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Carson city on a budget

Carson City on a Budget

For a lot of people, coming to Nevada for a night on the town will end up costing an arm and a leg. However, the locals get a chance to learn that this simply isn’t always the case. This can certainly be said for the locals of the Nevada Capital, Carson City.

Carson City is a Historic city located about a twenty minute drive east of world famous Lake Tahoe. Being only a short drive from California gives Carson City easy access to California visitors looking to do something different for a day or two, or even a long weekend. After all, if you plan accordingly, a great night in Carson City, Nevada can be had for less than $60.00 a night, all inclusive.

That’s right! If you know how to play the game right, you can have a full evening of live music, drinking, plenty of food, and a clean place to sleep for under $60.00 for the evening.

There are several decent sized casinos in Carson City and all of them are very competitive. In downtown Carson City you have the Nugget playing “King of the Hill”, and further south there is Fandango Casino. When traveling to Carson City the south end is usually a better choice for visitors, because it’s much cleaner and is a newer, more recently developed part of town.

Both of the main casinos in Carson City have live lounge entertainment on weekends, at which time guests can drink from a virtually bottomless pit of beer, wine and spirits. The good news is, the drinks can be had all night for about $20.00 if you’re a patient person.

The key is to take $20.00 and find a slot machine with nickel keno. A multi card keno machine works fine because you do not have to play all cards. Playing at a nickel per card with the game speed set to slow will guarantee you several hours of free drinks. Remember, the casinos comp all drinks while gambling. Mind you, tipping is always nice so plan on spending a few extra dollars on tips.

But before you start drinking, sign up for a players club card. In a lot of cases, this will give you one free complimentary meal voucher either at sign up or after a few points are obtained (Fandango buys you dinner after the first 25 points, which is very easy to obtain).

So with tips, you’ve had live music, plenty of drinks, and a full dinner for around $25.00. Now it’s time for a shower and some rest. The south end of Carson City has several decent hotels that will give you a clean and cozy room for about $30.00 to $40.00 a night. With taxes we can assume it will be $50.00 to be safe.

For two people, the entire night out will cost about $50.00 each. Add gas money and you’re all set.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Touring cyprus, the land of aphrodite

Touring Cyprus, The Land Of Aphrodite

The legendary land of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, Cyprus is a mix of sunny modern beaches and the more traditional, and even historical, locales which aptly set off its geographical location. Once the centre of interest for major civilizations; Cyprus still is a land that is disputed. Just like Persia and the Greek empire once fought for it in 400BC, not too long back the Turks and Greeks were at loggerheads for it as well.

For tourists, though, Cyprus is a haven of the beautiful Mediterranean climate and traditional monuments and structures. In its midst are fashionable spas and yet the culture of the land has not died out. Some of the popular locations to visit when you tour Cyprus are the historical ruins and monuments. Salamis is just one area you can visit. The archeological remains here are from early 11th century BC, when it was a major link in trade routes of the Greek Empire, but the town itself dates long into history.

A contrasting attraction, yet the Ayia Napa district in Southeast Cyprus is a major tourist hub as well. The beach resort is popular all over Europe for its beauty and its fine golden sands. Not only is the Ayia Napa resort attracting almost 10,000 tourists per day, the local population of 1000 is a friendly and helpful host to boot. On top of all that is the nightlife that compliments the serene morning excavations to this breathtaking resort. A romantic getaway for couples as well as for friends, who are out for a good time amongst fresh blue waters, Ayia Napa is not by far, all Cyprus has to offer.

Cyprus’s Mediterranean climate is inviting all year round, but the tourist season is at its full swing during from June to August. Of course that means the accommodation costs more, and the general prices are high as well in keeping with the demand. If you wish a budget vacation, Cyprus still can cater to your needs if you visit just before the summer heat is at its peak, or just after. With the tourist numbers going down when the hustle bustle of the peak season slows April-May and September-October are still good months for a tour of the land where East meets West.

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Athens: the city other places want to be

Athens: The City Other Places Want to Be

The writer Charles Caleb Colton once said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and this saying has now found its way in to common usage. Its message is clear and almost undeniable – and something that must make Athens feel a proud city.
The capital of Greece – and the country’s largest city to boot – is one of the world’s oldest cities with recorded history going back around 3400 years. In that time it has been a centre for arts, philosophy and architecture and has been admired and copied from afar.
Such is the reputation of Athens that other cities around the world often try to use it to boost their own standing. In total, there are 28 cities or towns outside Greece that have incorporated Athens into their nickname.
There is an “Athens” for each of the four major compass points (including a bonus historical Athens of the West) as well as an “Athens” for many different countries, eras, American states and hemispheres.
Each has their own reason for the nickname – although some, such as the Scottish town of Troon being known as the ‘Athens of Ayrshire’ – are a little less clear.
Jyvaskyla – the ‘Athens of Finland’ – is so named because it is a city of learning, as Athens was once with the teachings of philosophers Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and many others; still popular material in curriculums today. The Massachusetts capital, Boston, is known as the ‘Athens of America’ and Colombia’s capital, Bogota, is the ‘Athens of South America’ for similar reasons. Edinburgh – the Scottish capital and the ‘Athens of the North’ – was a major centre during the Enlightenment in the 18th century – while another American city (Nashville, Tennessee) is known as the ‘Athens of the South’ because of an abundance of colleges and universities in the area.
The Russian city of Tomsk had a high emphasis on education and by the outbreak of World War II every 12th citizen was a student – causing it to be dubbed the Siberian Athens.
The Italian city of Florence holds the title of the ‘Athens of the Middle Ages’ as it is considered to be the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance – a period of great cultural change and achievement in Europe from the end of the 1200s to the start of the 17th century.
Other Athenian cities with cultural significance include the Indian city of Madurai (the Athens of the East), Sarospatak in Hungary (the Athens of the Bodrog – a river that runs through Hungary and Slovakia) and Lexington, Kentucky (Athens of the West).
With all this attention and willingness to be associated with the Greek capital, it’s clear to see the reason why so many <a href=”flights”>http://www.britishairways.com/travel/flights-to-athens/public/en_gb”>flights to Athens</a> are jam-packed with tourists wishing to see the sights that have inspired so many places around the world.
The information contained within this article is the opinion of the author and is intended purely for information and interest purposes only. It should not be used to make any decisions or take any actions. Any links are included for information purposes only.

San telmo 8

San Telmo 8.5: A Review Of Buenos Aires Apartments For Rent

San Telmo 8.5 Review

I was at first interested in renting an apartment in Palermo or Recoleta. But then I was told by someone I had just met in Berlin that when I visit Buenos Aires the place to stay is really this 8.5 apartment in San Telmo. I had previously stayed in Palermo and I did tend to agree with him that I thought that Palermo is becoming too trendy and with all the new high rises it doesn’t have that old world charm of some of the other sections of the city. So I was able to get a reservation at 8.5 in San Telmo and was very happy with my choice.

Apartment 8.5 (or Ocho Punto Cinco as it’s often referred to) is situated closely to the world-famous art district and Dorrego Square.
I found the 800 square foot apartment to be the perfect size for me. In the past the littel 40 or 50 square meter apartment of Palermo I found to be just too small. But here the large open rooms and queen master bed (as well as the smaller bed upstarirs) I found to be perfect.

The 8.5 apartment is in the beautiful French style. It has high ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors and customized stained glass. The apartment is large and airy and allow for lots of sunshine in the living room study and bedroom areas. It’s important not to forget the gorgeous spiral staircase that leads to a storage area and also a bedroom on the upper floor. The furniture is customized and you also find amongst the modern appliances.

The overall design theme and feel of the apartment is modern classical however, it still embodies old world charm that you may find throughout Buenos Aires. The 8.5 apartment has many amenities. They include a queen-size bed that has four posts, top-of-the-line bed linens and blankets, an armoire a workspace area that includes a desk where one can work or study. There are also wooden doors, beautiful hardwood floors and the master bedroom is air-conditioned. There is also a quaint kitchen nook where one can eat breakfast. I also found the antique bath tub very relaxing and a nice break from the city.

Individuals or families will also find modern appliances such as a washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, a coffeemaker and everything that you will need to make a delicious meals. There is also cleaning service once a week, so you don’t have to be worried about handling that chore yourself. Apartment 8.5 is located off of the main street, so you don’t have to worry about a lot of traffic or constantly being disturbed by noise. There are also security doors within the apartment allowing you to feel safe while in the city. I also appreciated that the doors would completely block out the noise and light so in case I wanted to take an afternoon nap, that would be easy to do.

In review, San Telmo 8.5 is perfect for individuals who plan to visit Buenos Aires and don’t want to stay in a hotel.