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Macau; a shopper’s dream come true

Macau; a shopper’s dream come true

Located less than one hundred miles away from Hong Kong is the city of fusion; Macau. The meaning of its name has most clearly been its role of activity for the past centuries of its existence. Vaguely Macau, meaning, “Door” or “Gateway” truly made this city the link between the eastern and western worlds. To date Macau brings in the economic and cultural exchange between Asia and Europe. Whether it is the touch of Las Vegas or Macau’s own music, food and culture, the perfect blend of mixed influences is very apparent. Macau has been attracting lots of visitors undoubtedly due to a duty – free port that makes this one of the most extreme shopping destinations in the world. Since no sales taxes are applied, topped with the fact that bargaining is simply the style of purchase, unbelievable bargains are never out of reach. One of the most popular purchases of Macau is gold. Famous for its different grades of gold, this metal remains a fashion statement of this city and almost never runs out of vogue. Garments are the main items sold in Macau, with a host of international and local brands holding forte. Unique purchases of Chinese antiques, leather, electronics, dried sea food, eastern herbs and medicines, ornamentals and custom made tableware are just a few of Macau’s other specialties. An interesting city with a cultural blend to its way of life, with Eastern hospitality and Western elegance, Macau provides class and comfort, for that perfect stay making every moment of this city memorable. A 5 star hotel Macau that truly knows to treat its’ guests to the finest is The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel . This fabulous hotel is an experience of awe and wonder topped with hospitality at its peak; perfect for every shopper on the go or visitor of the city. As a collector of antiques, a committed browser or a bargain thirsty hunter, Macau shopping is the ultimate destination that can satisfy every whim and fancy of every shopper’s unlimited desire.

Cape verde a tropical paradise

Cape Verde a Tropical Paradise

Cape Verde has ten Islands of which Santiago is the main one, five and a half hours flight from the UK. These Islands are on the same latitude as Barbados close to the equator.

Cape Verde is a tropical paradise in the Atlantic Ocean benefiting from around the year sun.

Portuguese is Cape Verdes official language and the language of instruction in official schools. However, the Capeverdean Crioulo languages are also widely spoken. These are a range of Portuguese based creole languages, which vary considerably from island to island.

A mix of African and Portuguese cultures has had a large impact on the food. Many different ingredients are used in the preparation of dishes resulting in very delicious tastes. As well as very traditional food, there are also many restaurants across Cape Verde who specializes in international dishes.

It has a huge variety of fresh fish and seafood, tuna fish is readily available and is the most consumed by the local Capeverdeans. These are the other main types of seafood available such as lobster, squid, rock barnacle and many other kinds of shellfish.

Cachupa is a great national dish and is the most famous dish from Cape Verde. Cachupa is made from corn, a selection of meats, variety of beans, vegetables like sweet potatoes, manioc, cabbage, squash, and different types of sausages. Cachupa is also often made with fresh tuna.

Drinking teas are very popular and are usually accompanied by pastries like cuscus or corn paddies. These are eaten with different locally made fruit jams which are usually papaya, red currant, and coconut.

For an alcoholic drink the locally produced Grog which is a strong alcoholic drink which is made from sugar cane. There are also many fruit liquors which are all locally produced.

Cape Verde abandoned its hope for unity with Guinea Bissau and formed the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde. Problems have since been resolved, and relations between the countries are good. The PAICV and its predecessor established a one party system and ruled Cape Verde from independence until 1990.

Cape Verde is in the subtropical zone. Average temperatures range from 24 in January and February to 29 in September. The average annual rainfall for Cape Verde is 68.4 mm, with September the wettest month with 33.6 mm. Conversely, the months April to July record less than one millimetre of rainfall each. Its position in the Atlantic contributes to its mild, moist climate.

Join the adventure with amtrack trains

Join The Adventure With Amtrack Trains

Railway travel has always evoked romantic memories among the millions who avail of their services. And when the routes and the on-board services are top class, the experience can really be a pleasure. Amtrak has certainly tried to achieve this with over thirty routes in the US and Canada, making rail travel a very viable option for your next vacation. The great on board service and the excellent accommodation promises you and your family some great times together.

While air travel might be shorter in duration, the only sights that you see from “up there” are clouds and more clouds, while on a train, you see the rolling country side flowing past you, the various types of farm animals, the people and the sights while passing through town. It is the ideal choice for people afraid to fly. Somehow, there’s nothing quite like a train ride to set the tone for a perfect holiday.

Trains also offer something that virtually no plane can offer, especially on long distance journeys – accommodation that compares with good hotels and F&B services to match. You can avail of private suites if your budget allows it or there are semi private bunk beds where the entire family can snuggle in after a good meal in the dining car. The suites can accommodate up to four adults very comfortably and the swaying motion of the train is guaranteed to lull you to sleep.

Amtrak policy allows you to take on board five pieces of luggage – two of them with you in the suite/compartment and three in the baggage car. Baggage weighing more than fifty pounds will not be allowed in the compartment and will need to be checked in. Bicycles are allowed! Like in any public transport, baggage will need to go through security checks before being loaded, and they have their list of “banned” items as well, similar to air travel. Again like air travel, there are different classes of seating. Acela Express and Metroliner are costlier but offer larger seats and more facilities than the regular seating. This is not recommended for the budget traveller.

When travelling with young children, trains could be the ideal choice. While the duration will be longer than by air, the child has a lot of activities to participate while on board a train. Not the least of them being watching different cities and towns as they roll by, something no geography text book can show. They have the room to move about unlike in a plane, and this itself can be a boon for parents.

While planning your next holiday, think of train travel, it might not sound as glamorous as air travel, but think of the benefits that you and your family can enjoy at a far lower price and also think of the quality time that your family will be spending together. On the whole, you will find that train travel not only keeps the family together, but also develops bonds over the duration of the journey that no air travel can replicate.

Waterford, ireland: old destination is cool in a car hire

Waterford, Ireland: Old Destination Is Cool In A Car Hire

The oldest city of Ireland, Waterford, has change for good as it maintained the small-town Irish feeling in every traveler. Waterford overwhelm tourist of its relaxing vibe compared to other bigger busy cities of Ireland but the old city have a lot of pubs too.

Located in the River Suir or south east of Ireland, Waterford was formerly known before as “the most important European ports”.

With known medieval history, the city became mature on its own and retained its scenic value to the tourist who continued to travel and explore the treasure hidden in the old city.

In Waterford and other parts of Ireland, their season is mostly rainy and windy. However, do not think that it wouldn’t be a good place to discover because despite it’s whether, the scenery remained on its top shape. Remember to bring your umbrella with you because it will be a wet adventure for you.

If you have plans to use a car rental Ireland or your own vehicle in going to Waterford, it is important for you to know the information about its destination. Actually, Waterford can be reached from any point in Ireland. The old city is residing 65km west of Wexboard or 126km east of Cork. It can also be 53km west of Rosslare Harbour or 153km south east of the busy Shannon airport.

However, the easiest would be to travel by air which most tourist do. The airport in Waterford is 6km south of the old city. The airport can be reached by specific areas in United kingdom, Europe when its summer, and other international airports in Ireland.

As you arrive, if you haven’t booked any car hire Waterford airport yet, you can contact them from your hotel.

When you cannot book any flight straight to Waterford airport, you can use Dublin and Cork’s airports.

Unlike other county and cities, you can use a boat to get in Waterford. The nearest stations of boats for Waterford are Rosslare then ride a bus to head straight to the old city.

By train you need to take the Plunkett station which is it main post in Waterford. However, it is not advisable to use the station because it is outdated so as not to waste your time.

Bus Eireann offer state bus service to Ireland which can take you to other places faster, easier, and cheap.

Waterford locals are used of talking with a bit of “slang” and phrases which are not part of the English we are used to and so it is advisable to buy a Waterford dictionary-which you can purchase online– and learned their language. But once they realize you are not aware of it because you are not a local, you will both laugh it out afterwards.

While inside Waterford, it may seem that life there starts at night but you still need to be careful about it. If you have your own vehicle or car hire waterfront, that doesn’t make you safer. As a matter fact, you cannot use your vehicle at all times since most people there prefer walking.