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Know where to get the best travel luggage

Know Where to Get The Best Travel Luggage

Do you know where you can get the best luggage for your travel? Obviously, there are many of them in malls, stores and travel shops. But acquiring them with more convenience and at the same time can save you money as well as time is beneficial.

Well, getting the right travel luggage for you with more convenience is available at online shops. There are many of them that offer branded and durable travel luggage. You can get the best quality with lesser amount than mall price. You also get discounts on the luggage you prefer to buy.

The variety of luggage at online shops may come with different designs and styles. They may also have different compartments that can be useful to put your important things to bring when traveling.

Travel luggage has different sizes. It can be big and small, depending on what to put in your luggage or depending on how many items to include inside your luggage. Most travelers get the big luggage simply because they might stay longer in the place where they will visit. Another is that they may buy something for their loved ones when they come back.

Travel luggage has locks to secure your things, but there are some that do not have. It depends on you. I would suggest that you should get luggage with lock to secure your belongings.

One thing for sure is you can get the best travel luggage at some online shops that meets your travel requirements, taste and budget. Remember to choose the right shop with good reputation to get the good quality luggage.

Classic drives – los angeles to san francisco

Classic Drives – Los Angeles To San Francisco

The classic 380-mile Pacific Ocean coastal drive, along scenic Highway 101, between Los Angeles and San Francisco, takes you through Carmel and Santa Barbara, and along a dramatic Big Sur coastline. You can stop along the way to see many attractions – highlights include the Monterey Bay Aquarium and William Randolph Hearst’s hilltop castle.

Begin your journey with a tour around Los Angeles’ affluent Rodeo Drive to see how the movie stars live, then after a dose of glamour and glitz head for hip Venice Beach for a spot of people watching. Continue on to Santa Barbara, where you can tour the city’s spectacularly beautiful Wine Country, go for a hiking or biking tour, visit the many beautiful gardens or relax on the beach. Moving north you pass through the predominantly Danish town of Solvang, where draft horses pull an authentic Danish streetcar through the town.

You may be ready for a stopover by the time you reach St Luis Obispo, which has a delightful downtown area known as Mission Plaza, set alongside a creek, with the beautifully restored mission nearby. If you’d like to experience over-the-top kitsch, stay at the 109-room Madonna Inn at with its thematically decorated rooms. Next day you could drive to Prismo Beach, bordered by the Oceano Sand Dunes, where you can actually drive your vehicle onto the beach. Just up the road at Simeon you’ll find the Hearst Castle with its 165 rooms. Don’t miss the Billiard Room or the Celestial Suite indoors, or the magnificent surrounding formal gardens, modelled after gardens in Spain and Italy.

The Big Sur Road and Monterey
From here, the road winds along the coastline, with breathtaking views of the surf below on the left, and the Big Sur Mountains rising to 5,000 feet on the right. Take your time, as the road has many blind corners. Around Carmel, you can visit some of California’s old Spanish missions. At Monterey, spend some time at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the United States, and one of the best in the world. It’s packed with marine exhibits, displaying more than 550 different species. The Outer Bay exhibit features the marine species found in the waters of the eastern Pacific.

The final leg of your classic drive takes you through Santa Cruz, where a long-established surfing culture inspired movies (such as Gidget) and the music of artists like The Beach Boys. Surfing fans might like to stop at the Surfing Museum and visit the beach to see if the surf’s up.

Arriving in San Francisco, one of the most visited cities in the US, with its famous bridge and steep hills, is always a buzz. You should do all the touristy things like ride a cable car, visit bustling Chinatown, and walk along Fisherman’s Wharf, where any number of restaurants might tempt you. Try to take the ferry trip to Alcatraz, for a glimpse of the old penal system, and you’ll understand why no prisoners escaped this harsh, isolated institution. A walk around the huge Golden Gate Park is an arboreal and floral delight and the perfect ending to your classic drive.

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Lanais hulopoe beach is perfect

Lanais Hulopoe Beach is Perfect

The Hulopoe Beach Park, Lanai Hawaii is a wondrous part of this little island and can be located on the south east coast not to far from the Manele Bay boat landing which is just below the luxurious Manele Bay Hotel.

The Hulopoe Beach Park has a relatively steep shoreline which makes an ideal swimming spot, coupled with the fact it is carpeted in beautiful golden sand. Body boarding and surfing are other favourite activities along with snorkelling. Snorkelling is particularly popular due to the high number and variety of tropical fish that live in theses coral filled crystal waters. For those who are more adventurous there are off shore diving excursions.

The waters surrounding the park are also home to a marine reserve as a result any fishing is restricted to simple hook and line from the land. Due to the presence of this marine safe house the waters are also home to stingrays and jellyfish so swimmers should not panic if they come across either of these two species.

Lanais Hulopoe Beach is the perfect non resort budget accommodation cheap and beautiful. This is one of the only places one can legally camp and experience a night underneath the Pacific night sky. The park itself is fitted with restrooms that have showers and running water, on top of this there are several picnic tables and barbeque sites scattered over the parks six camp sites.
Permits are issued by the owners and are often not valid for more than seven days and tents can be rented on request.

Visitors to the Hulopoe Beach Park should be careful of the thorns of the Kiawe trees that inhabitant the area these thorns are tough enough to puncture a tire.

The beach itself also has access to shaded picnic areas and barbeque sites, and falls directly at the doorstep of the The Manele Bay Hotel and the Lodge at Koele.

Few can resist the draw of the white sands, the 70 degree waters, and the intricate tide pools that populate the area. This is truly one of Hawaiis best beaches and has been cast in the University yearly survey of the Top 10 Best Beaches. This sheltered Lanai beach is one of the safest areas on the island to swim and is outlined with beautiful palms, trailed with golden sand and enclosed by black lava columns. It is the perfect summer paradise.

It is located in a protected marine preserve that is home to fantastic coral formations, colourful schools of fish, spinner dolphins and even humpback whales frequent the waters in winter.

Finding the finest hotel deals

Finding the Finest Hotel Deals

When it comes to hotels, things boil down to a tradeoff between low cost and convenient location.  In many cases, especially when traveling to major cities and popular attractions, the closer the hotel to the city or attraction the more you can expect to pay.  The best way to save money, particularly in large cities, is often to stay in the suburbs.

Of course, this means that you will spend more time getting to the places you want to visit, and this will mean spending additional money on gasoline, etc.  It is important to compute all these costs to make sure that you will really be spending less on a less convenient hotel room.

There are of course a number of ways to save money on hotels and motels without compromising quality.  For one thing, a membership in AAA or a similar auto club also entitles you to discounts on hotel rooms, as does military service and senior citizen status.  When inquiring about a hotel room, always inquire about discounts that may be available.

In addition, shopping early for a hotel room can often yield the best deals.  That is because hotels often reserve a block of low cost rooms, and when they are gone they are gone.  Thus, the last room at a hotel may be much more costly than the first.  Getting the best hotel room deal is often a matter of timing.

Of course getting a great deal on a hotel will mean nothing if the place is a dump.  Shopping for a budget hotel should not mean settling for a hotel that is dirty, poorly run or in an unsafe location.  

Fortunately, finding a good budget hotel has been made much easier with the help of the internet.  What used to take weeks or even months to research can now be done in a matter of hours or even minutes.  Many hotels, even budget properties, feature pictures of the property and the surrounding area, so be sure to research the property you are considering if you have never stayed there before.

It is important to research the area in which the hotel is located as well.  Be sure to check out things like restaurants and attractions within walking distance of the hotel.  Doing research on the area will help ensure you do not end up staying in a dangerous neighborhood just to save a couple of bucks.

The internet also provides a number of review sites where those who have stayed in various hotels share their experiences and their impressions of the hotel properties.  These review sites can be very useful for travelers, particularly those traveling to a new location for the first time.

In addition, the internet hosts a number of comparison web sites where travelers can easily find and compare hotel properties for their individual dates of stay and destinations.  These web sites offer a number of ways to search, including distance from a particular tourist attraction, price, star level and more.  The only caveat to consider when using such a web site is its independence.  Some comparison web sites feature only properties that pay an advertising fee, so using a comparison site does not necessarily guarantee the best price.  It is best to use a number of such web sites to get a true picture of the lowest prices available.