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Bucharest commercial centre of romania

Bucharest Commercial Centre Of Romania

Bucharest is the capital city and industrial and commercial centre of Romania. It is located in the southeast of the country and lies on the banks of the Dambovita River. It was originally known as Dambovita citadel.

Even though the city itself is not seen as an old city by European standards, it still upholds a sense of history with its tree ined boulevards and glorious Belle Eque buildings. It was remodelled in the later half of the 19th century in which the city features the Triumphal Arch on the Soseaua Kiseleff which is a boulevard longer than the famous Champs lysees in Paris.

Romanias capital never rests like Paris it is a cosmopolitan, cultured city a city with an active cafe society, elegant restaurants, boutiques, theatre and opera, museums and leafy parks.

Romania has the wonderful opportunity of offering visitors priceless treasures like the Danube Delta. It is also renowned as an important destination at world level in what concerns the bathing treatment tourism. In addition, we recommend the trips to the monasteries .Romania is the country of Dracula. The famous character, known all around the world, has Romanian roots and a history that attracts many visitors yearly to Romania.

Art, architecture and folk traditions are outstanding due to their great originality and duration through centuries. The numerous customs and traditions emphasize the regional celebrations mask games in Moldavia, handicrafts and folk dances in Oltenia, costumes worn on celebration days in Transylvania, woodworking art and culture in Maramures, pastoral civilization in the Apuseni Mountains.

Romania is a year round tourist destination. However, from the end of April to the beginning of July and from end of August to the end of October are the most popular sightseeing periods, with generally mild and pleasant temperatures. Summers can be hot especially in Southern Romania, including Bucharest , but along the Black Sea Coast, sea breezes offer moderate temperatures. The mountain resorts and higher elevation areas are warm and pleasant during summer. Winters can be very cold, especially in the mountains and snow is common throughout the country from December to mid March. Skiers can usually enjoy their favourite sport in the Carpathian Mountain resorts from December until mid April.

At present, however, the almost total lack of tourism infrastructure or facilities can be frustrating. There is no tourist office and even basic brochures in museums can be hard to find, leaving one to fend almost entirely on ones own.

Helambu, gosaikunda and langtang

Helambu, Gosaikunda and Langtang

Langtang Valley: This is perhaps the most fascinating short trek available in the Himalayan region. The east west running valley is the land of spectacular alpine scenery as well as the place of unique culture and tradition. A minimum of one week is required but the trekkers are advised to add few more days for the acclimatization and some side trips in the region.
There are regular bus services to Syabrubesi from Kathmandu that takes about 6-8 hours depending up on the road condition. The trek starts from the following morning after reaching Syabrubesi. There are two possibilities from Syabrubesi, the best follows the north bank of the Langtang Khola through the villages of Khangjung and Syarpa Gaon after which the trail from Dhunche joins. The trail passes through cultivated field that ultimately gives way higher altitude vegetation that leads to Langtang Village. Above Langtang, the only habitation is at Kyangjin Gompa, a very popular monastery that was built centuries ago. Above Kyangjin, the viewpoint of Tsergo Ri gives splendid views across the valley to Ganja La. Likewise, Langtang Lirung and Dorge Lakpa can also be viewed.

To return from Langtang there are couple of options, either to cross the Ganja La pass, an adventurous undertaking or to backtrack down the valley.

Gosaikunda: Gosaikunda is one of the most popular pilgrimage for Hindu. It is the biggest lake in the region. Legend has it that the lake was formed when Lord Shiva plunged his Trishul ( trident ) in order to obtain water. The river originated from this lake is called Trishuli. The lake can either be taken as part of the Langtang to Helambu trek or it can be made sole destination starting and ending at Dhunche. The trail that starts from Dhunche climbs steeply through the forest of rhododendron, oak and conifer to the minastery of Shin Gompa and Chandanbari few minutes away from the Gompa. There are few teahouses at Chandanbari along with a cheese factory that manufacture yak cheese. The other trail that originates from Syabru joins main trail just an hour from Chandanbari. You can have a spectacular view of Manaslu, Ganesh and Langtang ranges while walking through this trail. In fours hours you reach Gosaikunda.

The Helambu Circuit: It is a low altitude yet perhaps the most fascinating as well as convenient of short treks close to Kathmandu. It can be completed in seven days and the trail is well supplied with teahouses. Unlike other trekking areas no special permits are required for Helambu circuit, however, an entry fee should be paid at the check post at Shivapuri National Park. The Helambu area is predominantly populated by the Tamangs with Sherpas in the villages in higher altitudes such as Melamchi Gaon, Tarkeghayang and Shermathang.

There are various routes to make Helambu circuit but the circuit starting at Melamchi Pul and ending at Sundarijal is the most common. There are regular bus services to Melamchi Pul that takes about 3-4 hours. From Melamchi Pul the trail ascends up to Palchok Danda and passes though the villages of Palchok, Sharmanthang and Tarkeghayang. Beyond the Melamchi Khola is popular Sherpa village known as Melamchi Gaon. The trail now climbs up onto the highest elevation of the circuit, the Tharepati pass ( 3600m ). From here the more spectacular mountain views are possible. The trail now heads south through the villages of Kutumsang, Chipling and Pati Bhanjyang where the trail leading to Kathmandu should be taken. From these villages the trail passes through Chisapani and Sundarijal. From Sundarijal local transport is available that takes an hour to reach Kathmandu.

Real solutions when you have business opportunities

Real Solutions When you Have Business Opportunities

Various books have been written and seminars have been conducted on topics that revolve around the theme – ‘How to become a good entrepreneur?’ various myths have been busted and various new ways have been discussed to turn business opportunities into prospering entities. In this article, we will discuss about the two most important things required for the successful start up of business – 1. the right business opportunities and 2. money to finance it.

As they say, opportunities don’t knock your door, you have to go fetch it. This holds true even in case of business. You may or may not have grand business opportunities. But you can always make business opportunities for yourself. You can turn your area of interest into a business idea. If money is your problem, you can start off at a low scale and then gradually increase it further with more investment of money, time and efforts.

Now comes a very critical aspect of starting a business – finance. There are various things that are required to start off a business. And to finance most of them, you need money. Usually, people save a little before starting off. Some also take up a start up business loan. You can choose either of them. Or you can also select your own way of financing it. There are some businesses which do not require much financing in the beginning, if you start off on a very low scale, like home based businesses.

If you come across excellent business opportunities, it would not be a good idea to let them go just because of inadequate finance. The banks and lending institutes in UK provide the ambitious business persons quite favourable plans in terms of start up business loans. So forget the financial worries and make the most of the business opportunities you come across.

Don't forget to visit costa brava

Don't Forget to Visit Costa Brava

The history of the Iberian Peninsula dates back to the Romans. The most distinct impression is of what the Arabs who inhabited this region left. You can visit various Roman and Arab structures on your trip to Spain. You can also check out many other cathedrals and historic buildings to take in the rich and long history of Catalunya. Catalunya goes from the French border all along the coast to the city of Valencia. Visit the cities of Lleida, Girona, and Tarragona to see something different on your days off from touring Barcelona. Each of these outlying cities has things to offer and you can make day excursions all around Barcelona to see more of Catalunya.

Thanks to Barcelona’s amazing location, culture, and architecture it has been a beacon for all kind of tourism. You can stay outside the city at a beautiful beach resort to engage in water sports or stay closer in the city to take in culture. One of Barcelona’s most famed sites is the Sagrada Familia or the Sacred Family, for you non-Spanish speakers reading this. Antonio Gaudi, the famed Catalan architect, designed this in 1883. He worked through donations of the faithful and with other architects to begin construction of this massive structure. He decided to make his monument unique by rounding off the bell towers rather than letting them be square which is more traditional. By 1923, the Saint Joseph chapel, the crypt, and the east facing of the building was completed. Gaudi died in 1926 and was buried in the crypt. Since his death the bell towers have been finished and other parts of the church have been completed, but the entire structure is not finished. You can find Gaudi’s work in other parts of the city. Every tourist should make sure to see something by this renowned architect. Check out La Pedrera, Mila House, or the beautiful Park Guell just to name a few. Make sure though that the Sagrada Familia is definitely on your sightseeing list.

You can find loads of information on Barcelona through the Internet, agents, travel books, or through the many tourist information booths that are set up all over the city. You can find information in several languages and much of it is free. You can get current information on times for museum and monument openings, temporary exhibitions in the city, bank information, restaurant bookings, shopping, and the all important city map. Make your vacation in Barcelona and on Costa Brava one of your most memorable yet with all the fun things to do.