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Zante, a great ionian holiday abroad

Zante, a great Ionian holiday abroad

Zante or Zakynthos is an Island situated in the Ionian sea off the west coast of Greece. Zakynthos, as the the locals call it, is one of the largest Ionian islands. The island offers a fantastic climate all year and is surrounded by warm waters and picture perfect beaches. If your planing a holiday here its recommended you travel between April and October when the weather is at its best.

The best way to travel to Zakynthos is by plane or ferry. Ferries disembark in the island’s capital city of Zante town and its harbor port called Agios Nikolaos. Cheap flights are available from the Greek capital of Athens, and also most major airports in the UK. From the airport you can get a taxi or take the bus to your hotel. To find the cheapest holidays to Zante from your country of origin visit your travel agent or search the internet for Greek specialist tour operators.

This postcard perfect island offers a variety of pristine beaches, activities and entertainment for families as well as a pleasurable nightlife. Families can enjoy a delightful and safe holiday at some of Zakynthos’s child-friendly resorts, while couple and singles can enjoy the adventure and excitement of Zante’s large selection of pubs and clubs.

Zante is a great destination for Europeans and anyone visiting Greece. The island offers an excellent selection of resorts, inns, and cheap hotels for visitors. Areas that are popular with travelers include resorts in Kalamaki, Argassi and Keri. Tourists will also find that in terms of budgeting, compared to other islands in Greece, Zakynthos offers quality entertainment, food and accommodations ideal for a cheap holiday abroad.

What makes Zante different from other Greek Islands is the Venetian architecture; the buildings of Zante are traditionally Venetian in architectural design, giving Zakynthos a distinct marriage of Greek and Italian architecture and adding to its charm. The Venetians introduced its famous and abundant olive trees.

This architectural charm is showcased by the island’s main city and capital, Zante town. In this city the majority of Zakynthos’s 35,000 residents live. This picturesque harbor town offers tourists a number of attractions including shops, traditional Greek taverns, restaurants and a nice selection of hotels.

Another, influence on the island is religion. Greek Orthodoxy is the main religion on Zakynthos, and the island’s revered monasteries are a key attraction. A vast amount of Greek islands are famous for their local religious festivals and in Zante the holiday of saint Dionysios is the most well known. Islanders celebrate this day by a religious procession, which includes the carrying of the saints remains in a glass coffin, giving tourists and the religious a rare opportunity to see the remains of the saint.

For Tourists that prefer the nightlife, then Laganas on the south side of the island is your choice. The resort of Laganas offers lively bars and nightclubs for those who like to party untill the early hours. Ravers with enjoy the variety of bars and clubs found on the beachfront of Laganas. After the evening’s entertainments end, visitors can relax, during the day, on the longest beach found on any of the Greek islands. For tourists, who are seeking an ecological adventure, divers can explore the underwater marine attractions that the island has to offer through its many cave dives and the wide range of marine life surrounding the island. Snorkelers can also enjoy Zante’s marine life which includes moray eels, monk seals, and loggerhead turtles.

Zakynthos offers are variety of attractions for families, couples and singles. It’s picturesque beaches, wonderful weather and fun atmosphere to sum up what tourists will experience while visiting Zante or as the Greeks call it Zakynthos.

Canada holidays

Canada Holidays

There are about nine delightful places that you can check out for a Canadian holiday. Each of these places has many activities that will induce you to spend some of your Canada holidays in these cities.

The first place that we will visit is Vancouver. This beautiful city is located along a stunning waterfront location. The city of Vancouver is both cosmopolitan and beautiful. There are many interesting places to visit in Vancouver. Places like Gas Town, China Town and Granville Island are just a few of the sights to be seen here.

The next place on our tour is Toronto. Take a ride up to the top of CNN Tower. From here you can view some stunning sights of the city which is spread out beneath you. One of the views is that of Lake Ontario upon which the city is situated on. The city of Toronto boasts of being the home of the world’s largest free standing structure. As Toronto still has many working street cars, you can even do some sightseeing from one of these.

Our next stop for your Canada holidays is Niagara Falls City. This has to be the most famous of Canadian cities for couples planning to get married. There are many people who believe a marriage begun here has the good effects of Niagara. The many gardens and parks enhance the atmosphere of this city. There is also the stunning sight of the Falls, and the thrill of being near one of nature’s wonders to make visiting Niagara Falls a must-see spot.

We will travel to one of Canada’s frontier cities next. This is the city of Calgary and the spirit of the Western days still lingers here. For those of you who love the outdoors, Calgary is the doorway to the Canadian Rockies. Here you’ll find wilderness and rugged mountain terrain that can be seen from the Rocky Mountaineer Train ride. Bird watching and Kayaking can be found in the summer months along the Bow river.

We will now stop at Banaff. This stunning place is a paradise for outdoor Canada holidays. There are hundreds of trails to explore, hot springs where you can indulge your senses. With the Canadian Rockies in the background you can visit the Banaff National Park. Banaff is waiting to be explored by foot, raft or even by canoe.

For a British touch to your Canada holidays we should see what Victoria has in store for you. You can enjoy a delicious high tea complete with hot scones, gorgeous clotted cream and lots of berries to round off your meal. And whale watching will make you holiday complete.

Canada has many wonderful places that you can go and see. The above details are just highlights of the delights that you can expect for your Canada holidays. With so much to do and see it is worth your time to book your next holidays for Canada. The many holiday spots of Canada are waiting to greet you.

Holidays and festivals of berlin

Holidays and Festivals of Berlin

The holiday calendar of Berlin is full of all kinds of annual fairs, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events. You certainly already know what traditional German holidays are, so let’s speak about other local events.
Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) is held every February. It is the second largest film festival in the world, which gives prizes to its winners gold and silver bears that are traditionally the symbols of recognition in the cinema sphere. Nowadays, Berlinale is one of the most valued annual media events. Film producers take part in the festival in different categories and demonstrate their works in several cinemas. You can always participate in a film workshop as well – young directors and producers can shoot their own short video during the festival.
The so-called Christopher Street Day is the huge city gay-parade, held in June. The name of the celebration comes from the Christopher Street name, where in June 1969 there was a cruel fight that took place on the street among the policemen and gay-bar visitors. The aim of the festival is to make people more tolerant towards the sexual minorities as well as getting permission for homosexual marriages.
The beginning of July is also the time for Culture Carnival the parade in which representatives of all Berlin ethnical groups take part. This is one of the most significant annual performances in the city.
Traditional Big Philharmonic Concert under the sky is also held in June. The concert crowns the end of the season and offers people to enjoy classical music in a unique and relaxing atmosphere. People come to the festival with their own candles and food to spend the whole night reveling in nature around them.
Techno-parade with electronic music performed – Love Parade is held at the beginning of July. This is the biggest annual dance event that was first held in 1988 only like a big party to celebrate a DJ’s birthday with about 150 people invited. Nowadays, this is a huge street event, during which Berlin streets are full of non-aggressive disturbances and fun. This is the time when Berlin is almost plunged into loud music from which you cannot hide. The parade starts Saturday night when a convoy with the best DJs makes a trip along Berlin streets as far as The Brandenburg Gate. Alcohol is consumed in huge amounts and the club scenes reach the sky.
One of the most popular marathons of the world is the Berlin marathon which usually takes place late in September. Competitors run past the most attractive places of the city and finish their run at The Brandenburg Gate.
There is also Jazz Festival celebrated in Berlin in November and in the end of the month there are Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsm?rkte) opened. Please note that all the shops, banks and state organizations are closed for holidays.
To buy a Christmas present, you can stroll along these Christmas markets there are about 40 of them opened during the holiday season. While searching for a traditional or rare and valuable present, you can also see the show in which Santa Claus and his New Year helpers take part. As for New Year, it is celebrated as one of the largest public parties in the world, with music, performances and light shows bringing joy to people.

Rajasthan is very popular among celebrities

Rajasthan is Very Popular among Celebrities

Do you know? What is common thing between Madonna, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishekh Bachchan, Liz Hurley, Praful Patel, Ravina Tandon, and Varadaraja Perumal? These all famous celebrities love Rajasthan as an ideal holiday and tourism destination. These all are among those celebrities who made Rajasthan tourism more popular on the horizon of global tourism map.

Several celebrities have made their marriage ceremonies in the desert state of Rajasthan, India. Several celebrities have their holidays here in a mesmerizing way. Do you know? When the whole world was celebrating and cherishing the New Year’s Eve parties, the eminent pop star and actress Madonna along with her family & friends and two kids came to Rajasthan for a week long stay. They enjoy holiday here in a mesmerizing way and also enjoy the unique charm of royal Rajasthan tourism by visiting some new hamlets, villages and tourist places. According to a hotelier, after visit to undiscovered areas and villages by Madonna & her family friends, those places are now known to world. According to sources, her schedule was very secret. The schedule was so secret that even sometimes the state police did not know where and when she was going.

Later, in the month of February 2008, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan also visited Rajasthan on the occasion of Abhishekh Bachchan. Abhishekh Bachchan was already in a village near Jaipur for the shooting of Bollywood Film Dilli 6 – a Film by Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra. He visited the state with his friend (a famous leader of India), his wife Jaya Bachchan, and Bahu Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This family gathering of Bachchan family enjoyed a peaceful and mesmerizing vacation in Rajasthan – the land of kings, monuments & glistering sand dunes.

Rajasthan is also very famous as a royal wedding destination. Several celebrities have organized here their marriage ceremonies and rituals. The marriage of Raveena Tandon & Anil Thadani wedding in Udaipur (the Romantic City) and the marriage of Liz Hurley & Arun Nair in Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace have been top new headlines for many news channels. Marriages of celebrities in the royal state of Rajasthan in a royal way have made Rajasthan tourism and India tourism too a very popular on the horizon of world tourism map.

Recently, the marriage of Praful Patel’s daughter in Udaipur also has been in news. The marriage ceremonies brought people varying from Bollywood celebrities, leaders, business tycoons, and others. According to Patel, Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and its agreeable climate, peaceful nature of the state and its generous people have made his mind to organize wedding ceremonies in the state.

The famous Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid also has made a visit to Rajasthan and enjoyed Rajasthan vacation in a mesmerizing way. He visited Udaipur – one of the most romantic cities in India. Udaipur plays a prime place in a well-designed Rajasthan tours package. Famous actress from Bollywood Karishma Kapoor also visited Udaipur city in the month of February with her daughter and enjoyed boating over the serene and romantic water of picturesque Pichola Lake. Visits of celebrities have actually given a new ray of hope to those connected with tourism industry such travel agents, tour operators and hoteliers. Well if you too want to enjoy your holiday in place where celebrities also love to celebrate their vacation, visit Rajasthan.