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Osprey: high quality outdoor gears

Osprey: High Quality Outdoor Gears

Osprey packs are renowned for its exemplary suspesion technology integrated on each of its outdoor gear. The concept behind this technology is applied in seven different usage to adapt the core needs of a particular outdoor activity. Each suspension type has its own unique purpose, features and main function. To help you learn more, let me introduce Osprey packs Suspension Technology one by one.

ReCurve – is Ospreys load carrier available on our full-feature Argon and Xenon packs. It has a 7075-T6 aluminum ReCurve rods provide consistent and stable flex and shock absorption and HDPE framesheet with dual 2024 AL 2/3 length, 20mm stays. AirScape – This kind of suspension make use of dual peripheral aluminum rods stabilize load and transfer weight close to the body. A lightWire peripheral rod frame on Kestrel Series and an integral aluminum or lightWire contoured headrail for maximum headroom.

AirSpeed – The AirSpeed suspension incorporates a LightWire Alloy frame with a 3D tensioned mesh backpanel. Additionally, side crescents provide further ventilation. All contact surfaces are either breathable mesh or perforated, molded waffle foam. Aircore – The AirCore backpanel borrows from the innovative and award winning AirSpeed backpanel found on our Atmos Series packs. Two 5mm fiberglass struts with a center stabilization disc anchor into top and bottom high impact composite wings.

Variant – The Variant suspension is cusomized to each volume. The Variant 52 features a removable HDPE framesheet with aluminum tubing frame. The Variant 37 features an HDPE framesheet with 6061 aluminum stay. The Variant 28 features a removable foam framesheet and sit pad.

Waypoint – A peripheral LightWire™ alloy frame, ridge-molded foam AirScape™ backpanel, torso adjustable gender specific harness and a built-in ErgoPull™ hipbelt provide the suspension of a technical backcountry backpack.

High Road™ Chassis – All Osprey wheeled travel packs utilize Osprey’s proprietary High Road™ Chassis featuring an ergonomic retractable handle with integrated vent fins, a 6001 Aluminum frame, ultra-durable and light-weight composite base with a fiberglass matrix inlay and integrated foot/grab handle, over-sized high traction polyurethane wheels with sealed bearings and a high clearance design.

Osprey offers the finest packs for every outdoor activity. The group’s line of products includes Backpacking series – Deluxe Custom Fit, Lightweight Custom Fit, Ventilated, Day Hiking, Active Light Pursuit, Vertical Endeavors, Snowplay, Active Everyday, Travel Wheels, Convertible and Travel Trek. Osprey also provides addons like cases, back pack cover, buit-in spacer mesh harness, bottle holder, map carriers, optic hodlers, deluxe laptop case and detachable daypacks.

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Tips on hiking safety

Tips on Hiking Safety

Hiking can be a great outdoor vacation or adventure, and usually it is not dangerous. But, you are outside and often find yourself far from civilization, and you could get injured or even worse. With that in mind, it is very beneficial to heed some basic safety tips to keep your hiking adventure a pleasant experience.

First, do not travel alone. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. If you are strolling along a well-traveled area, you are probably safe. But, hiking through a thick forested area with canyons and winding trails is a different story. You could easily get lost.

Traveling with someone can help in many ways, especially if your partner has some experience with hiking. You can help each other up steep grades or apply first-aid if needed, though hopefully not. Also, if one hiker is injured, the other can travel back to the trail head to seek help.  

Secondly, it is important to know where you are going. You may want to give someone your tentative course before you leave in the event you do get lost. Stay on well-traveled or clearly marked trails, that is unless you are experienced enough to go off the main trails.

No, the marked trails may not be as interesting but getting lost is even less fun. A map, GPS or compass is a necessity for any serious hiking trip. Since not all GPS units function in all areas, get details on your travel destination and determine if your GPS unit will help you in that location.

Third, do not go overboard on the gear you bring but be sure to take some basic gear. Bring either matches or a lighter, but keep in mind that lighters can run out of fuel and matches can get wet. Take your pick! A knife can also be a lifesaver, in the literal sense, especially those with useful gadgets.

A simple first aid kit can also be a lifesaver. Include bandages and gauze, anti-bacterial cream and other standard items. Sunburn and anti-itch reliever and aspirin may also prove to be appreciated items during the hike.

It is, of course, important to have some knowledge of first-aid also. For example, aspirin can at times be harmful. Or, if you do not know the difference between arterial and venous bleeding, bandages and gauze will do you no good.

A flashlight is a necessity, and toilet paper is just a good idea!

Fourth, take some basic provisions to keep you hydrated and your energy level high. Fluids, both water and sport drinks, are obviously essential. A heat stroke can kill someone, but it is preventable. Water weighs about eight pounds per gallon so take what you need, but not less.

Be sure to bring enough food for the entire hike. Depending on what you ring, about one pound daily is average for a male of medium build.

Finally, use common sense. Enjoy your hiking holiday and the beautiful surroundings. But, do not get carried away and tempt Mother Nature!

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Mediterranean island holiday: things to do

Mediterranean Island Holiday: Things to Do

Wine and dine on the healthy Mediterranean cuisine, sun yourself and get a tan on the beaches of C?te d’Azur on the Riviera or on the sandy shores of Cannes, experience a bit of water sports in Corsica, be a beach bum in Croatia, scuba dive a shipwreck in Malta, or simply tour the Mediterranean island holiday destinations such as Sardinia, Sicily, Capri, Greece, Ibiza, and Corsica with the golden sand.

Greece is known as the cradle of the old civilization in the western world. Temple ruins are exciting sites to tour. Sicily boasts cobalt beaches as well as an interesting archeological site. Malta is one of the few English speaking areas around here. Mallorca and its coves are a favorite family destination. The beaches here are clean and well managed. Sardinia is the best for swimming. St Tropez on the French Riviera is a chic place to go, while Ses Salines in the island of Ibiza can cap off your day with a wonderful sunset. Here the sun goes down in accompaniment to jazz.             

Aside from these regular holiday offerings, the Mediterranean is replete with history, mythology, and culture. Experience the Grecian, Roman, Byzantine, and Arabian cultures, all of whom fought for supremacy in this region. Nowadays, the contest is about who has the best beaches and the best sites for tourists and visitors.    

All these experiences are accessible via ferry boat. Thanks to a booming tourist industry, ample sea ferry companies now ply this route. Online inquiries and bookings are possible. A holiday route can be mapped out in advance, complete with timetables, schedules, rates, and things to expect. Some of the more popular routes go the Corsica-Sardinia-Riviera way, the Greece-Italy-Albania-Croatia-Cyprus way, the Baleares-Morroco-Gibraltar way, and the Malta-Sicily way. Good hotels and other accommodations are not a problem around these popular vacation spots. It is also possible to go on guided tours. This way, knowledgeable guides can take you around. For a fee, you will be spared the language confusion and the aimless wanderings.    

Things to do before the planned Mediterranean ferry boat island holiday are to get all the information about the places in the Mediterranean, arrange all the necessary bookings and accommodations, work on your visa and passport papers, get proper luggage for a week o two of island hopping, brush up on your French, Spanish, and Italian; stock up on sunscreen lotion, get your sea legs up and working, and enjoy yourself.