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A great vacation in benidorm, spain

A Great Vacation In Benidorm, Spain

Before you plan your next vacation in Europe, consider a vacation in Benidorm, Spain. This beautiful town is located in the Costa Blanca, north of Alicante, with its large international airport, and just south of Altea. A short drive from Benidorm will take you to many of the attractions of the cities of the Costa Blanca such as Calpe, Javea and Denia. The large city of Alicante is nearby and offers many attractions and conveniences. But Benidorm itself has lots to offer the vacationer. There are many vacation apartments in the town’s high rise buildings, and they are a stone’s throw from the beaches. With the Costa Blanca’s wonderful climate, this adds up to a perfect vacation.

In addition to the wonderful beach life, Benidorm offers vacation visitors fabulous nightlife. There are at least thirty discos or dance clubs, and hundreds of restaurants, all within steps of the beaches. Spend a day in the sun, then eat a fabulous meal, then dance till the wee hours, then start all over again the next day. What a perfect vacation!

But for those who want to see some interesting architecture while they are are on vacation, Benidorm has a lot to offer them as well. There are many cultural attractions in Benidorm. The old city, or Casco Antiguo, has beautiful historic buildings all along the old avenues of San Lorenzo, San Vicente and Santa Fez.

Another great attraction in the Benidorm region is the golfing. The entire Alicante region around Benidorm has lots of golf courses for the visitor to enjoy. Some of the most popular are the Bonalba Golf Bulb, Mutxamel, the Alicante Golf Club, San Jan beach and the Bosque Golf and Country Club, Chiva. This is just a sampling of the wonderful golf activity available, since there are dozens of golf clubs in the region.

Benidorm also offers theme parks for those on family vacations. The three largest are the Terra Mitica, Mundomar and Aqualandia.

But despite all of these attractions, beach going remains the main attraction of Benidorm. The beaches are beautiful and the climate is warm especially in the summer. Nearby mountains form a barrier from the harsh winds from the north, giving Benidorm perfect beach days, summer or winter. The main beaches in Benidorm are Playa de Poninete and Playa de Levante. The sandy beaches stretch out for miles and miles under the glorious Spanish sun. Each of the beaches has its own personality, but if you like a little quieter atmosphere, Playa de Levante is the more serene.

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Tips on hiking safety

Tips on Hiking Safety

Hiking can be a great outdoor vacation or adventure, and usually it is not dangerous. But, you are outside and often find yourself far from civilization, and you could get injured or even worse. With that in mind, it is very beneficial to heed some basic safety tips to keep your hiking adventure a pleasant experience.

First, do not travel alone. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. If you are strolling along a well-traveled area, you are probably safe. But, hiking through a thick forested area with canyons and winding trails is a different story. You could easily get lost.

Traveling with someone can help in many ways, especially if your partner has some experience with hiking. You can help each other up steep grades or apply first-aid if needed, though hopefully not. Also, if one hiker is injured, the other can travel back to the trail head to seek help.  

Secondly, it is important to know where you are going. You may want to give someone your tentative course before you leave in the event you do get lost. Stay on well-traveled or clearly marked trails, that is unless you are experienced enough to go off the main trails.

No, the marked trails may not be as interesting but getting lost is even less fun. A map, GPS or compass is a necessity for any serious hiking trip. Since not all GPS units function in all areas, get details on your travel destination and determine if your GPS unit will help you in that location.

Third, do not go overboard on the gear you bring but be sure to take some basic gear. Bring either matches or a lighter, but keep in mind that lighters can run out of fuel and matches can get wet. Take your pick! A knife can also be a lifesaver, in the literal sense, especially those with useful gadgets.

A simple first aid kit can also be a lifesaver. Include bandages and gauze, anti-bacterial cream and other standard items. Sunburn and anti-itch reliever and aspirin may also prove to be appreciated items during the hike.

It is, of course, important to have some knowledge of first-aid also. For example, aspirin can at times be harmful. Or, if you do not know the difference between arterial and venous bleeding, bandages and gauze will do you no good.

A flashlight is a necessity, and toilet paper is just a good idea!

Fourth, take some basic provisions to keep you hydrated and your energy level high. Fluids, both water and sport drinks, are obviously essential. A heat stroke can kill someone, but it is preventable. Water weighs about eight pounds per gallon so take what you need, but not less.

Be sure to bring enough food for the entire hike. Depending on what you ring, about one pound daily is average for a male of medium build.

Finally, use common sense. Enjoy your hiking holiday and the beautiful surroundings. But, do not get carried away and tempt Mother Nature!

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Bargain ski vacations

Bargain Ski Vacations

Consider making Vermont the new destination for your next unforgettable ski vacation. With the abundance of natural beauty, cozy hotels and host of unique regional activities to partake in within the region, you may even find that a Vermont ski vacation could become a yearly tradition.

The skiing and outdoor sports are unparalleled in Vermont. With the volume of snow received, as well as the abundance of picturesque mountain peaks in the Green Mountain range, there are truly few other places in America better suited for skiing and snowboarding. Okemo, Stratton, Stowe Mountain and Killington are just a few of the many world-renown Vermont locations for unrivaled winter slope sports.

Of course, after a long day of physical activity, you will want to be sure that you have a luxurious suite and delicious food to come back to. The quaint inns and stately hotels are another asset of Vermont ski vacations. Prices are often very affordable, as low as $169 for a two-person room during the peak time of ski season. These hotel rooms many times have the luxurious extras you would expect from a fine establishment, such as jacuzzis, working fireplaces and WiFi. In addition, though, many of the hotels are converted from old farms and homesteads, which means that they are full of beautiful antiques and charming architectural details that you would not find at a modern chain establishment.

The hearty and delicious food can often be an unexpected highlight of ski vacation packages. Many inns offer a full bar and grill, some with local spirits. A great number of establishments offer exquisite meals that include freshly baked bread and entrees, desserts or salads using local and seasonal ingredients.

Often bed and breakfasts can be some of the best deals, because the first meal of the day is included most of the time. When you are getting up early to hit the slopes, a hearty homemade breakfast can be had quickly in house, instead of having to seek out something to eat in town before you go. This saves both time and money.

For your next ski vacation, consider the great value in Vermont’s natural landscape, cozy lodging and delicious home cooked dining.

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Best travel destinations to visit in egypt

Best Travel Destinations to visit in Egypt

Egypt is one of the few countries in the world that is known as an antique land and features best beauties that can make every vacation ideal. This is one of the major tourist paradises on earth that known for its mystifying pyramids, desert plains, and colorful Egyptian paintings that actually speak of the pharaohs of old. Egypt is one of the few countries paradises where urban culture collides with the leftovers of a time that still echoes its thousands of year’s royal stories. Desert plains and colorful Egyptian paintings are few features that speak of the pharaohs of old.

Egypt is one of the few countries in the world that is known as an antique land and features best beauties that can make every vacation ideal. This is one of the major tourist paradises on earth that known for its mystifying pyramids, desert plains, and colorful Egyptian paintings that actually speak of the pharaohs of old.

Egypt is one of the few countries paradises where urban culture collides with the leftovers of a time that still echoes its thousands of year’s royal stories. Desert plains and colorful Egyptian paintings are few features that speak of the pharaohs of old.

The country is known for its age-old temples that can be found along side new bustling metropolitan centers. Even though this country holds a large portion of the world’s historical artifacts and sites, the land offer ample of options to explore and enjoy adventure and different cultural experiences. You can chill on beautiful beaches or even immerse yourselves in the equivalent of an underwater theme park. Adding to this, you may even have the safari experience or participate in the horse-riding trips that travel through the desert. So, this season, if you are planning your next holiday, booking a cheap holiday to Egypt can be the most ideal option.

Spending holiday in Egypt does not have to be an expensive endeavor. In fact, this is one of the few tourists’ destinations where you can easily plan a cheap Egyptian holiday by following a few simple steps. There is so much to do and enjoy in the Egypt that it could be a place where you would love to come back over and over again. Since there are so many cities that could be visited, exploring or spending holidays in cities like Cairo, Taba, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh can be more worth.

Today in fact, many visitors begin their journey in the unbelievable city of Cairo. Cairo has many things and tourist spots to visit than you may hardly imagine. Starting from ancient monuments to the Cairo Museum and the Khan Khalili market is few important spots that may definitely interest you. Adding to this, spending holiday in Sharm El Sheikh can be the best alternative if you desire to see the striking marine life of the Red Sea along with a diversity of wrecked ships that lie at the bottom. The unique charisma of Sharm El Sheikh Holidays is scuba diving and water sports. The city is also famous for its Sharm Old Market region. This region is full of great dining options, where vacationers can enjoy the taste of seafood items in many restaurants.

Hurghada is important city in Egypt that has grown to become the most preferred and visited tourist destinations. The city which was counted among the most ambiguous fishing destinations of Egypt is totally different from its past life. Today this city provides an easy access to more than 100 different hotels featured with modern amenities. The beautiful beaches offer best alternatives to enjoy activities such as kite surfing or sailing. In Hurghada you may be surprised to find a number of historical landmarks. The most remarkable among them are the monasteries of both St. Anthony and St. Paul. Spending holiday in Hurghada is not complete until you visit some of the most well known museums like the Marine Biology Museum and the National Museum.

Apart from all this, Taba is another most notably and the most preferred destination in Egypt. This city has always been a major tourist destination, but in recent years with the opening of an international airport providing direct charter flights from Europe increased the ratio of vacationers extremely. It is one of the key beach destinations of Egypt and well known for its pleasing bays and coves. Spending holidays in Taba can be the most outstanding experience as it offers an opportunity to take pleasure in the wide range of outdoor sports activities and enjoy the boat trip from the Taba Heights Marina to Aqaba in Jordan. For shopping lover, this location can be the most idyllic choice as it features some of the most well known shops.

Definitely, with all this and many other cities to explore, a visit to Egypt can mark an impressive experience of a lifetime. For those looking for a diverse kind of holiday experience, Egypt is a destination where you can find unique and exciting opportunities.

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