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Cyprus buses, taxis and finding your way around cyprus

Cyprus Buses, Taxis and Finding your Way Around Cyprus

Cyprus buses, First off let me just say that the buses in Cyprus aren’t brilliant. Unless you are on one of the main coastal roads or high ways you aren’t at all likely to be blessed with a bus service of any kind. There are however regular services between the main holiday resorts and Cyprus places of interest throughout the holiday season serving the tourist trade as well as many Cyprus charter services again operating mostly during the holiday season only. If you decide to take your holidays on the eastern side of Cyprus there is a great regular service operating between Paralimni and the water park in Agia Napa which stops of in Pernera as well as the main resort of Protaras.

These Cyprus buses aren’t the most modern fleet in the world and with so many stops along the way I wouldn’t describe it as an express service either but it is fairly reliable. Although there are plenty of official bus stops along the route the drivers aren’t adverse to picking you up if you flag them down most anywhere. The fares are mind blowingly inexpensive too but that goes with the territory in Cyprus so don’t expect to be traveling in luxury. In fact some of the older Cyprus buses don’t even have aircon apart from the windows down both sides. They also appear to be fitted with a unique gearbox that has only two speeds. STOP! and flat out Go! so hold tight.

If the joys of coach travel don’t readily appeal to you there are plenty of stretched taxis that will easily accommodate seven or eight passengers and an increasing number of mini buses with even more space inside. These Cyprus taxis or mini buses are a great way to get around and you can share the cost with a group or family trip to just about anywhere in Cyprus you please. Always be sure to fix the price though before you agree to the journey. On the whole the taxis and mini buses in Cyprus are “price fixed” by government or local licensing authorities but that doesn’t always stop some drivers forgetting to switch the meter on. They prefer instead to make it up as they go along and although they are in the minority you should always fix the price before you get into the vehicle.

If you want to see more of this beautiful Mediterranean paradise there are literally hundreds of companies offering excursions by coach or even Cyprus jeep safaris into the less accessible parts of the Island. If there is a group involved you may want to consider a hiring self drive mini bus or people carrier and have the total freedom to travel where ever in Cyprus the fancy takes you. Stop off when and where it suits you without having to stick to the set timetable or itinerary of an organized coach tour. Whatever you decide it would be a shame not to explore at least some of Cyprus whilst you are there.

For those who wish to see a lot of the Island whilst having the independence and freedom to do so at their own pace there is only one real option. Cyprus car hire or car rental as it is also known. There is no doubt that having the use of a hire car throughout the duration of your Cyprus holiday is a much superior option to jumping on and off the Cyprus bus service or paying out for taxis on a regular basis. The roads are well signed and the directions are in English so getting around Cyprus by hire car is totally stress free. They even drive on the left like the U.K. so for many it will be like motoring at home without the traffic problems or hassle.

Another advantage of car hire over Cyprus buses is that you can collect your Cyprus car rental at the airport and drop it off there when you return thus saving the transfer fees from the airport to your accomadation. There is really no better way to get around the Island and the rates are quite realistic too when you take into consideration that Cyprus is an holiday Island. So there you have it then. The choice as they say is yours to make. Taxis, minibuses a car rental package or those weird and wonderful Cyprus buses.

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Visit the uninhabited islands of virgin island by yacht charters

Visit the Uninhabited Islands of Virgin Island by Yacht Charters

The Virgin Islands evoke an image of an isolated island surrounded by crystal clear azure waters. Majority of the islands in BVI are still uninhabited and stumbling upon such an island can feel like stumbling upon paradise on earth. The Virgin Islands not only have excellent beaches but also interesting landscapes and terrains since most islands are of volcanic origin.

With a trusted BVI yacht charter one can visit island after island, one more beautiful than the last. Here, there is no end to the places that can be explored and every day can be an adventure since you would never know what to expect next.

Virgin Island yacht charters can allow you to explore some of the most secluded and hidden islands, most of which are stunningly beautiful. Some of the best places to visit in BVI are:

* Saint Thomas- the island of Saint Thomas has it all, beautiful beaches, bays, restaurants, ancient ruins, architectural marvels and shopping districts. There are several beaches and bays here, all of which have gorgeous white sand and are lined with beach style food shacks and tiny stores selling local trinkets.
* Saint John- Saint John is one of the prettiest islands in Virgin Islands and also one of the smallest. The island has some picture perfect beaches and most of the island is protected by a National Park. The national park has several hills, valleys, beaches and nature trails which are quite breathtaking.
* Virgin Gorda- the island is still not commercialized and offers great intimacy with only a few villas and hotels. One of the best places here is the beach, The Baths. The Baths is quite stunning with its various granite boulders, caves and pools. Apart from the Baths there are several other stunning beaches on the island, some of which are private.
* Anegada- Anegada is one of the largest islands in Virgin Islands and one of the most scarcely populated. The island is surrounded by coral reef and is known to be one of the best sites for scuba diving and snorkeling.
* Saint Croix- this is the largest island in the Virgin Islands. The island is quite unique in its own right since it has plenty of stunning beaches, chain of hills, forests, quaint fishing villages and charming towns. The island is one of the best places to scuba dive in BVI and home to several marine creatures including some endangered species. There are also quite a lot of nature hiking trails here which is a perfect way to explore the local flora and fauna and enjoy the diverse landscape here.

Much of greece is mountainous

Much of Greece is Mountainous

Greece is a country in south eastern Europe, situated on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered by Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Bulgaria to the north and by Turkey to the east. The Aegean Sea lies to the east and south of mainland Greece, while the Ionian Sea lies to the west. Both parts of the eastern Mediterranean basin feature a vast number of islands.

Until the 1960s only wealthy yachters, flower power hippies and adventurous backpackers had the pleasure of exploring the countless delights of the Greek mainland and islands. These days more than 12 million foreign visitors pour into the country each year, aided by an ever increasing number of tour operators, car hire firms and charter flight companies all falling over themselves in a bid to exploit the potential of one of the worlds most alluring holiday destinations.

Greece has the longest coastline of any European country, its islands number more than 2,000. However only about 100 are inhabited and its awesome array of ancient sites are unrivalled anywhere in the world.

The wondrous legacies of Ancient Greece are too numerous to take in during a two week holiday, even if you spend the entire time dashing from one archaeological site to another.

The Parthenon in Athens, the most famous ancient monument in the world, the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the stadium at Olympia where the first Olympic games were held in 776 BC. In fact the list is endless wherever you turn in Greece theres another ancient wonder waiting to take your breath away.

Everywhere there are reminders of that golden age when Greece gave birth to western civilisation and spawned the greatest philosophers, artists, poets, scientists, healers and warriors of the ancient world.

The Greek Islands offer all things to all people. There are the unashamedly hedonistic party playgrounds such as Mykonos, Kos and Ios.

There are tranquil, unspoilt islands where rural life continues much as it has done for centuries. There are islands that offer something for everyone such as Rhodes and Corfu where you can party around the clock or roam the hillsides far from the madding crowds.

Much of Greece is mountainous and the country has far more than its fair share of stunningly beautiful locations, many of which have been the target of Hollywood movie moguls.

The downtown area and the southern suburbs enjoy a typical Mediterranean type.

Best travel destinations to visit in egypt

Best Travel Destinations to visit in Egypt

Egypt is one of the few countries in the world that is known as an antique land and features best beauties that can make every vacation ideal. This is one of the major tourist paradises on earth that known for its mystifying pyramids, desert plains, and colorful Egyptian paintings that actually speak of the pharaohs of old. Egypt is one of the few countries paradises where urban culture collides with the leftovers of a time that still echoes its thousands of year’s royal stories. Desert plains and colorful Egyptian paintings are few features that speak of the pharaohs of old.

Egypt is one of the few countries in the world that is known as an antique land and features best beauties that can make every vacation ideal. This is one of the major tourist paradises on earth that known for its mystifying pyramids, desert plains, and colorful Egyptian paintings that actually speak of the pharaohs of old.

Egypt is one of the few countries paradises where urban culture collides with the leftovers of a time that still echoes its thousands of year’s royal stories. Desert plains and colorful Egyptian paintings are few features that speak of the pharaohs of old.

The country is known for its age-old temples that can be found along side new bustling metropolitan centers. Even though this country holds a large portion of the world’s historical artifacts and sites, the land offer ample of options to explore and enjoy adventure and different cultural experiences. You can chill on beautiful beaches or even immerse yourselves in the equivalent of an underwater theme park. Adding to this, you may even have the safari experience or participate in the horse-riding trips that travel through the desert. So, this season, if you are planning your next holiday, booking a cheap holiday to Egypt can be the most ideal option.

Spending holiday in Egypt does not have to be an expensive endeavor. In fact, this is one of the few tourists’ destinations where you can easily plan a cheap Egyptian holiday by following a few simple steps. There is so much to do and enjoy in the Egypt that it could be a place where you would love to come back over and over again. Since there are so many cities that could be visited, exploring or spending holidays in cities like Cairo, Taba, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh can be more worth.

Today in fact, many visitors begin their journey in the unbelievable city of Cairo. Cairo has many things and tourist spots to visit than you may hardly imagine. Starting from ancient monuments to the Cairo Museum and the Khan Khalili market is few important spots that may definitely interest you. Adding to this, spending holiday in Sharm El Sheikh can be the best alternative if you desire to see the striking marine life of the Red Sea along with a diversity of wrecked ships that lie at the bottom. The unique charisma of Sharm El Sheikh Holidays is scuba diving and water sports. The city is also famous for its Sharm Old Market region. This region is full of great dining options, where vacationers can enjoy the taste of seafood items in many restaurants.

Hurghada is important city in Egypt that has grown to become the most preferred and visited tourist destinations. The city which was counted among the most ambiguous fishing destinations of Egypt is totally different from its past life. Today this city provides an easy access to more than 100 different hotels featured with modern amenities. The beautiful beaches offer best alternatives to enjoy activities such as kite surfing or sailing. In Hurghada you may be surprised to find a number of historical landmarks. The most remarkable among them are the monasteries of both St. Anthony and St. Paul. Spending holiday in Hurghada is not complete until you visit some of the most well known museums like the Marine Biology Museum and the National Museum.

Apart from all this, Taba is another most notably and the most preferred destination in Egypt. This city has always been a major tourist destination, but in recent years with the opening of an international airport providing direct charter flights from Europe increased the ratio of vacationers extremely. It is one of the key beach destinations of Egypt and well known for its pleasing bays and coves. Spending holidays in Taba can be the most outstanding experience as it offers an opportunity to take pleasure in the wide range of outdoor sports activities and enjoy the boat trip from the Taba Heights Marina to Aqaba in Jordan. For shopping lover, this location can be the most idyllic choice as it features some of the most well known shops.

Definitely, with all this and many other cities to explore, a visit to Egypt can mark an impressive experience of a lifetime. For those looking for a diverse kind of holiday experience, Egypt is a destination where you can find unique and exciting opportunities.

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