslowe and Sunnymead Park- This is one of Oxford’s largest parks. There are plenty of things to do at this particular park, for example, you can, use the children’s play areas, relax and read a book by the duck pond, admire the many flowers, use the ping pong table, play golf and much more. Cutteslowe and Sunnymead Park is open at all hours of the day.

Bury Knowle Park- This park was opened in the 1930′s and now offers a variety of things to do, including, tennis courts, children’s play areas, miniature golf, and a refreshments area. This park is also open 24 hours a day so if you fancy a stroll late at night why don’t you pay a visit.

Hinksey Park- This park is situated just 15 minutes away from the city centre. Hinksey Park has an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a play area, and a lake. In the park, there is also a kiosk, which offers ice cream and refreshments. The park is alive with plenty of wildlife, there are, zebra mussels, ducks, freshwater sponges, swans, grebes, geese and coots. For those people who like taking long walks, Hinksey Park is the ideal place. The park itself is open at all times during the day, however the car park is not. The car parks opens at 9.30am, however the closing times vary, depending on the month. This information will be available at the park.

Florence Park- This park is situated in East Oxford and is only a five minutes away from Cowley Road by walking. Public transport to and from the park is very good. There are many things to do at Florence Park, e.g., play tennis, mini golf, or even use the children’s play area. There is also a place to relax and get refreshment. This park opens at 8am each morning; however the closing times change throughout the year so keep an eye on the notice board.

South Park- This park is open at all times during the day. The park is very popular, for many reasons, some being, the fireworks displays, concerts and parades. There is something to do for all ages and genders. In the park, there is a fitness trail and a play area, so remember to take the children.

In Oxford there are many lovely gardens, one being, the Oxford Botanic Garden. This particular garden is open 7 days a week, however, is closed on Christmas Day, and Good Friday. Oxford Botanic Gardens has toilets, bike racks, a river and walking paths. Not far from the Garden is, restaurants, public transport and shops. At the Oxford Botanic Gardens, you can enjoy the amazing view of the lovely flower gardens.

In summer, the parks and gardens of Oxford really come to life. Come and visit Oxford and you will be sure to receive a lovely welcome.

Ski vacations – which ones are the best

Ski Vacations – Which Ones Are The Best?

If you are a skier or would like to be a skier you know the enjoyment of getting away from the everyday routine to go on a ski vacation. Your ski vacation should be special and memorable. Thankfully, there are numerous fantastic ski vacations to pick from when planning your next trip.

Here are just a popular ski vacations waiting for you:

Vail, Colorado, United States

Vail ski vacation – Vail is a completely self-contained ski vacation area, complete with fine dining, day spa’s and all outdoor activities you would associate with winter sports. The mountain boasts a ski and snowboard school as well as runs that range from beginner level on up to highly experienced.

Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver ski vacation – This is just a short drive from Vancouver, British Columbia. It has been voted the “Best North America Ski Resort” by ski magazines and the “Favourite International Destination” by the Japanese. This scenic village in the mountains offers restaurants, nightspots, shops and all winter sports including skiing and snowboarding for all levels.

Kitzbuhel, Austria

The ski village of Kitzbuhel is over seven hundred years old. The traditional walled town still exists and houses exclusive art boutiques, shops, hotels and five star restaurants. With over fifty lifts this ski vacation destination meets the needs of any level of skier or outdoor enthusiast.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

Another beautiful and breathtaking ski vacation area; Mont-Blanc is one of the most famous ski resorts in the world. Boasting the highest peak in the Alps and the second highest peak in Europe Chamonix provides a challenge for even the most experienced skier, as well as slopes for the beginner. It has one of the longest ski runs in the world, approximately 13.7 miles long.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Cortina was developed as one of the first ski vacation spots in the world. The centre of Cortina is for pedestrian traffic only; vehicles are not permitted. The stunning rock formations provide the skier and snowboarder with terrain that cannot be seen on any other ski vacation in the world.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Most famous for the breathtaking Matterhorn mountain, this ski vacation resort is truly unique. The village itself is welcoming to all vacationers and still contains many of the original chalets and winding alleys Switzerland is famous for. For a international day of skiing one can ski down the back side of the Matterhorn for lunch in the Italian village of Cervinia.