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You must trek to north carolina

You Must Trek to North Carolina

To enjoy the scenic beauty of Black Mountain Range, come to Lake James State Park and spend a day in leisure. You can swim in the area provided for swimming. You can also enjoy a picnic or do hiking in the cascading hills.

Carolina Beach State Park has a rare variety of Venus flytrap, insect eating plants. Many shrubs, flowering plants and 30 species of coastal trees are waiting for you to hike through them. Water related activities are also available here.

Rich in biological and cultural resources and away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city, at Eno River State Park you can test your canoeing skills in the rapid waters. Other facilities are also available here.

On the highest sand dune of the east coast at Jockey’s Ridge State Park, you can fly a kite here as its always windy. This is what prompted Wright brothers to fly. It presents an excellent view of the coastal Carolina. You can also play in the sand on the ridge.

Mount Jefferson State Natural Area puts forward a spectacular view of the mountain flora. It also has some magnificent hiking trails moving inside a forest area and some tough trails on a hilly area too. It also has hundreds of plants of mountain species. It provides a panoramic view from the observation tower atop Moore’s Knob.

Morrow Mountain State Park is a museum (Kron house) depicting a hospital and many hiking trails of the 19th century. Most of the area here is still in its natural form. You can camp here and enjoy the natural beauty at its best.

If you want to enjoy the rugged terrains with some natural beauty then come to Hanging Rock State Park. With its many sparkling streams, cascading hills and various waterfalls makes it a heaven for hikers and people who love exploring.

There are abundance of wildflowers at Raven Rock State Park and you can watch them from atop of a 152ft hard rock that bulges out of Cape Fear River. From the river the wooden area invites you to explore various trails that exist in it. All the facilities related to river and jungles are available, but you cannot horse ride on these trails.

New River State Park is situated in one of the oldest river in the world. This place is designated as a national wild and scenic place, which has American Heritage. Canoeing can also be done here for 26 miles long river.

Crowders Mountain State Park’s peaks ascend 800 ft above the surrounding countryside, presenting a panoramic view of the surroundings. One of the most unspoiled beaches of Atlantic, Hammocks Beach State Park is accessible by a boat or passenger ferry only. Many loggerhead turtles come to this beach during the nighttime and nest along the shoreline. It is a place of delight for some adventurers and enthusiasts and it is open from 15th March to 1st December. Camping is not permitted on the full moon nights as it disturbs the nestling loggerhead turtles. No fire is permitted on this island.

A tourism guide to leeds – the knightsbridge of the north

A Tourism Guide to Leeds – the Knightsbridge of the North

Leeds is a lively city that is full of breathtaking cultural and legacy sites, which are great fun to prospect. more than 100,000 people come to work in the city centre every single day and 1000s more come to shop, eat out or only to enjoy the variety of attractions Leeds has on offer.
With some fabulous modern architecture and great shops, Leeds has really transformed itself recently. however, there’s still plenty of architecture that evoke the city’s Victorian splendour, too. an of the most well-known Victorian architecture is leeds corn exchange, which was made by the architect Cuthbert Brodrick.
Leeds also boasts the unforgettable Kirkstall Abbey, which is located in the western outskirts of the city. This sensational Abbey is thought to be one of the most complete examples of a medieval Cistercian abbey in great britain. It boasts historical architecture, as well as sensational gardens that are teeming with wildlife and greenery.
Kirkstall Abbey was started in 1152 and took more than seventy five years to construct. The historical ruins have been painted by artists including jmw turner and the abbey is now a Grade 1 listed building. In the summer, visitors flock to see open-air concerts and plays in the alluring grounds of the Abbey.
From the cutting edge fashion found in the Victoria Quarter to the excellent designer stores of The Light and the independent boutiques of the arcades, Leeds gives visitors many superb shopping opportunities. Whether you are looking for a brand-new outfit or even an unforgettable birthday gift, you are sure to find it in this playful city.
If you’d rather spend your time in Leeds doing more artistic pursuits, you will be happy to know that the city has nine fabulous museums and art galleries. These include the leeds city museum & the great leeds city art gallery, so you are sure to find something to entertain you.
If fast-paced city life gets too much, you will be happy to know that Leeds has some pretty green spaces & gorgeous parks, which include the award winning nelson mandela gardens. These pretty gardens were constructed at a cost of ?12 million to mark the year 2000 & were jointly funded by leeds council & the Millennium Commission. The gardens won a prize at the 2004 Chelsea Flower Show.
Leeds has great nightlife, which begs to be experienced. Whether you’d rather have a peaceful drink in one of the city’s quaint inns or a glass of rose wine at one of Leeds’ exclusive cocktail bars, you will have a great night here.
After you have had your drink, why don’t you hit the nightclubs? Leeds has some great nightclubs that cater to any style of music, so you will be spoiled for choice.
Leeds also has plenty of live music venues, containing the Cockpit. These venues cater mostly to alternative music and attracting touring & local bands.
Thank you for perusing our tourist guide to leeds! Whether you would like to go on a shopping marathon or an educational day out, we think you will agree that Leeds is a city with something for everyone.

Where can i travel in chad

Where can I travel in Chad?

Traveling to Africa is usually a sensitive matter to some people. Not every one looks forward to traveling her mainly because of its reputation with famine, poverty and war. Well, Africa has much to offer the traveler and the beautiful landscapes and attractions will invite you to want to see more. Chad is a particular country of interest, officially known as the Republic of Chad it’s a landlocked country in central Africa. It has a total population exceeding 10 million people and the official languages here are French and Arabic. You can get in by plane with Air France that has daily flights from Paris. Despite having a reputation for civil warfare, Chad has a lot of things to see and do. Start at N’Djamena, Chad’s capital, the Avenue Charles de Gauelle is waiting for you to explore it. It’s populated with embassies and colonial houses which show evidence of lasting European influence in Africa. The Musee National N’Djamena also makes an interesting visit despite having lost some of its artifacts. The Grand Marche is the liveliest spot in N’Djamena that hosts vendors of books, foods and crafts. The Chad National Museum and the Chad Cultural Centre are new additions to the cultural attractions and they feature the Chadian culture and national traditions. The city of Fada offers the interesting geological formations and the Guelta d’Archei is its most famous. The Gala Brewery is also a point of interest, located in the city of Moundou; it produces one of Chad’s most popular drafts. It’s also responsible largely for Moundou’s excellent nightlife reputation. Talking about nightlife, enjoy live dancing and music where there is an increasing number of night clubs in Moundou and N’Djamena. The Pari-matches takes place on most weekends in the capital: group of women hire bars and sell drinks all day. Chad has an excellent crafts industry. Buy a couple of souvenirs for yourself with items like camel-hair carpets, all kinds of leatherwear, embroidered cotton cloths, decorated calabashes, knives, and pottery and brass animals. N’Djamena offers just a selection of restaurants that serve mainly French and African food. You will also find European cuisine at some restaurants. You tend to find cheap restaurants and dining cafes outside the capital. The national specialty likely to get is peanut sauce over rice often eaten in Southern Chad. Meat dishes are very popular in Chad, and foreign travelers speak highly of the meat (particularly lamb). Drinks vary from traditional to international and you will love Chad’s excellent beer, Gala widely available in the capital. Karkanj is also another traditional beer made from Hibiscus flowers. There are several good accommodations in Chad and most are located in the capital. There are some small hotels at Sarh, a modern hotel complex in Zakouma National Park and various small hunting hotels in the southwest. Lake Chad, after which the county is named, is the second largest wetland in Africa and also serves as a beautiful site. Another popular attraction is the desert landscapes of Ennedi, and the Emi Koussi – found in the Sahara; it’s the country’s highest peak. Chad country might be a little dangerous but with an expert guide you will enjoy the warmth of the locals and the diverse attractions within the country. The broad, arid plains in center, desert in north, mountains in northwest, and lowlands in south give visitors what to expect in this war torn country.

Roatan, honduras – a travel destination guide

Roatan, Honduras – A Travel Destination Guide

Situated off the coast of Honduras, Roatan is one of the three Bay Islands, and is the undiscovered secret of vacationers from the colder North and South American locations that are looking for a tropical vacation destination with a variety of water activities, un-crowded white, soft powdered beaches, and inexpensive hotels and restaurants.

Roatan is a long narrow island of almost 40 miles in length. It is a beautiful island with mountains and lush green tropical foliage.

Roatan’s weather is ideal and rarely affects having a good time and has a mild rainy season that occurs from November to the end of January. The northwest side of the island is protected most of the year from the southeast Even then, the West End and northern side may be calm and enjoy excellent diving and beach activities. If wind conditions or weather becomes and issue, the dive operators and resorts will simply move their boats to the “lee side” of the island and calmer waters

The popular tourist spots on Roatan are West End, West Bay, Sandy Beach, and Oak Ridge/Punta Gorda.

Roatan’s two largest cities are Coxen Hole and French Harbor and offer very little for the tourist, both of which are the main concentration of inhabitants living under poverty level conditions. Coxen Hole is the capital and is location of the international airport and the docking terminal for cruise ships. Beyond that, the reason tourists come to Coxen Hole is for the banks and rental cars. French Harbor is home to the largest fishing fleet in the Western Caribbean. The reason most tourists come to French Harbor is for their two popular waterfront restaurants, Gio’s and Casa Romero’s

The main attractions in Roatan are scuba diving, snorkeling, beautiful beaches, a laid back, relaxing way of life. The island is on the world’s second largest barrier reef with a variety of world class dive sites, easily accessible by a short boat ride or as close as 100 feet from the beach.

Oakridge/Punta Gorda
Oakridge is located about one mile past the paved road on the Eastern end of the Island. It is a small picturesque community with a strong afro-Antillean culture. It is only in recent years that access by car to this area has been opened and hasn’t changed much with the passing of time. Tourist services here are scarce. The fishing is excellent, and on Roatan Ranch they offer English speaking horseback riding tours of the area.

Nearby Punta Gorda on the opposite side of the Island was the first Garifuna Settlement in Central America. The Garifuna or Black Caribs were marooned in Roatan by the British in 1796, and every year on April 12th they commemorate their arrival with a carnival. This is also the home of YUBU where you will meet Garifuna people and see their exotic dances and purchase souvenirs made by them.

Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay is considered the cultural center of Roatan and is the location of the Institute of Marine Sciences, the Roatan Museum, the Carambola Gardens, and the Marine Reserve. It is also the location of Anthony’s Key resort one of the first and largest dive resorts on the Island.

West End
Commonly referred to as “Gringo Central”, this little town with a “Jimmy Buffet – Margarita Ville” atmosphere is located on Half Moon Bay. Here you can access all there is with a walk along its un paved sandy main street that rims the bay and is lined with palm trees and rustic, weather beaten wood restaurants, bars, hotels, and t-shirt shops. The prices for food, drinks and hotels are extremely inexpensive. There is a very informal, relaxed — let it all hang out attitude that can be enjoyed without ever getting out of your sandals, shorts, and t-shirts.

West Bay
West Bay has one of the finest beaches in the world. It’s white, soft, powdery beach is un-crowded, although with development of new hotels and condominiums, this is rapidly changing. This is an excellent location for families and for snorkeling right off the beach. The hotels and restaurants along West Bay are more upscale and expensive than West End.

West Bay is also the home of Gumbalimba Park, a privately owned and managed ecotourism park with lush tropical flowers and forests, exotic birds, monkeys, a hanging bridge, and zip line canopy rides.