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All inclusive caribbean honeymoons

All Inclusive Caribbean Honeymoons

Probably one of the most appealing honeymoons for most people is a trip to a tropical Caribbean island. And one of the easiest ways for the soon to be newlyweds to plan their after wedding trip is to look at all inclusive Caribbean honeymoons. There is one little problem though.

How do you choose which Caribbean island you want to spend your honeymoon on? After all, there are over 7000 Caribbean islands that you can choose from. Well not all 7000, not all of them are inhabited, but that’s still a lot of possible destinations to choose from. And each of these islands, whether big or small, has its own cultural flavor that will have an appeal for just about everyone. And the best part is almost all the islands boast at least one all inclusive resort that is ideal for a honeymoon.

There are three easy steps to follow when it comes to planning an all inclusive Caribbean honeymoon.

1. Choose an Island – As mentioned above there is a lot to choose from but somewhere in that group of islands is one that will be a perfect fit for the newlywed couple. With such a wide diversity of islands available no matter what the couple likes to do they will find one that fits what they are looking for. Of course all of them are great if you like lounging on the beach, enjoying water sports and just plain relaxing.

If you are looking for the total Caribbean honeymoon experience then Jamaica may be the way to go. It is a big island with large cities that offer everything more metropolitan areas are known for, including shopping and clubbing until all hours of the morning. You can also get away from it all by taking hikes in lush tropical forests and climbing warm cascading waterfalls with deep plunge pools for swimming. Jamaica also has an abundance of all inclusive resorts that make honeymoon planning very simple.

If intimacy and seclusion are more of what is needed then any of the number of smaller islands will fit the bill. Culebra and Dominica are two such islands that are off the beaten path. There isn’t a whole lot to do there other than enjoy the warm Caribbean waters and lounge the days away in blissful peace with each other.

2. Choose an All Inclusive Resort – Just as there are many islands to choose from so are there resorts to choose from. One thing to look for is adults only or couples only resorts that cater exclusively to couples getting away for romantic holidays. You can also be assured that if you do choose a couples only resort that you will not have to deal with families and rambunctious kids during this romantic time together.

3. Get packing – Once the reservations are set and the trip is paid for all you have to do is get your bags packed and ready to go. That’s the beauty of all inclusive Caribbean honeymoons; everything is included in the price of the package. This includes meals, drinks, resort activities, beach privileges and water sports, entertainment and a whole lot more.

Taking all inclusive Caribbean honeymoons is easy. The hard part is figuring out which island to go to and then ultimately which resort offers the amenities and activities, or lack thereof, the newlywed couple is interested in. But no matter which island and resort you choose taking a Caribbean honeymoon at an all inclusive resort is one of the most romantic and intimate settings you can find.

Providenciales island part of the turks and caicos islands in the caribbean

Providenciales Island Part Of The Turks And Caicos Islands In The Caribbean

Providenciales Island is known to all as Provo, and is less than ninety minutes flying time from Miami, and is part of the Turks and Caicos Islands, being only a short hop from the International Airport, although it has its own direct flights from the USA.. It has an almost perfect temperature for a holiday destination being around 83 degrees Fahrenheit on average with about 35 inches of rain per annum. The hottest months are September and October, but the constant easterly trade winds offset the heat at this time of year which can rise to 95F and keep things reasonably cool.

The Turks and Caicos islands are located in Eastern Standard Time, and are around nine hours flying time from London, and are a totally different world from many other Caribbean Islands.

It is worth hiring a car if you are going to Providenciales, and also make sure you get an up to date map. You can pick a map up at the Tourist Information Stand just to the left of the baggage arrivals. A car, even a small one will enable you to get to many of the beaches and restaurants on the island, and be in control of when you want to go, and when you want to leave.
Be aware that car rental isn’t cheap but will be worth every dollar.

It is also sensible to bring with you some snorkelling equipment because the undersea sights at Providenciales are just superb, and it would be less than sensible not to take the time to swim amongst the marine life.

You will easily find on the map two good places which are Coral Gardens and Smith’s Reef.
The Coral Gardens can be easily found on the map, just off Lower Bight Road on Penn’s Road.
Park in front of the resort and walk down. The reef is protected and cordoned off with buoys, but go round the buoys and you will see a huge number of fish, and perhaps even a reef shark, but certainly parrot fish, and very often sea turtles to swim with.

The water is deeper at Smith’s Reef and it is quite a lot harder to get to. Drive towards Turtle Cove and follw the road the Yacht Club Resort and Sharkbite Restaurant[Well worth a visit]. Go left at the T junction and after parking, walk away from the marina until you see the rock cairn. Swim out to the second and larger reef, and watch out for boats, which perhaps spoils Smith’s Reef..

The real beauty of your own car of course is the independence it gives you, and you should visit the beautiful beach at Sapadillo Bay off Chalk Sound Road. It is worth driving right down the road just to see the huge houses, as well as the stunning views.

Take the car to the southwest point of Providenciales Island.. Here you will find a very isolated and empty but beautiful beach. It takes a little finding, just head towards the Blue Hills, and stay on the main road going past Da Conch Shack, then pass a school on the right until you reach a major road to the left. By this time you will be praising the new map you bought at the airport!! Stay on that new road until the end, and there you will see three tracks. With a decent car you can take the left hand one, and this leads to the beach. If you walk along the beach around the corner until you get to a cave to explore and you will pass a rock absolutely covered with pelicans.

There are a lot more things to see and do on Providenciales Island, superb hotels especially on Grace Bay, and there are many who feel that this part of the Turks and Caicos is as good as the Caribbean gets.

For more information go to http://www.caribbean-vacationspots.com/pages/Site-Map.html

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Steamboat springs colorado offers a variety of winter activities

Steamboat Springs Colorado Offers a Variety of Winter Activities

In northwest Colorado lies a quaint mountain town with a wealth of options for outdoor adventure. Steamboat Springs began as a ranching community, and it still embodies its western heritage. The locals are welcoming and the snow is famous for being both abundant and light. Last year, nearly 500 inches of snow fell on the mountains of Steamboat. The ski resort is known for wonderful tree-skiing in its wide open Aspen glades. About 3,000 acres of diverse terrain is open for skiers and snowboarders to explore.

Steamboat has been appropriately nicknamed “Ski town U.S.A”, but if you find yourself here for a week in the winter, don’t stick to the slopes. Steamboat has many other outdoor adventure opportunities. Travelers are able to try new sports and take advantage of this winter playground. Activities include snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice climbing, horseback riding, sleigh rides, tubing and snowcat skiing in the backcountry. After participating in one of these adventures, visitors can utilize another of Steamboat’s delightful attributes…its secluded mountain hot springs.

Snowmobiling has become a favorite pastime in Steamboat Springs. Riders come from far and wide to play in this area. A handful of local outfitters offer guided snowmobile tours, some of them operate in Routt National Forest and the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness Area. Thousands of acres are open to motorized sports, with incredibly diverse topography. The terrain varies from mellow groomed trails to steep, jagged pitches. This provides fun for everyone, no matter how much they have or have not ridden in the past.

Horseback Riding over the hills and through sunlit aspen glades is a peaceful endeavor. For those who seek to enjoy the mountain wilderness in a non-motorized fashion, a horseback ride is ideal. Other options for a quiet excursion in the backcountry include snowshoeing or nordic (cross-country) skiing. These activities combine post-card perfect scenery and a little bit of exercise. Also, because hikers and skiers make a limited amount of noise, there is a great chance of spotting wildlife! Break up the excursion by stopping at a secluded igloo for a snack and a hot drink.

Snowcat skiing offers an adrenaline-filled day for skiers and riders who are ready for powder. A snowcat is an enclosed-cab, truck sized, fully tracked vehicle designed to move on snow. They are also know as “trail groomers” because of their use for grooming on the slopes. Few other towns have a backcountry ski service that employs heated snowcats to transport guests, avoiding long hikes that take time away from skiing. These machines can drive guests up to high elevations to find abundant untracked powder. Each group is separated by ability level and accompanied by a professional guide. Even intermediate or “blue run” skiers can experience powder skiing in the backcountry. Experts are taken to different areas with steeps, deeps, lots of trees and rocks to launch off. Only one outfitter is permitted to run tours in the Buffalo Pass area which boasts 10,000 acres of accessable terrain. Skiers and boarders are practically guaranteed fresh powder.

The tubing hills are gaining popularity each year, especially with the younger crowds. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill sledding hill. The rolling hills are fast enough to get adrenaline pumping, even for adults. The tubing hill is groomed and equipped with a state of the art tube-tow lift system that attaches itself to the tube to transport users back to the top with minimal effort. This saves the time spent on hiking up the hill and leaves more for flying down.

For evening entertainment, try a dinner sleigh ride. This outdoor experience is great for families or couples and includes a hearty, home-cooked meal. The sleigh is comfortable with a large wool blanket to cuddle beneath as powerful draft horses with jingling harnesses pull you through the snow. Breathtaking views are to be enjoyed from your cozy perch as the alpen-glow dims into a starry night. Upon arriving to the warm lodge, the smell of delicious food is pleasing, as is the taste of hot chocolate or warm apple cider.

One of the best secrets about Steamboat is the natural hot springs for which the town was named. Early settlers stumbled upon a steaming and bubbling source that lies in the middle of the present-day town. To the settlers, the spring made a sound similar to that of a Steamboat. Much of the area sits atop geo-thermal activity. There are two different commercial locations for locals and travelers to take advantage of this gift from mother nature. The minerals in the water have been said to have a healing effect and there is no denying how immensely relaxing the pools are. Each of the springs that are open to the public have been strategically diverted in order to create a variety of pools, from ice cold to steaming hot. The Strawberry Park Hot Springs allows guests to soak away their aching muscle while taking in views of the surrounding wilderness. Its the perfect end to an active day spent outdoors in the mountains.

The mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado can certainly keep you busy. Next time you plan a ski vacation, be sure to incorporate more than just skiing or snowboarding. There is so much to gain from interacting with the outdoors and so many ways to do it. Steamboat is a unique town with unparalled opportunities for outdoor recreation. Come and be active in the mountains with your friends or loved ones, its sure to produce wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Find the cheapest car rentals around


There are plenty of car rental companies that may give you some interesting deals and prices for the rented cars. To get the cheapest car rentals, you will need to search through hundreds of company’s sites for most reliable deal. The car rentals which are actually cheap and trustworthy will not have any hidden fees and charges as follows:

•It should not include Tax on Car Rentals.

•Should not have any car rental registration fees.

•If it is not stated then the company should provide you with unlimited miles to go for.

•It should not cover the recovery fees for your car.

•It should apply the airport taxes only if it relevant.

•It should not charge you with one way charges.

To find the suitable car rentals for your self that are cheap and comfortable, then you should keep certain things in mind which are explained as below:

*Firstly, rather than going for the typical counter deals you should go for online registration as it gives you interesting and special dealings regarding the car rentals.

*Secondly, match your needs for the type of car and the time period for which you want to hire the car on rent.

*Fourth, In case you want to minimize the rates, you should inquire well about the loyalty points if there are any.

*lastly, you will receive good discounts if you decided to choose the service for longer time.

Before hiring any company for cheapest car rentals, you should probably search a good deal on internet. Booking in advance may charge you a little more, but consider all the things according to your requirements and clear you doubts well.…….