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Denmark a scandinavian country

Denmark a Scandinavian Country

Denmark is the smallest Scandinavian country, consisting of the Jutland peninsula, north of Germany and over 400 islands of various sizes, some is inhabited, linked to the mainland by ferry or bridge. The landscape consists mainly of low lying, fertile countryside broken by beech woods, fjords and small lakes.

Today, visitors to Denmark find a country that is peaceful, introspective, egalitarian and neutral. This is the epitome of a modern, civilised society, one especially noted for its progressive policies, widespread tolerance and liberal social welfare system.

Inland from the 3000 miles of white sand beaches and unspoiled islands, youll find a landscape eminently suitable for cycling trips. Sleepy villages clustered around whitewashed churches occupy a landscape of rolling hills, heather moors and rich farmland dotted with windmills and thatched farmhouses. Ferries ply between the mainland and the many islands, competing with some awesome bridges like the 10 miles link to Sweden.

The nation that produced the great story teller, Hans Christian Andersen, continues to have as its hallmarks good taste, world class design and uniformly high standards that apply equally to its accommodation, cuisine and transport then add to this a people both amiable and helpful, with a facility for languages, and the result is an overwhelming sense of welcome.

From the spirited nightlife and lively cafe and music scene of its capital, Copenhagen, home to world renowned museums and cultural activities, to a countryside that abounds in Renaissance churches, medieval castles and 18th century fishing villages, Denmark is a synergy of many harmonious relationships.

The network of scheduled air services radiates from Copenhagen. Other airports well served by domestic airlines include Alborg, Arhus, Billund, Esbjerg, Karup, Skrydstrup, Sonderborg and Thisted.

Domestic airports are generally located between 2 or more cities which are within easy reach of each other. Domestic flights are usually of no more than 30 minutes long.

Limousines are available. Discounts are available on some tickets bought in Denmark. Family, children and young persons discounts are also available.

The main cities on all islands are connected to the rail network.

Smorebro is a highly popular traditional Danish dish that is mainly eaten at lunchtime and consists of a slice of dark bread with butter, topped with slices of meat, fish or cheese and garnish. It bears no resemblance to traditional sandwiches and needs to be eaten sitting down at a table with a knife and fork. Buffet style lunch is also popular with a variety of fish, meats, hot dishes, sweets and cheese, usually on a self service basis. Danes do not mix the various dishes on their plates but have them in strict order.

A normal Danish breakfast, or morgen complete, consists of coffee or tea and an assortment of breads, rolls, and cheese and jam, often also sliced meats, boiled eggs and warm Danish pastries. Shellfish also forms an important part of Danish cuisine. Apart from the traditional dishes, French or international cuisine is the order of the day.

Holidays to antalya 365 days a year

Holidays to Antalya 365 days a year

After almost thirty years of constant holidaying several times a year by us, the British love affair with cheap holiday deals to Spain finally started to wane. All the countries that were crammed in the periphery and barely glanced at, started to come to the fore front and none more so that Turkey. The then exotic sounding resort names like Bodrum and Marmaris came to the fore and after a decade these destinations became synonymous with any of the Costas that the British traveller frequented, and many a pub visit in the September promoted it further by word of mouth. It was cheap and friendly, with great beaches and most importantly it was new. Of course our constant desire for something new is what prompts us to discover pastures new, and with this in mind, the Turkish Riviera or what is also known as the Antalya region was discovered by us Brits. Actually, truth be told we didn’t really do the discovering at all, it was the German’s and in general the European’s that first discovered this region of Turkey (apart from the locals, they always knew it was there!). Antalya city is in fact one of the largest cities in Turkey and what sets apart the whole of the Antalya region and network of what we call holiday resorts is that none of them are purpose built resorts unlike the ones you see when you go on a cheap holiday to Marmaris and Icmeler, but genuine real towns and cities, most of them with quite a few thousand years of history behind them, and stretching throughout the Antalya Bay there is several hundred kilometres of sandy beaches, most of them unspoilt, and please don’t think of unspoilt as a dirty word those of you searching for a little more fun in the sun. There is plenty of fun to be had if that’s your cup of tea. From Side down to Lara Beach, you’d be hard pressed to be bored; bars and taverns, swish little boutiques and lokantas are dotted everywhere.

Due to the geographical location of the Antalya Region (Turkish Riviera), this part of Turkey is operational twelve months of the year, the temperatures in late December through to late January are rarely lower than fifteen degrees, and if you perchance happen to be holidaying there in November you will still be able to swim in the sea, and walk around in a tee-shirt and shorts. You will also find a varied and rich cultural environment especially around Side (pronounced See-day) which is approximately seventy five kilometres from Antalya, the old Roman Agora is incorporated into the modern day shopping square and, and for at least a kilometre when walking from the colourful harbour towards the centre of Side town, you can see the sea from either side of the road. Due to the size of Side, you will find most of the hotels dotted around the Side perimeter as opposed to the actual city centre; most of these local holiday resorts like Manavgat, Kumkoy and Sorgun have cheap deals on four and five star hotels offering All Inclusive food basis, and a dolmus (the preferred mode of transport in Turkey) will take about twenty minutes to get to the centre of Side, however, in the height of the summer season they pedestrianise Side centre and you will need to walk about around a kilometre to get to the picturesque harbour and towards all the restaurants and specialist fish restaurants that are there.

Antalya is the biggest city in the south of Turkey and has a fascinating history and amazing mountain scenary. Legend has it that King Attalos II asked his courtiers to find heaven on earth and after finding the old Antalya city that lay in ruins, Antalya was re-built into one of the glittering jewels of the Med! Apart from the tall tales and colourful legends the historical significance of the area, modern holidaymakers will definitely have plenty to do and the holiday resorts in that region are becoming even more popular and well known than Antalya itself. The resort of Lara Beach to name but one, has become a popular favourite with British holidaymakers, the hotels there are of exceptional high quality, and all offer All Inclusive and in some cases Ultra All Inclusive, the latter offering an almost luxury cruise liner food experience but on land, with twenty four hour food and drink available and full day and night entertainment and mini clubs for the kids that need to be entertained so that parents can also have a holiday too.

Belek the furthest from Antalya, is in fact the only purpose built uber resort in the area with over fifty, four and five star hotels, and some of the best golf courses in Europe, easily rivalling Spain and the Algarve. The immaculate green of Belek’s golfing range is starting to attract more and more professional golfers and the lack of the Euros money issues and the mild and dry weather that the area enjoys in the winter is a definite plus. It is hard to surmise the Antalya Region; it’s almost a country in its own right with its own climate and history its numerous resorts and its own airport it has a lot to offer any type of traveller, from the adventurer and the history buff, to families with young children and teenagers to honeymooners looking for a romantic getaway and lastly to the cult of golfers, who usually travel in large packs, the Antalya Region has got to be the near perfect holiday destination.

Travel with a purpose

Travel With a Purpose

For those who like to travel but the budget is limiting, perhaps the Friendship Force International is for you.

We found out about this organization through a friend who is a member.

Who and what is Friendship force? The Friendship Force website describes itself this way:

“Friendship Force International (FFI) is a worldwide network of clubs (local chapters) and individuals that advance our mission of promoting global understanding across the barriers that separate people. We do this by connecting people from different countries at the personal level. When local hosts open their homes to visitors from other countries and cultures, true understanding can develop through the sharing of meals, conversation and the routines of daily life. Since its founding in 1977 FFI has brought together millions of people. In 2007 alone, 5767 friendship ambassadors traveled between 58 countries, with thousands more serving as hosts. Our mission, structure and activities are described in our website: www.thefriendshipforce.org “.

Have you ever visited a foreign country and wondered how the people live and what a typical day is like for them? Or what it looked like inside their homes? Or what do they eat for dinner? These questions are answered in the friendship force because the idea is for members to allow visitors from other groups to stay in their homes for up to a week. This is called hosting. The hosting members provide meals and take the guests to places of interest that reflect the local culture and activities that they and their families enjoy.

As an example our local group visited the Washington state Friendship Force of Lower Columbia. While there visited the Kalama Marina Park on the Columbia River where there are two giant totem poles and the host group provided a potluck dinner. We attended a lecture at the Lelooska Long House a Native American ceremonial lodge. Picnicked at Ecola Park at Cannon Beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean and sea stacks, a must see if visiting the area. The view is breath taking. The host group arranged a steamboat ride on the Columbia River followed by a stop at Multnomah Falls and Bonneville Dam. The final day was visit to Mt. St. Helens volcano visitors’ center. While we there we had an opportunity to dine with the host families and their friends and came away with friends we would never had met if we hadn’t joined the Friendship Force.

The cost usually is a fee to the hosting group through headquarters in Atlanta and that might include airfare or you may have to make your own arrangements and each visitor pays for one dinner for the host family. It’s a bargain with a purpose. By living with the host family you get a feel for how people in other countries or states live. It promotes understanding and goodwill.

One upcoming trip is to Koriyama and Kyoto Japan with includes a seven night home stay and ten night post tour. This trip includes airfare and hotels. For more on this tour visit the Friend Force website:

All and all it is a win/win, less expensive travel and the chance to make new friends in the far corners of the world.

Luxury air travelling-kingfisher airlines

Luxury air travelling-Kingfisher airlines

Kingfisher Airlines is one the biggest airline service in India. It offers a high quality of service for their customers and provides special service, care and treatment for senior citizen. Its flight fly across the India including regional and long haul international service, it means it has huge destinations network. It makes you another felling while traveling. This is really a great one for you. Timely arriving and departure is one of the key features for Kingfisher airlines.

Kingfisher Airlines are committed to provide a seamless travel experience to guests who require special assistance. Staffs are well trained to handle your special needs at various functional areas. Bangalore or Bengaluru international airport, Chhatrapati shivaji International airport, Rajiv Gandhi International airport and Indira Gandhi International airport are main bases of Kingfisher airlines. You can get two class facilities here. First one is first class and second one is economy class. You can feel a superb and deluxe kind of air traveling here. Kingfisher flights are well maintained for their guest. In-flight service of kingfisher airlines is just awesome.

Online you can get the flights ticket of Kingfisher airlines. It provides you more easiness of traveling. Make sure that all documentation required for your journey is ready well in advance. Many specific requirements are provided to the business class fliers. Kingfisher Airlines promises you a smooth and stress free air journey, which is truly world class in every sense. It provides cheapest online flight booking, cheap air tickets with discount air fares. It is the best flights airline services across the India and international. Get domestic and international flight tickets booking online and discount airfare travel. book your kingfisher air tickets easily.