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Dalyan-caunos : a daily tour to the museum city

Dalyan-Caunos : A Daily Tour To The Museum City

Dalyan is 25 km. from Dalaman Airport and 77 km. from Marmaris, Turkey and its beautiful locale and rich history make it the ideal destination for a one day boat tour originating in Marmaris. I would like to give you an idea of what you can expect when you visit Dalyan.

This is a fantastic boat trip because you will visit one of the rarest corners on the earth : Dalyan Turtle Beach. This beach is one of the last breeding grounds of the loggerhead turtles and it is surrounded by fresh water on one side and salt water on the other. Sailing on the river boats through the maze-like passages of Dalyan Delta will surely remind you of “The Afrıcan Queen”. A stop-over at the magnificent Rock Tombs carved high in the cliff gives you the chance to get all the information about the resort. And finally there is a “fountain of youth: in the form of Mud Baths. It is fun, it is rejuvenating and it, surely, is great chance for an unusual snapshot.

Without climbing up to the Acropolis in Caunos, it may not be possible to feel how dangerous were the threats the Caunians lived under when they founded this city, at an elevation of 152 m. In addition to the striking panaroma, the break points of your tour will also appear : Amphitheatre, Church, Roman Bath, Terrace Temple, Fountain and Necropolis.

The City walls surrounding the acropolis, has different characteristics peculiar to different civilizations and ages, regarding the form, measurement and workmanship of the stones. It is hard to notice the distinction between Caunian, Greek, Persian, Roman and Byzan-tium traces on the same structure. The Acropolis is on a peak overlooking the southern area and interior seaport. From this viewpoint it seems easy to imagine ancient shipyards and merchantmen of that time. This high altitude point had also been used for rituals, feasts and wine parties.

One of the best preserved buildings is the Church. A cross on the entrance still remains. It’s 2500 year old domes and marble columns adorned by religious figures are wonderful. The Roman Bath was originally designed as complex building divided into rooms for education, sporting activities and meeting. The gigantic windows that were been built for athletes to warm up by sun after a bath with icy waters, also provided them with dazzling sights. Two columns found in the Terrace Temple were the first discoveries that started Caunos excavations. The Temple, which you can’t help being charmed by, remains almost as it was. The inscriptions on its marble columns mention the Caunian Gods. The most interesting part of this fascinating Temple is of course the Sacred Stone. It’s told that the object depicted on the ancient coins of the 4th. century B.C. represents the stone. There are a lots of inscriptions like this all around.

Love of Byblis : A legendary story

According to an ancient legend, Byblıs was a daughter of Miletus and Eidothea and sister of Caunus. Byblis was in love with her brother Caunus. This was a love that could not be between sister and brother. And as her love grew from day to day Byblis fell incestuously in love with her brother Caunus and declared her love to him in a letter. Caunus, horrified, rejected her. He fled from his sister, but she followed him through Caria.. He came to this part of Caria and founded the city of Caunus. As for Byblis, she pursued him as he fled her but could not find him. She was weeping so much and was about to die from grief and exhaustion when she was turned by nymphs into a fountain. This is the legendary story of the origin of the city of Caunos..

The Human Factor in Architecture

Another majestic building of the city is the Fountain. It is interesting to note that the Caunians never designed a city without a fountain. They were used by visitors coming from distant seas to freshen up. The fountain that also functioned as a meeting point for women at the time, is now being reconstructed for the new visitors. The most striking stage of the journey is the Necropolis. Of 167 tombs, ‘The Temple Faced Ones’ engraved into rocky cliffs belong to the noble inhabitants of Caunos. These Stone King Tombs are the symbols of the city.

So if you are visiting Turkey it is worth seeing Marmaris with its natural attractions, daily sea excursions, caretta caretta turtles, and with the possibility of visiting ancient city ruins such as Cnidos, Caunos, Cleopatra’s Island, Loryma and many others..

Kerala tours in india

Kerala Tours in India

Looking for a destination where you can enjoy your vacation in a delightful way? Visit to Kerala in India and you will find the places of your choice to spend your holidays in a memorable way. Kerala is one of the beautiful and picturesque states of India ideal for tour and travels. It is gifted with immense natural beauty, pristine palm fringed beaches, breathtaking backwaters, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, lovely lakes, rich culture, terrific temples, historical monuments, etc. These captivating attractions appeal tourists from every nook and corner of the world for Kerala tour and travels.

Kerala is predominantly known for its breathtaking backwaters which are dotted with swaying palm trees. Backwaters of Kerala are the uniquely beautiful that provides tourists to explore the beauty of nature in a delightful way. A well organised houseboat cruise sailing over the picturesque backwater takes you to the world of wonderments. Alleppey and Kumarakom are the well known for backwater cruise which takes you across coir villages, terrific temples, exotic resorts, emerald paddy fields, cascading waterfalls, historical forts and many other splendid attractions can be viewed from the deck of the houseboat. Kovalam, Fort Kochi, Kollam, Kuttanad are other popular backwaters of Kerala.

Exotic flora and fauna of Kerala is also the remarkable attractions of tourists. There are several exotic national parks and sanctuaries which are the safe home of varied wildlife species and birds. Periyar wildlife sanctuary, Thekkady bird sanctuary, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Chinnar are some the popular wildlife parks and sanctuaries in Kerala. These wildlife parks are ideal for safari where tourists can catch the view of varied wild animals in their natural home. Come and explore the exotic flora and fauna of the state which will give you thrilling memories to cherish the tour for lifetime.

Beaches of this beautiful state are also the very popular attractions of the state. This beautiful state of Kerala is gifted with some of the finest beaches in the world that appeal tourists for tours and travels in Kerala from all the corner of the world. Fort Kochi, Alleppey, Kappad, Payyoli, Mararikulam are some of the finest beaches that tourists can explore during their Kerala tours in India. Dotted with swaying palm trees, beaches are the ideal destination for vacationers, beach lovers, honeymooners and nature lovers. They can enjoy some time of their life with immense happiness and make the tours to this God’s Own Country more delightful.

Beside all these historical monuments, terrific temples, rich culture and traditions, traditional villages, ayurvedic resorts and spa, traditional dance, etc are also the prime attraction of tourists in Kerala. Hill stations of Kerala are also the popular tourist attractions which are endowed with beauty of nature. The aroma filtered air, sprawling tea gardens, coffee plantations, cascading waterfall, picturesque landscapes, emerald hills, etc decorates the hill station giving them all the heavenly look. Ponmudi, Wayanad, Echo Point, Munnar, Vagamon, etc are some of the popular hill stations of Kerala. These beautiful hill stations are gifted with scintillation natural beauty and are ideal for romantic honeymoon vacation. For honeymoon couples there hill stations are like paradise where they can celebrate their honeymoon vacation in a romantic way.

Well, if you want to explore all these beautiful attractions of Kerala, you are most welcome to this God’s Own Country. Book your tour package according to your choice and preference and visit this state immensely blessed with natural beauty. When you will return from your Kerala tours will surely have innumerable moments that you will love to share with your dear ones.

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Touring cyprus, the land of aphrodite

Touring Cyprus, The Land Of Aphrodite

The legendary land of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, Cyprus is a mix of sunny modern beaches and the more traditional, and even historical, locales which aptly set off its geographical location. Once the centre of interest for major civilizations; Cyprus still is a land that is disputed. Just like Persia and the Greek empire once fought for it in 400BC, not too long back the Turks and Greeks were at loggerheads for it as well.

For tourists, though, Cyprus is a haven of the beautiful Mediterranean climate and traditional monuments and structures. In its midst are fashionable spas and yet the culture of the land has not died out. Some of the popular locations to visit when you tour Cyprus are the historical ruins and monuments. Salamis is just one area you can visit. The archeological remains here are from early 11th century BC, when it was a major link in trade routes of the Greek Empire, but the town itself dates long into history.

A contrasting attraction, yet the Ayia Napa district in Southeast Cyprus is a major tourist hub as well. The beach resort is popular all over Europe for its beauty and its fine golden sands. Not only is the Ayia Napa resort attracting almost 10,000 tourists per day, the local population of 1000 is a friendly and helpful host to boot. On top of all that is the nightlife that compliments the serene morning excavations to this breathtaking resort. A romantic getaway for couples as well as for friends, who are out for a good time amongst fresh blue waters, Ayia Napa is not by far, all Cyprus has to offer.

Cyprus’s Mediterranean climate is inviting all year round, but the tourist season is at its full swing during from June to August. Of course that means the accommodation costs more, and the general prices are high as well in keeping with the demand. If you wish a budget vacation, Cyprus still can cater to your needs if you visit just before the summer heat is at its peak, or just after. With the tourist numbers going down when the hustle bustle of the peak season slows April-May and September-October are still good months for a tour of the land where East meets West.

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Travel in china

Travel In China

I am an American traveler. After the Olympics I went to visit China with a travel agency called yeschinatour.

In the package, they provided me with trip to Shanghai, Beijing, Yangtze cruise and Tibet. China was big and beautiful, but what really surprised me was the bathroom. Well, the bathrooms in Beijing and Shanghai were pretty decent. We came there in winter and they all got heat in the bathrooms. And actually it wasn’t like most people say that it’s very hard to find a bathroom. It was easy and the signs were clear. You just remember to bring some TP with you. In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the best bathrooms I could find were the ones in my hotels. So I usually held until I went back to my hotel to take a leak. The most important thing was, it was free!

During the Yangtze cruise, the ship had bathroom too and it was clean like the one I used in my hotel. But when I got Wu Gorge and switched to a smaller ship, the bathroom was really shitty. The view was good though so I didn’t complain too much. The trip in Tibet was the most ridiculous one. On my way to Shigatse, the view was breath taking, but no bathroom. During this 280 mile trip, our umbrella was the best bathroom we could get. It was the first time in my whole life had I ever gone to the bathroom like that. Oh my god that was hell. The trip in Tibet was actually fantastic. The view was awesome. I miss the days there so much, even the bathroom part. Now back in the US, I always want to find somewhere no one can see and just pee while looking at the sky.

So, umbrella is a very useful tool when you go to Tibet, a handy bathroom, Haha.

Yeschinatour arranged a very nice trip and if you are interested, they provide free trip information and free tour design. I’m not kidding; it was really good and worth trying.

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