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Denmark a scandinavian country

Denmark a Scandinavian Country

Denmark is the smallest Scandinavian country, consisting of the Jutland peninsula, north of Germany and over 400 islands of various sizes, some is inhabited, linked to the mainland by ferry or bridge. The landscape consists mainly of low lying, fertile countryside broken by beech woods, fjords and small lakes.

Today, visitors to Denmark find a country that is peaceful, introspective, egalitarian and neutral. This is the epitome of a modern, civilised society, one especially noted for its progressive policies, widespread tolerance and liberal social welfare system.

Inland from the 3000 miles of white sand beaches and unspoiled islands, youll find a landscape eminently suitable for cycling trips. Sleepy villages clustered around whitewashed churches occupy a landscape of rolling hills, heather moors and rich farmland dotted with windmills and thatched farmhouses. Ferries ply between the mainland and the many islands, competing with some awesome bridges like the 10 miles link to Sweden.

The nation that produced the great story teller, Hans Christian Andersen, continues to have as its hallmarks good taste, world class design and uniformly high standards that apply equally to its accommodation, cuisine and transport then add to this a people both amiable and helpful, with a facility for languages, and the result is an overwhelming sense of welcome.

From the spirited nightlife and lively cafe and music scene of its capital, Copenhagen, home to world renowned museums and cultural activities, to a countryside that abounds in Renaissance churches, medieval castles and 18th century fishing villages, Denmark is a synergy of many harmonious relationships.

The network of scheduled air services radiates from Copenhagen. Other airports well served by domestic airlines include Alborg, Arhus, Billund, Esbjerg, Karup, Skrydstrup, Sonderborg and Thisted.

Domestic airports are generally located between 2 or more cities which are within easy reach of each other. Domestic flights are usually of no more than 30 minutes long.

Limousines are available. Discounts are available on some tickets bought in Denmark. Family, children and young persons discounts are also available.

The main cities on all islands are connected to the rail network.

Smorebro is a highly popular traditional Danish dish that is mainly eaten at lunchtime and consists of a slice of dark bread with butter, topped with slices of meat, fish or cheese and garnish. It bears no resemblance to traditional sandwiches and needs to be eaten sitting down at a table with a knife and fork. Buffet style lunch is also popular with a variety of fish, meats, hot dishes, sweets and cheese, usually on a self service basis. Danes do not mix the various dishes on their plates but have them in strict order.

A normal Danish breakfast, or morgen complete, consists of coffee or tea and an assortment of breads, rolls, and cheese and jam, often also sliced meats, boiled eggs and warm Danish pastries. Shellfish also forms an important part of Danish cuisine. Apart from the traditional dishes, French or international cuisine is the order of the day.

The luxury of the waterville golf club

The Luxury of the Waterville Golf Club

Earning a well deserved 92nd rank in the 2005 edition of Gold Digests top 100 golf courses outside of the United States of America, the Waterville Golf Club represents clearly what golf links should be. Its not only a golf course, it’s a mystical retreat where one can rediscover the passion for golf and play the game with pure enjoyment, plus having the beauty of nature surround you in each and every hole.

Rated as one of Irelands longest links courses, the Waterville Golf Club has a total of 7,311 yards of pure golf heaven. You will find many scenic views as you play the game allowing you to have peace of mind and a deep appreciation for its design and culture. Located in Ireland’s famous and amazingly beautiful Ring of Kerry, the Waterville Golf Club is surrounded by hills sprinkled with cottages and the Atlantic ocean and the Ballinskelligs Bay in its sides.

Playing golf at the Waterville Golf Club would expose you to strong gusts of winds that can provide a very challenging game. The course also is a combination native grasses, sand dune gores, sod faced bunkers, firm fairways, and fine putting surfaces that is made even more difficult by unpredictable and constantly changing weather. A link course that is already a hundred years old, the Waterville Golf Club is in the top 5 golf courses in Ireland and is also in the top 20 golf link courses all over the world.

But aside from its world class course, Waterville Golf Club also offers a lot of amenities and services that could make every golfer feel like royalty.

There you will find the elegant Waterville Golf Club clubhouse filled with everything a golfer would ever need. Showcasing a collection of impressive classic golf memorabilia and golf photographs and arts that makes up the ambience and the aura that is unmistakably a golfer’s paradise. There is also a restaurant that offers great Irish dishes and fresh seafoods that can captivate even the most discriminating and picky eater. There is also a bar that offers the best pints in all of Kerry.

Adjacent to the clubhouse is a pro-shop where you can find every golfing equipment that you may need. There is also a golf school nearby with golf pro’s that can teach you the basics and the different secrets to playing golf.

Looking for accommodations? You don’t even have to go far. You can spend your entire golfing vacation right in Waterville Golf Club. The Waterville house is an 18th century manor rated 4-stars for its excellent service and features. Situated in a forty acre property beside the Atlantic, the Waterville house has 12 suite bedrooms, a steam room and sauna, health facilities with a gym and massage room, a billiard room and even a golf practicing area. There are also private rivers and lakes for those who want to have a little down time fishing for salmon and sea trout.

Ireland has always been known for its great golf courses, many pros flock to their ocean side golf links not only because of the great games they would be able to play, but also, the warm welcome they receive and the great services and accommodations they will get.

Travelocity all inclusive – travelocity all inclusive packages $$$

Travelocity All Inclusive – Travelocity All Inclusive Packages $$$

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2. Because you can book your flights online at any time of the day or night, and from any county, you’re not dependent to the opening hours of your local travel agent.

3. You won’t need to leave the house in order to book your family summer holiday, and so don’t need to take time off work, or take the whole family to the travel agent on a Saturday.

4. Online companies are often not tied to the holiday companies or destinations served by travel agents, so you’ll have more of a choice of airlines, destinations and flight times, as well as airports.

5. There are a wide choice online travel companies, as well as the well known travel agents. If you want to fly somewhere unusual, or have special requirements for your holiday, then you might be better off with a specialised online travel company, rather than a traditional travel agent.

6. You can research where you want to go, and what you want to see and do, and easily find out which destinations will be right for you at Travelosity.

7. Whilst you’re deciding where to go, you can see reviews of hotels, and airlines, and attractions, so that you can start your itinerary as soon as you’ve decided where you’re flying to.

8. Don’ forget that you can also book car hire, accommodation, currency, travel insurance and car parking online too. Often this can be done from the same website as you book your flights, so you can make sure that you get exactly what you want, when you want it. You also won’t have to remember to get anything sorted out at the last minute.

9. Because all the research is done online, you don’t need paper brochures, so it’s better for the environment. In addition, the latest prices, offers and information will be on the website, so unlike a brochure, the website will never be out of date.

10. Depending on your circumstances, you can book your summer holiday flights far in advance at Travelocity, so that you’ve got plenty of time to look forward to your holiday. Or, alternatively, you might need to book a business trip on the day you need to travel. It’s much easier to book online, and print your tickets out, than having to go to a travel agent, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Touring cyprus, the land of aphrodite

Touring Cyprus, The Land Of Aphrodite

The legendary land of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, Cyprus is a mix of sunny modern beaches and the more traditional, and even historical, locales which aptly set off its geographical location. Once the centre of interest for major civilizations; Cyprus still is a land that is disputed. Just like Persia and the Greek empire once fought for it in 400BC, not too long back the Turks and Greeks were at loggerheads for it as well.

For tourists, though, Cyprus is a haven of the beautiful Mediterranean climate and traditional monuments and structures. In its midst are fashionable spas and yet the culture of the land has not died out. Some of the popular locations to visit when you tour Cyprus are the historical ruins and monuments. Salamis is just one area you can visit. The archeological remains here are from early 11th century BC, when it was a major link in trade routes of the Greek Empire, but the town itself dates long into history.

A contrasting attraction, yet the Ayia Napa district in Southeast Cyprus is a major tourist hub as well. The beach resort is popular all over Europe for its beauty and its fine golden sands. Not only is the Ayia Napa resort attracting almost 10,000 tourists per day, the local population of 1000 is a friendly and helpful host to boot. On top of all that is the nightlife that compliments the serene morning excavations to this breathtaking resort. A romantic getaway for couples as well as for friends, who are out for a good time amongst fresh blue waters, Ayia Napa is not by far, all Cyprus has to offer.

Cyprus’s Mediterranean climate is inviting all year round, but the tourist season is at its full swing during from June to August. Of course that means the accommodation costs more, and the general prices are high as well in keeping with the demand. If you wish a budget vacation, Cyprus still can cater to your needs if you visit just before the summer heat is at its peak, or just after. With the tourist numbers going down when the hustle bustle of the peak season slows April-May and September-October are still good months for a tour of the land where East meets West.

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