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Trafalgar tours traditional europe tour 10% discount

Trafalgar Tours Traditional Europe Tour 10% Discount

Trafalgar Tours Traditional Europe

By: Michael Drewell – Trafalgar Tour Director

Having worked for Trafalgar Tours as a Tour Director for over 24 years and being the owner of www.AffordableCruisesTours.com which is an on line discount travel agency I wanted to talk about their Traditional Europe tour today. Visit Affordable Cruises Tours and we will start you off with a 10% discount off this tour.

I do one or two of these tours each year and enjoy them very much. Depending on which brochure you are looking at the tour will come in an 18 day (International brochure) or 21 day (USA & Canada) brochure format. Many people pick this tour because it is a highlights package of central Europe and covers many of the interesting places they dream of visiting.

For the first time traveller to Europe I think it is a great place to start. Other Trafalgar tours you may wish to consider depending on your budget and time frame are; European Whirl | European Interlude | Grand European.
Some of the things I like about this tour are.

1. It has a number of two night stops which slows down the pace of the tour.

2. You have the ability to end the tour in either Paris or London.

3. The tour goes further south in Italy than Rome. The visit to Sorrento, Pompeii and Capri will be one of the highlights of the tour for you.

4. The tour visits the French Riviera and Monaco, which again will be a highlight for anyone who chooses this tour.

5. It is a great overview of Europe for the first time traveller to Europe.

6. It is family friendly and during the holidays you can count on one or two other families with older kids.

7. There is a high level of inclusions.

8. The hotels consistently prove to be very good on this tour year after year.

9. The two night stay in the Swiss mountain village of Engelberg is a highlight.

Some of the things I don’t like about this tour.

1. The first few days of the tour are quite fast.

2. It would benefit from an extra day in Sorrento.

3. There are a number of nights out in the second half of the tour.

Overall I like this tour very much but would suggest that if you had an extra few days and budget you might like to consider Trafalgar’s Grand European.

There isn’t a perfect time to take this tour but again would suggest that the departures in May that visit the French Riviera during the time of the Cannes film festival and Monaco Grand Prix. Other than that I have generally found many people who take this tour enjoy the sun and as a result this tour is great any time from May through to September.

For a guaranteed 10% discount off this tour and advice about your Trafalgar Vacation from an agency that specialises in Trafalgar visit us at www.AffordableCruisesTours.com.

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Save money with an american express around the world cruise

Save Money With an American Express Around the World Cruise

American Express is a well-known credit card provider but as a customer you have access to deep discounts on your travel experiences. When you make your booking for an American Express around the world cruise through AMT American Express Travel, you have a choice in accommodations, such as a spacious suite with a private balcony where you can truly watch the world go by. The amenities of all the cruise lines offering world cruises are luxurious from the chocolates left on your pillow at night, the bed linens, meals to the activities provided for your entertainment on board.

By booking an American Express around the world cruise (http://www.amttravel.com/cruise-lines/world-cruises.html) you are assured of obtaining the cruise of your preference with renowned cruise lines. Just check the reviews of any of the cruise lines that American Express Travel deals with to get a slight taste of the pampering you can enjoy with such a cruising experience. Although each of the cruise lines has a different schedule and itinerary, all of them have one common thread – your comfort and enjoyment is uppermost in the minds of the crew.

You can customize your American Express around the world cruise to meet your time constraints. A typical cruise around the world takes between three and four months to complete in which you circumnavigate the world making stops in countries on five continents.

This is one of the best ways to reward yourself for a lifetime of work when you retire, but you don’t have to wait until them for the vacation of a lifetime. If you don’t have this block of time available for travel to take the full cruise, you can check the itinerary to choose a section of the cruise so that you will get to visit your favorite parts of the world. American Express Travel will help you make the necessary travel arrangements so that you meet the ship in one port of call and fly home from another port.

With each port of call included in the itinerary of an American Express luxury world cruise (http://www.amttravel.com/cruise-lines/luxury-world-cruises.html), you are assured of gaining a greater insight into the cultures of the world. The shore excursions that are part of the cruise will provide you with private guided tours of each stop so that you do get to see the best of the best when it comes to tourist attractions in each location. Shopping experiences are always part of these excursions as well so that you can buy unique gifts in each location and enjoy the cheap prices of items in many parts of the world.

On board the cruise ship of an American Express around the world cruise, you get pampering like you have never experienced before. Spend the day in the spa delighting in various forms of treatments and massages, spend the day relaxing around the pool soaking up the glorious sunshine or continue your daily workout in the state of the art fitness facilities.

Find out information about each port of call through the lectures provided by speakers who are experts in their field or even learn a new hobby. Some of these around the world cruise packages offer cooking lessons from world famous chefs who will teach you how to prepare gourmet meals. Above all, you will experience world class cuisine and specialty drinks. This is one experience that will live in your memories forever.

Vacationing in blue ridge georgia today

Vacationing In Blue Ridge Georgia Today

One of the lesser know but most relaxing vacation destinations in the southeastern United States is Blue Ridge, Georgia. Blue Ridge is located in the most northern part of Georgia nestled in amongst some of the most scenic mountain areas in the southeastern United States.

Blue Ridge is a really small town with a picturesque little downtown area and some of the nicest antique shops in all of Georgia. Blue Ridge is referred to by some as the antique capital of Georgia. It is located about 90 miles north of Atlanta and is about 30 miles from the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. This quaint little town is known as the Gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The serenity you experience in Blue Ridge will make it hard to believe you are only an hour and a half outside of Atlanta. It is nothing like the busy metropolis of Atlanta nor the more touristy mountain vacation areas of the southeast.

While the more touristy type places like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are very nice places to visit if you’re looking for a mountain vacation, Blue Ridge is a place to get away from all of those arcade type attractions and just enjoy nature and the beautiful surroundings the mountains have to offer.

Not to worry if you want something to do though, the downtown Blue Ridge area has many specialty shops, some of the best antiquing in all of Georgia as I mentioned earlier, a theater, art galleries, many tasty restaurants and much more. One of the biggest attractions around is to take the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway around a 26 mile loop throughout Fannin County. It stops right in the middle of the downtown area so you can’t miss it.

A vacation in Blue Ridge Georgia is all about relaxing and if you want, you can just sit downtown all day, watch the train go by and sip a cup of coffee. Right across from the train station is a great little cafe that serves the best coffee and coffee drinks in town. You will enjoy the atmosphere, as this unique little cafe is a refurbished bank, complete with a vault and a large steel door. Of course the vault never closes. You can grab a cup of coffee to go or spend the morning or afternoon in one of their plush couches or chairs.

Earlier I referred to Blue Ridge as a really small town because its population is about 1,100 people. However, Blue Ridge and Fannin County boast some of the nicest cabin rentals with the best mountain or wooded views to enjoy a weekend getaway or a week long vacation. You will never have trouble finding a place to stay around Blue Ridge because there are actually more cabin rentals in Fannin county then there are people living in Blue Ridge.

If you are looking to get away from everything and have a nice quiet vacation in a beautiful log cabin, then Blue Ridge Georgia is definitely the place to go.

The most asked travel insurance faqs

The most asked travel insurance FAQs

These days it is pretty simple to quickly weigh up the travel insurance market and choose a suitable product. The majority of people who buy travel insurance have no problems.

Of course there are bound to be those of us who honestly do not know their exemptions from their premiums. And if everyone came completely clean, there’s probably some things a lot of us aren’t one hundred per cent sure about. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the whole thing:

1. Is having a job whilst travelling okay? Well, not really, especially if it’s full-time. Some policies allow casual work such as fruit picking, mainly because of the backpacker market. But you never know what contacting the insurer will do. They may be able to work something out.

2. I forgot to get insurance. Can I buy it after I leave? Technically you must be still in your home country when you buy your policy. As soon as you pass through airport security you are classed as having left the country. Buy before you fly.

3. What if I want to cancel my travel insurance after purchase? As with many contractual obligations, travel insurance has a two-week period in which you can return the product for a full refund. You can’t have used the insurance, though.

4. Do I need to tell my insurer f I have had serious medical problems in the past? Whatever the circumstances, if the insurance company asks about medical history give them everything. Then they have no way of refusing to pay for a claim because it involves a known condition which you were required to inform them about.

5. I’m worried that the recession could make my tour operator go bust. Am I insured for this? This really depends on the company, so check the policy document. If it is a big issue, you will eventually find someone to give the protection you desire.

Asking these questions before buying travel insurance should clear up any confusion. If your needs are straightforward, buying insurance is a quick and easy process, but ensure that there are no circumstances that could invalidate your policy.

etravelinsurance.co.uk offer great deals on student travel insurance including backpackers insurance which is especially designed to offer economical travel insurance cover for backpackers, gap year students and anyone taking an extended trip abroad.