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Calcutta science city: bringing science to millions of people

Calcutta Science City: Bringing Science to Millions of People

Kolkata (Calcutta) was the first city that developed a series of science centers and museums in India. It brings the world of science closer to millions of people.

Calcutta is the home of the popular Science City located at the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. It was built during the 21st century, accommodating up to 2,215 people. Science City is one remarkable science museum in India that promotes learning about sciences, the environment, communications, and about modern technology. Science City is a series of centers, museums, halls, theatres and parks. These attractions made the complex the largest center in the sub-continent.

Science City aims to expose the growth of Science and Technology along with its applications for the environment and human welfare. People behind this center want to promote public understanding and awareness, especially with regard to the importance of scientific studies and culture. The center also wants to popularize science and technology by providing seminars, exhibitions, lectures, camps and other programs.

Science City has a sylvan surrounding of beautiful landscape and gardens. It consists of two facilities namely, the Science and Convention Center. The Science Center also includes an Evolution Theme Park, Space Odyssey, Maritime Center, Dynamotion Hall and a Science Park.

The Evolution Theme Park stands in a 1,300 square meter area that takes visitors back to early age of evolution. It provides knowledge on gigantic animals of the past like dinosaurs and birds. It is divided into seven period settings ending with the advent of man.

The Space Odyssey is a circular dome shaped auditorium that looks like an inverted bowl. It is the main attraction of the complex building, housing the first theater for large format films, a time Machine, planetarium, Van de Graff generator and mirror magic. 3D Vision theaters showcase virtual reality on space sciences, electricity and motion. The spherical multi media projection system provides information on planets in the solar system.

The Maritime Center is a pavilion that describes maritime history, activity and subjects. The center is a two story building that was built on a 700 meters area similar to a ship. It exhibits scaled models, replicas, artifacts and sea going vessels. A quiz corner also supplements the exhibit.

The Dynamotion Hall has an exhibition of giant robotic insects, interactive exhibits, butterfly corner and aquaria. This is a large spiral shaped hall that offers a deep understanding on certain scientific phenomenon. Visitors can create music on the piano floor and virtual harp as well as make large dishes float on air. Exciting exhibits like a working tornado, aqua mobile and energy ball would keep people immersed on the discovery processes.

The hall also showcases robotic insect having 28 static models and 23 large animated models of insects. The exhibition provides information about different insects like the housefly, wasp, mosquito and beetle as well as the termite, cricket, spider and many more.

The Science Park provides free choices of learning outdoor exhibits. It includes a Children’s Play Corner, Gravity Coaster, Road Train and a Maze. This is along with the Caterpillar Ride, Monorail Cycle, Butterfly Nursery and Musical Fountain. This fountain dances to the music with colored water jets.

Convention Center
The Convention Center has a Grand Theater that can occupy 2,232 seats. It also has a seminar building having 11 halls with a 15 to 100 seating capacity. This place also includes one Mini Auditorium for 450 people and a 20,000 square meter open air exhibition ground. It is the perfect place for conventions, company AGMs, meetings and cultural programs.

There are also 8 halls that can accommodate 200 to 250 people. It has modern amenities. Visitors can visit the lounges (Bengal Gallery, Durga Mandap and Mukta Mancha), food plaza, basement and the open field. Hence, upcoming facilities include an Earth Exploration Hall, Powers of Ten (dimension of the Universe) and Illusions (visual perception).

People of all ages can learn various scientific processes and even enhance their understanding through the discovery methods and outdoor settings these scientific institutions can provide. It is an ideal tourist destination for aspiring Scientists and for those who are interested in Science and Technology. It is a great place for children to develop their interest in the field.

Mammoth lakes rentals

Mammoth Lakes Rentals

For a relaxing winter ski retreat away from the crowds that flock to Lake Tahoe, make your way to the always entertaining Mammoth Lakes and experience a downhill adventure unlike any other. With so many vacation rentals in this pristine and majestic setting, you cannot help but forget about all of your anxieties while you cruise down the slopes of the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains.

One of the advantages of staying in a vacation rental is that you have all of the comforts of home at your fingertips throughout your Mammoth Lakes getaway. You can whip up a quick dinner in the fully-stocked kitchen if you simply do not have the energy to go out or kick back in the private media room without disturbing those who want to rest peacefully near the fire. With more space than a hotel room and more privacy than a mountaintop lodge, you can spend your time indoors in a manner that suits your style.

In addition to all of the space and little comforts that make traveling in a group a much simpler task, it also important to remember all of the amenities you have at your disposal to make your mornings and evenings a little easier. Spend each morning on the slopes with dry, clean clothes fresh out of the washer and dryer; catch up on all the previous day’s events on the wireless internet; and entertain the family in the evening in the gameroom or with the numerous TVs and DVD players. Whatever you need for an enjoyable, stress-free trip, your condo or home rental is there to meet your needs.

While the indoor comforts of your lodging are a noteworthy consideration, probably the most important criterion for choosing a condo rental is its proximity to Mammoth Mountain. Fortunately, there are many ski in/ski out rentals where a day of challenging runs and intimidating drops are just a short walk away. Simply grab your skis in the morning and stroll over to the nearby lift for an action-packed day of downhill excitement, and then slide down a lazy run that leads right to the front steps of your convenient accommodations when you need a break from the winter cold.

Many of the Mammoth Lakes home rentals are not only convenient to the ski and snowboarding opportunities of the mountain, but they are also located amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery in the area. A quick glance out the window shows you towering, powder-covered pines and gorgeous, snow-capped mountains that will draw you outwards on a recreational adventure. Head out the back door on a cross-country skiing or snowshoeing excursion on the nearby trails and examine firsthand all of the wondrous natural beauty that abounds in the High Sierra region.

Mammoth Lakes rentals are ideally situated near the fabulous skiing opportunities of Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain while providing all of the luxuries of home for a truly relaxing ski retreat. To realize a more entertaining and invigorating winter vacation than you ever though possible, begin your search for a Mammoth Lakes vacation rental that has all of the comforts you are used to in addition to those little extras that can make all the difference during a chilly winter getaway.

Popular honeymoon destinations

Popular Honeymoon Destinations

After all the planning, the squabbling, the mediating that goes into creating the picture perfect wedding ever bride dreams about. The honeymoon is a short sojourn, where you and your new souse, leave your families, work and daily stress behind, to celebrate the beginning of your new lives together. Simply said, the honeymoon is the culmination of the most important day in your life ‘your wedding’.

So where do you go? There are thousands of wonderful honeymoon destinations from beautiful beaches and secluded islands to stunning deserts and from hill stations to cosmopolitan cities. Some destinations are close to home, others across the globe. Whatever your preferences, whether you are planning a budgeted honeymoon or splurging, there is a perfect destination for every couple.

With so many wonderful options, how does one choose? To simplify your decision making process, here is a short list of destinations that are popular with honeymooning couples.

Ten of the most popular destinations amongst Honeymooning Couples


Hawaii is a magical honeymoon destination. It has striking coastlines, volcanoes, green forests, tropical breezes, white sand beaches and spectacular resorts.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands has beautiful beaches, stunning coral reefs, warm climate, relaxing ambience, great cuisine and resorts have made it one of the most popular beach destinations.


The Bahamas islands are very popular destination. The islands are known for their beautiful beaches, warm waters, wonderful marinas and friendly people.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora a small island in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean, known for its unmatched scenic beauty and tranquil ambiance is a dream honeymoon destination.


Mauritius is famous for its stunning white sand beaches, deep blue lagoons, nature reserves and wildlife parks. It is a unique honeymoon destination.


Italy is an alluring honeymoon destination with great locations such as Venice with its elegant architecture and winding canals, the Northern Alps, Rome and more.


France is renowned for its wines, exotic beaches, mountain resorts, cathedrals, museums and monuments. It ranks high on the top honey destination list.


Thailand with its sun kissed beaches and beautiful serene islands has become a popular destination amongst honeymooning couples.


From the rolling mountains of Himalayas, to the sandy beaches in Goa, from the sand dunes of Rajasthan to dense forests of Corbett, there are many wonderful honeymoon destinations in India.

Australia offers many romantic options for honeymooning couple from exotic beaches and island resorts to secluded mountain hideaways.