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How to honeymoon in jamaica on a budget

How to Honeymoon in Jamaica on a Budget

Are you in the process of planning your wedding? If so, a point will come when you start to focus on the honeymoon. After planning the wedding of your dreams, your honeymoon budget may be tight. Does that mean you need to stay close to home? Do you need to forego your dream of a Caribbean honeymoon? No. Thanks to Jamaica travel deals and discounts, as well as easy to implement cost saving measures, you can easily have the honeymoon that fairytales are made of on the beautiful island of Jamaica. How?

Travel during the workweek. Your first thought may be to leave your wedding reception and hop on a plane to Jamaica. You may have also intended to miss as little work as possible. Your wedding is likely on a Saturday or Sunday. Should you depart right away, you will be right in the middle of the busy travel weekend. Why not spend a few days at home and depart on Tuesday or Wednesday? There are no guarantees, but you may be able to reduce the cost of your airfare by $100 or more.

Choose your travel dates and times carefully. If waiting three days to depart for your honeymoon wasn’t what you had in mind, at least experiment with times. Would it be cheaper to fly Saturday night, Sunday morning, or Sunday afternoon? Although the flights are close in time, you may be surprised to see a price difference. If booking your airline reservations separately and not in the form of a honeymoon travel package, play around and find the cheapest option.

Examine all-inclusive resorts. These resorts are popular on the island of Jamaica. They are ideal for saving both money and time. With a stay at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, you should get a room, food, drinks, tips, snacks, airport transfers, and onsite entertainment. One big travel arrangement preplans and prepays for most of your trip. Better yet, you are usually rewarded with a moneysaving discount.

Choose an all-inclusive resort with many inclusions. As previously stated, all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica are popular. You have many to choose from. Since you are on a budget, you want to get the best value for your money. Remember, the cost of your stay should include most forms of onsite entertainment, like the equipment needed for scuba diving or windsurfing. If you wanted to try these activities, you can do them right at your resort without paying extra. Save your money and opt for all-inclusive Jamaica resorts with a long list of inclusions and inclusions you will use.

Plan to return back to your resort for dinner each night. Although you never have to leave the resort to have a good time, you will want to get out and explore the beautiful island of Jamaica. You may go sightseeing, make reservations for a boat tour, and so forth. Unless breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is included in the cost of special tours, try to return to your resort. The cost of food and drinks was included in with your stay. Eating at a nearby restaurant is fine once or twice night, but you are essentially buying dinner twice. The best way to save money on a budgeted honeymoon to Jamaica is to make use of what your all-inclusive resort has available, including food and drinks.

Compare prices to find the best deals off your resort property. As previously stated, many Caribbean honeymooners want to get out and explore. If you do too, do a little bit of research first. Use the internet to learn about nearby restaurants, attractions, and tours. The internet allows you to examine and price compare your options. Stay close to your all-inclusive resort to keep travel costs low. Once again and it cannot be stressed enough, don’t pay for something your resort included in with the cost of your stay. Scuba diving tours sound nice, but consider the added costs. If your resort offers scuba diving and you already paid for it, save your money!

The above mentioned steps are just a few of the many ways that you can reduce the cost of a Jamaica honeymoon. If you are on a budget, the high cost of an all-inclusive resort may get you down. Don’t let it. Think long-term and the best value. To save the most money and to have a stress-free trip, make your honeymoon an all-inclusive honeymoon. You will be glad you did.

All-inclusive resorts in jamaica – what should be included

All-Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica – What Should Be Included

The best way to book your Jamaica vacation is in the form of an all-inclusive travel package. To do so, you must first choose from one of the many all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. When examining your options, you will find a variance in terms of inclusions. But, what should you look for? What should be included at an inclusive resort?

Rooms: All-inclusive resorts in Jamaica should give you lots of staying options. Your room should come with a good view. That view may be of an ocean or a garden, but it should be one or the other and beautiful. In addition to “standard” rooms, upgrades to suites are available as well. Suites with ocean views or oceanfront suites are very popular; therefore, reservations should be made in advance.

Food: A good all-inclusive resort includes the cost of food with your stay. However, they should include more than just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All of your snacks should be included as well. Also, look for no limits or restrictions. You shouldn’t be limited to one snack. If you want two or three snacks throughout the day, you should get them.

Drinks: Here is a trap set by some less than stellar all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. When drinks are included, you should get more than just an unlimited supply of water, juice or soda. Alcoholic beverage should be included too. Specifically look for resorts that state they include premium alcoholic beverages, like the best wine or liquor.

Tips: Tips are not included at all of the all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. Typically, they are only inclusions at upscale inclusive resorts or super-inclusive resorts. By opting for a resort with tips listed as an inclusion, you save time and hassle. There is no need to bring your wallet (remember your meal was included too) and there is no need to sit there for 10 minutes trying to determine the best tip.

Water Sports: If you opt for a beachfront resort, water sports should be listed as inclusions. What does this mean? It means you don’t pay extra; it was already included in the cost of your trip. Basically, you shouldn’t have to pay any gear rental fees. While water sports do vary from resort to resort, here are some commonly offered: windsurfing, waterskiing, kayaking, snorkeling, and water volleyball.

Land Based Activities: Even beachfront resorts in Jamaica should have lots of land based activities listed as inclusions. As with water sports, these vary from resort to resort. However, you may find tennis, basketball, jogging, swimming, exercising, and volleyball. As for swimming and exercising, most all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica have a large fitness center and multiple onsite swimming pools. These activities should be listed as inclusions.

Note: Two other facilities found on some all-inclusive resorts are golf courses and spas. These are typically listed as extras, meaning you must pay a separate fee. This is standard practice among all Jamaica resorts.

The above mentioned inclusions are some of which you should find offered at truly all-inclusive or super-inclusive resorts. But wait! What about actually making your choice and booking your trip?

Don’t just look for a resort packed full of inclusions, ensure those are inclusions you will use. This is important with land and water sports. You already paid to access these activities, so get your money’s worth. Also, take meals into consideration. Your food is included, but have more than one onsite restaurant to choose from. The best all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica have a bar, upscale restaurant, and casual eatery.

If vacationing on a budget, you might want to price compare. Of course price comparing is okay, but you must proceed with caution. You want a good trip and this means the best value for your money, not necessarily the lowest price. A resort or hotel that includes your room, meals, and drinks looks cheap at first, but remember that you may still have to buy your snacks and pay for your entertainment. That low price may end up costing you more. When comparing, always compare both quality and price.

As for booking your trip, do so directly at the source. This means visiting the resort’s online website to book your trip. You are charged less fees and are likely to find better deals and discounts by booking your all-inclusive Jamaica travel package direct.

All inclusive caribbean honeymoons

All Inclusive Caribbean Honeymoons

Probably one of the most appealing honeymoons for most people is a trip to a tropical Caribbean island. And one of the easiest ways for the soon to be newlyweds to plan their after wedding trip is to look at all inclusive Caribbean honeymoons. There is one little problem though.

How do you choose which Caribbean island you want to spend your honeymoon on? After all, there are over 7000 Caribbean islands that you can choose from. Well not all 7000, not all of them are inhabited, but that’s still a lot of possible destinations to choose from. And each of these islands, whether big or small, has its own cultural flavor that will have an appeal for just about everyone. And the best part is almost all the islands boast at least one all inclusive resort that is ideal for a honeymoon.

There are three easy steps to follow when it comes to planning an all inclusive Caribbean honeymoon.

1. Choose an Island – As mentioned above there is a lot to choose from but somewhere in that group of islands is one that will be a perfect fit for the newlywed couple. With such a wide diversity of islands available no matter what the couple likes to do they will find one that fits what they are looking for. Of course all of them are great if you like lounging on the beach, enjoying water sports and just plain relaxing.

If you are looking for the total Caribbean honeymoon experience then Jamaica may be the way to go. It is a big island with large cities that offer everything more metropolitan areas are known for, including shopping and clubbing until all hours of the morning. You can also get away from it all by taking hikes in lush tropical forests and climbing warm cascading waterfalls with deep plunge pools for swimming. Jamaica also has an abundance of all inclusive resorts that make honeymoon planning very simple.

If intimacy and seclusion are more of what is needed then any of the number of smaller islands will fit the bill. Culebra and Dominica are two such islands that are off the beaten path. There isn’t a whole lot to do there other than enjoy the warm Caribbean waters and lounge the days away in blissful peace with each other.

2. Choose an All Inclusive Resort – Just as there are many islands to choose from so are there resorts to choose from. One thing to look for is adults only or couples only resorts that cater exclusively to couples getting away for romantic holidays. You can also be assured that if you do choose a couples only resort that you will not have to deal with families and rambunctious kids during this romantic time together.

3. Get packing – Once the reservations are set and the trip is paid for all you have to do is get your bags packed and ready to go. That’s the beauty of all inclusive Caribbean honeymoons; everything is included in the price of the package. This includes meals, drinks, resort activities, beach privileges and water sports, entertainment and a whole lot more.

Taking all inclusive Caribbean honeymoons is easy. The hard part is figuring out which island to go to and then ultimately which resort offers the amenities and activities, or lack thereof, the newlywed couple is interested in. But no matter which island and resort you choose taking a Caribbean honeymoon at an all inclusive resort is one of the most romantic and intimate settings you can find.

Your saint thomas honeymoon

Your Saint Thomas Honeymoon

If you are planning on getting married in the near future, it is likely that you may need to plan a honeymoon.  If you haven’t already selected a location for your honeymoon, you are encouraged to examine St. Thomas.  The island of St. Thomas is located in the Virgin Islands.  St. Thomas is most well-known for its amazing weather and tropical climates.  

If honeymooning in St. Thomas sounds interesting to you, you will have to start planning.  Depending on when your wedding is, you may have a difficult time obtaining reservations at the most popular resorts in St. Thomas.  This is because St. Thomas is known as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.  Scheduling your reservations ahead of time will ensure that you will be able to stay at the resort of your choice.

When selecting a honeymoon destination it is likely that you will take a number of factors into consideration.  You may be wondering why St. Thomas is the perfect place for you and your new spouse to vacation.  In addition to the above mentioned tropical climates, you will find that the scenery in St. Thomas is absolutely beautiful. When combined with a tropical climate, the ocean views are sure to create a romantic atmosphere.   

When planning your honeymoon you are encouraged not to make the same mistake that most other newlyweds make. This mistake involves picking a vacation destination that is overrun with children.  Your honeymoon is supposed to be a private, intimate, and romantic event.  You may find it difficult to focus on romance when there are a large number of children running around the area. Another reason why St. Thomas is such a popular honeymoon destination is because a number of hotel resorts have age restrictions.

Vacationing at a resort that has an age restriction in place has an unlimited number of benefits. At these resorts you may find it easier to focus on your romance.  In addition to restricting guests, many of these resorts cater specifically to couples.  If you vacation at a resort that caters to couples, you are likely to see that the atmosphere is romantic.  Many of these resorts create that atmosphere by offering ocean views and in-room Jacuzzis.  

While on your honeymoon, it is likely that you will want private moments, but on the other hand, you may wish to get out and be active.  St.  Thomas has an unlimited number of activities that you can participate in.  Many of these activities offer adventure and excitement.  If you wish, you can enjoy a guided boat tour, snorkeling tour, or scuba diving tour.  

In addition to fun filled adventures, you will see that St. Thomas offers a wide range of other activities. Swimming, boating, sunbathing, golfing, and spa visits are just a few of the many ways that you can fill up your day. At night, if you wish to party and socialize, you will find that St. Thomas is home to a number of trendy bars and nightclubs. These bars and nightclubs is the perfect way to closeout your evenings.

The above mentioned reasons are just a few of the many reasons why St. Thomas is the perfect place to schedule your honeymoon.  After comparing alternative destinations, it is likely that you will be back to schedule your St. Thomas honeymoon reservations.