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Important tourist spots of isola d’elba

Important Tourist Spots of Isola d’Elba

Porto Azzurro

One of the most important tourist spots in Isola d’Elba is Porto Azzurro. This picturesque port is situated on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The large bay situated on the eastern side ends at the southern end in a watchtower and a lighthouse. The northern end culminates in a fort that was built by the initiative of Phillip II of Spain in 1603. However, the fort had been converted into a jail now.

The bay extends itself for about 500 meters and the western side of the bay is covered by green hills that stretch for more than one km. Hence, this coverage provided by the hills offer natural protection to sailors who visit Porto Azzurro. However, the sailors are forced to be careful about the sea wind from the east that could be violent at times.

Only after entering the bay, you would be able to see the actual village of Porto Azzurro, since it is hidden behind the Capo San Vincenzo, the promontory of the citadel of the fort. This promontory is situated in the tiny gulf, bordered by the quay. However, in spite of remaining a hot tourist spot, Porto Azzurro still remains an ancient village of fishermen, with the tourists thronging the place only in summer.

Marciana Marina

Marciana Marina is small community in the Livorno province, with a population of about 2,000 people but it is an important town in Isola d’Elba. The town contains a small marina with two tiny but cute beaches. The old Torre Medicea that was built to protect the town from invasions by pirates still remains in a reasonably good condition. The promenade proceeding from the older part of the town, known as Il Cotone, and ending in Torre Medicea, still preserves the original features of the eighteenth century architecture and urban developments in that period.

Cavoli Beach

Cavoli beach is situated on the southern side of the island, about 2 km away from the tiny town of Seccheto. This beach is much preferred by younger groups for its calm and isolated beauty.


Portoferraio is the main arrival point for the island of Isola d’Elba. It is also an important tourist spots not only in the island but in the entire Italy. Being the capital of the island, the town possesses one of the most beautiful natural ports in the Mediterranean area. It is believed that this port was used by the Etruscans and Romans for obtaining the iron ore from the Monte Calamita area, famous for some of the most prosperous iron mines in Italy. About 13,000 people live in this town. The town is famous for its Medici fortifications like Fort Stella with its lighthouse, Fort Falcon, and the Linguella Tower situated at the entrance of the harbor, which are quite imposing structures belonging to the fifteenth century. The town also possesses

The other villages and beaches in this lovely island are also worth a visit if you have time on your hands. The relaxed life of the people of these tiny villages would help you unwind from all the stress that you had accumulated in your fast life.

Gay travel to england and italy

Gay Travel To England And Italy

England has long been a destination for both straight and gay travel, but when it comes to choosing a location for a gay vacation, England is about as welcoming and inviting as they come. An active, visible LGBT community, abundant gay events and establishments, and gay rights that far outshine what has been granted in the United States, England is an ideal setting for gay vacations. With the lively London nightlife, beautiful Brighton beaches and the picturesque countryside that gives way to sprawling urban skylines, England has much to offer for any kind of gay travel tourist.

Old Compton Street and the Soho district of London is the center of gay and lesbian life and is a must-see for any gay or lesbian traveler on a gay vacation to England. With a multitude of gay bars, businesses, restaurants and clubs, Soho has the most active, visible gay community in England. Soho is also centrally located near many of London’s landmarks and world-famous neighborhoods, such as Chelsea, Kensington, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Covent Garden. Plus, thanks to an expansive public transportation system, all of London’s offerings are easily accessible from this gay neighborhood. For travelers heading north, Manchester has another large gay and lesbian community, including a gay village around Canal Street that offers numerous gay bars, pubs and clubs.

For a gay vacation on the seashore, gay men and lesbians should head south to Brighton, often called Soho by the Sea, to stroll through quaint pathways in search of extraordinary shops and boutiques, or along the pier and pebble beach. Home to the second largest gay and lesbian community, Brighton is a popular gay vacation destination where gay and lesbian travelers enjoy relaxing at cafés, dining, or going out on the town in Kempton, Brighton’s center for gay life. Another gay vacation option in England is Newcastle Gateshead, which is home to a fashionable gay village with gay pubs, cafés, clubs and bars.

Gay travelers will find gay-owned and gay-friendly accommodations in all of England’s regions, including establishments that exclusively serve the gay travel community or specifically gay men. Gay and lesbian travelers who choose to work with a travel agency well-versed in planning gay vacations in England will benefit from working with a travel agent who can suggest the gay-friendly or gay-owned hotel, bed and breakfast or other lodgings option that will best meet your needs. If camping is on the agenda for your England gay vacation, gay-owned and gay-friendly campgrounds are available, including Out in the Open, a gay-owned campsite in Cornwall, and Brighthouse Farm, offering a six-acre campground, bed and breakfast and self-catering lodgings in Suffolk.

Italy is a land of art, history, architecture, romance and Vespas. Italy’s exceptional scenery, rich history and deeply entrenched culture have made this enticing country a popular destination for both straight and gay holidays, as well as a popular setting for books, movies and plays. Singles, couples, families and groups of friends flock to Italy throughout the year for the fashion, the food and some of the most famous art and architecture in the world. Whether your ideal gay vacation includes meandering narrow, ancient roads in Rome or Venice, languid drives through the countryside searching for lesser known historical sites and visiting wineries, wiling away an afternoon in a museum in Florence or experiencing Milan’s enticing nightlife, Italy is an ideal destination for gay vacations.

While Rome and Milan have the widest selection of LGBT bars and clubs, gay travel participants will find that Geneva, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Padua and many other tourist hotspots also have gay-owned and LGBT-friendly establishments offering a welcoming atmosphere for a night on the town during your gay vacation to Italy. LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly hotels can be found throughout Italy, such as the Hotel Porta Rossa – which is the second oldest hotel in Italy and just a short walk from numerous world-famous attractions, such as Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell’Accademia – or the LGBT-owned La Quircia Rosa and Villa le Masse in Tuscany.

There is a large LGBT presence in each of Italy’s larger urban areas providing many options for your gay tours to Italy, particularly Rome, Florence, Bologna and Milan, with Milan being generally accepted as the most gay-friendly Italian City and among the most popular destinations for gay vacations. Gay pride events take place throughout the country and there are a few large gay and lesbian film festivals, including the Turin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, the Festival del Cinema Gay Lesbico e della Cultura Queer in Milan and the Florence Queer Festival.

If one of the goals of your gay holiday to Italy is to experience as much of the history, art and culture as possible during your stay, tours are an absolute necessity. Participating in organized gay vacations or working with a travel agency to schedule tours for your private travel group will help you make the most out of your time in Italy.

Whether you go to Italy for the food, the art, the wine, the history or the legends, there is bound to be a tour related to your interests and this really is the best way to take in all that Italy has to offer. Another tip for utilizing your time in Italy well is to book museum reservations ahead of time whenever possible. Italy is well-known for its remarkable museums and this will save you from standing in some very long lines.

Planning gay vacations with the help of a travel agency that provides professional gay travel planning services will help to ensure that your gay vacation to England or Italy is a memorable, fun-filled experience.

Home based travel business opportunity

Home Based Travel Business Opportunity

Today the travel industry is exploding with opportunities on every front.

Airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts and other travel infrastructure are growing at an unprecedented rate and the common thread between all of this growth is distribution.

Suppliers are looking toward the retail travel agent community to create the future demand necessary to continue the growth and prosperity.

At the same time, trends within the travel industry are envolving, social marketing, or Customer to Customer (C2C) has become a significant force in the travel industry, driven by word of mouth C2C is offering the personal input and service no longer available from the large multiple-unit agencies.

Now you have the opportunity to make travel your business and to be part of the fastest growing industry on the planet.

Becoming an agent as part of the Personal Travel Group® is an opportunity that provides great potential for a full or part – time career in the travel business that can be run from the comfort of your own home.

Being in the travel business is not just a career, it’s a passion!

If you’re looking for personal independence, freedom, flexibility and excellent income potential, then becoming an agent for the Personal Travel Group® is for you!

Let’s make some money!

As an agent you will receive an unprecendented 70% of the available commission on all bookings generated through your efforts, regardless of wheather they are generated through your internet travel shop, the service provider’s call centre or by personal visits.

You may become a Managing Agent simply by referring people who are interested in becoming an agent, there is NO selling involved, we do the work and YOU make the money!

For each sucessful referral we will pay you ?3000!

As a Managing Agent you will receiv 20% of the available commission on all bookings made by the new Agents that you refer.

That’s a possible total of 90% commission!

With your family and friends as customers and a couple of new agents every year, it’s not diffilcult to see how a very attractive income could soon mount up.

Being in the travel business is not just a career, it’s a passion!

We all look forward to our holidays as the highlight of the year. Here is your opportunity to earn a great income whilst helping other people enjoy their precious leisure time.

The travel business has to be one of the most rewarding and enjotable vocations you can choose.

We appreciate that making the decision to invest in a new business needs careful consideration and we encourage you to thoroughly examine the opportunity on offer.

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No passport needed for the exotic virgin islands

No Passport Needed for the Exotic Virgin Islands

Road Trip Planners in the United States know that Fall is breathing down their backs and if they still want to go on an exotic beach getaway before Summer gives way to Fall, they better already have their passport in hand or… they can go to the U.S. Virgin Islands!

The U.S. Virgin Islands are tucked between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Puerto Rico. The northeast islands are called the British Virgin Islands and the two regions comprise the Virgin Islands archipelago. If diamonds are rated by the four Cs (caret, cut, color, clarity); then these islands could be rated by the four Ss (sun, sand, sea, surf). And as in Hawaii, all beaches in the Virgin Islands are public, meaning that even though you might arrive at a gated community, you must be given access to the beach, even at the fanciest resorts. Oooolala!

* You’ll have sunny days no matter when you go. Winter is a comfortable 77ºF (25ºC), and the average summer temperature is 82ºF (28ºC).
* The currency there is the U.S. dollar. ATMs can be found throughout the three islands and most places accept credit cards and travelers checks.
* Even though you can visit it year round and get great weather, the best bargains are actually during the summer months.

* No adapters are required since they use the standard 120-volt current there.

The above reasons make these islands a shoe-in to add to your road trip planner because you get to experience the foreign flavor without having to be out of your comfort zone, not the least of which is that you drive on the left here as well so… awkward adjustments averted! (Yes, I snuck in a 5th fact for you ;o)

Below are some other facts (and tips) on the four islands that make up the U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix and since 1944, Water Island. You can choose to stay all week on one island and take day trips to the others or you can stay the bulk of your trip on either St. Thomas or St. John then include an overnighter at St. Croix because it’s further south.

* St. Thomas (called Rock City by the locals) is enchanting and romantic with a population of about 51,000, nearly half of the total population in the US Virgin Islands. The district is a bit larger than 31 square miles and special points of interest include: Fort Christian, Magens Bay, Magens Bay Arboretum and Blackbeard’s Castle. Magens Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and from the harbor in Charlotte Amalie, you’ll come across a picturesque village.

* Water Island (a.k.a. Small City) is right below St. Thomas and is accessible by boat (ferry service from Crown Bay on Saint Thomas to Phillips Landing takes only about 10 minutes). Water Island is the fourth and most recently acquired main island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. With 491.5 acres, Water Island is also the smallest of the main U.S. Virgin Islands and is a residential island, with a population of 161 (2000 census). There aren’t many commercial establishments and only a few homes that are available to visitors, so it’s mainly a day trip excursion. The main attractions are its beaches, including Honeymoon Beach. You can also find plantation ruins, and Fort Segarra, an underground fort partially constructed by the U.S. during World War II.

* St. John is to the east of St. Thomas and has the Virgin Islands National Park. Saint John is an amazing island in the Caribbean Sea and part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is the wealthiest and most expensive of the U.S. Virgin Islands, enjoying a level of affluence that is comparable with the nearby island of St. Barts. The island’s high level of wealth and prestige has earned it the common distinction of being the “Beverly Hills of the Caribbean”. Called Love City by the locals, St. John is one of the world’s premiere honeymoon destinations with several notable world class resorts and one of the top ten beaches in the world. St. John is located about 4 miles east of Saint Thomas. It is about 20 square miles in area with a population of less than 4200. It doesn’t have an airport so you need to fly into St. Thomas and take one of hourly ferries over to it.

* St. Croix (dubbed Twin City by the locals) is the furthest south. St Croix rocks! Saint Croix is an island in the Caribbean Sea and part of the United States Virgin Islands, an unincorporated territory of the United States. It is the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, being 28 by 7 miles. However, the territory’s capital, Charlotte Amalie, is located on Saint Thomas. Buck Island Reef National Monument preserves a 176 acre island just north of Saint Croix and the surrounding reefs. This is a popular destination for snorkelers.

Whether you stay at the affordable at Villa Santana ($114-$174/night) or the Ritz Carlton ($279 to $989/night), the beaches and the exotic settings are the true stars. Whichever hotel you end up adding to your Road Trip Planner won’t mar the feeling that you’re in paradise!