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Discovering unique hilton head restaurants

Discovering Unique Hilton Head Restaurants

With its breathtakingly beautiful scenery and abundance of activities to enjoy, it is no wonder why so many people choose Hilton Head for their vacation destination. During your visit, be sure to take time to discover the many Hilton Head restaurants that help make the island so unique.

First time visitors should also keep in mind that area restaurants tend to fill up fast, but that the wait is more than well worth it. In fact, you can usually tell which restaurants are the best by the amount of people waiting for a table during peak hours. The good news is that many restaurants offer waiting diners complimentary coffee, water, other beverages, and snacks in the mean time.

When you are shown to a table, make sure to take your time to enjoy the atmosphere and relax with your family and friends after a long day of fun Hilton Head activities.

For an old fashioned family breakfast, try Stacks Pancakes And More. Their pancake batters contain only pure whipping cream and 93 score butter. The restaurant grinds their own coffee and wheat flour, and their extensive menu also includes lunch entrees.

One popular favorite Hilton Head restaurant with a unique twist is Frankie Bones. This diner features big booths, soft lighting, and a wide range of comfort foods, including Frankies Lobster Mac and Cheese, slow roasted prime rib, fresh seafood dishes, spaghetti and meatballs, and an extensive bar menu, featuring champagne Bellinis, and both classic and original martinis. A children’s menu and takeout dining are also available.

For upscale dining on Hilton Head, the Palmetto Dunes Resort is a classic choice. Alexander’s has been a local favorite since 1977, serving continental cuisine, and with spectacular views of the nearby lagoon, a meal here is definitely a unique experience. The decor includes Oriental carpets, wicker furniture and a truly unique collection of vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles, courtesy of the private collection of the restaurants owner.

There are many other great Hilton Head restaurants to choose from, no matter which type of cuisine you crave. Just be sure to take a tip from the locals and call ahead, especially during peak tourist season, when the restaurants see their largest crowds. With so many options, you are sure to have enough dining experiences for more than one vacation, which is one of the many reasons why an estimated 2.5 million people visit Hilton Head each year.

Finding a nice san francisco hotel

Finding A Nice San Francisco Hotel

Getting a San Francisco Hotel is different than in most places because location matters a great deal. San Francisco has almost always been known as a romantic city. The city lights, a large bay, a couple of bridges, some great history and Victorian row houses all are a part of the San Francisco landscape. It also what makes this city offer a unique experience for families, couples and even singles.

When visiting San Francisco the first thing to consider when selecting a hotel is the proximity to public transportation. Traffic in this city by the bay is horrendous and the street layout is extremely difficult to maneuver. As with many older cities, San Francisco grew up over decades before there were automobiles. So the streets and roadways were no designed to accommodate the car but horses and foot traffic. Also like many larger cities, the government in SF also decided to make many interior streets 1 way! Combine the traffic, street size and unfamiliarity together is a recipe for a very stressful time.

The good news is that there are many alternatives in the greater San Francisco Bay area region. The city has a good bus system, taxis, Bay ARea Rapid Transit or BART and of course the quaint cable cars. Find a nice hotel or suite in SF close to public transportation and simply enjoy the town and all it has to offer.

From the vantage point of a city bus or cable car, enjoy the sights and sounds of this unique city. Visit the old area of Haight Ashbury where some say the hippie movement of the 1960′s was born. If you’re into rock and roll history, locate 710 Ashbury Street, where the Grateful Dead Band lived at one time. There’s also the Golden Gate Bridge, tours to Alcatraz, Golden Gate Park, Chinatown, Coit Tower atop Telegraph hill and many other attractions.

By far, one of the most popular attractions has to be Fisherman’s Wharf. Here, California sea lions have taken over some of the most expensive boat harbor real estate in the country. Fisherman’s Wharf is much more than a launching place for the small fishing boats. There’s also Pier39, an outdoor mall experience built on an old commercial pier. For lunch, consider going down the street just across from the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum and pick up some fresh sourdough bread. Continue down a little more and there’s Alioto’s, a favorite fish and seafood place. Pick up some Dungeness crab or shrimp cocktail to enjoy with the fresh bread and have lunch right by the bay. An inexpensive lunch with scenery that can’t be beat.

The key to enjoying San Francisco is based more on the proximity to the public transportation that any specific San Francisco hotel room. Shop for the best deal on a room and give yourself a stress free vacation by leaving the driving to someone else.

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Traveling on a budget

Traveling on a Budget

Travel, as exciting and interesting as it is, is also one of the most expensive things we choose to do. But if you keep a few things in mind, your holiday can be fun without breaking the budget. A small amount of research and effort can yield significant travel savings, and careful planning can be the best tool for travel savings. There are some tried and true tips for saving money while traveling, and several are presented below.

Car rentals are still a good way to stretch the travel dollar. Even though it seems expensive, remember the airport shuttle often costs around $50 per person, much more than the cost of an economy car rental. This will allow you affordable transportation for sightseeing and trips to the countryside, another money saver. Also, coupons and discounts are often offered by car rental companies and credit cards companies as incentives and promotions. Your airline may offer a great price on a car rental from a partner company. Take advantage of these deals to save or to upgrade to a more comfortable, vehicle.

If you don’t want to rent a car or it will not be useable, try to book a hotel that includes a free airport shuttle service. This can save enough for a good dinner. Many motels at airport locations offer free parking for the length of your travel if you stay one night at either leg of your trip. This can be a travel saver and a super convenience.

If this is a family travel, look for special airline incentives that offer free companion tickets or companion fares at lower rates. Also plan to eat meals where kids eat free and you can split meals. This can result in huge savings for a family of four or larger. Restaurants that are kid friendly usually accommodate requests for extra plates and relaxed places where everyone can feel comfortable after a day of travel and sightseeing.

Don’t eat every meal out. Even if you are not traveling as a family, eating out is often the most expensive part of travel. You’ll be surprised what q nice change from restaurant food a peanut butter sandwich, chips, and fresh fruit makes. Book a hotel that has an in room coffee maker and purchase fresh bagels for breakfast. Or get deli takeout or a pizza for one relaxed night in. Take that much needed break from the crowds at tourist destinations.

Find and use coupons for travel savings. These are often offered for lodging, food, or attractions. You can find them everywhere, online, in local newspapers, and they save money. Also, seek out and take advantage of multi-day passes at amusement parks.

Bring your own water and snacks. People spend nearly $10 per day per person on just water and snacks. Sure, indulge yourself when you see really inviting salt-water taffy or fudge store but for the basics, bring your own.

Making your own reservations can result in travel savings. Many hotels and airlines offer additional discounts and specials for booking online. This also holds true for car rentals.

Doing a bit of work and seeking out promotions shall result in significant travel savings.  Remember, the tourist attractions and hotels want you to return as much as you want another vacation.

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Things to do in newcastle: mountainbiking

Things to Do in Newcastle: Mountainbiking

So you’re looking for something to do in Newcastle. Why not try mountainbiking? There are several; places that will rent you a decent bike and some might even take you on a tour to the better biking areas. If you’re new to mountain miking, here are a few things you should know.

Mountain biking can keep you healthy, help you taste nature as well as offer a great way to see the area around Newcastle. Though the exercise can be exciting, be careful as you speed down the slopes as it can be extremely unsafe. Though some perils lurk round the corner, it can be safe and fun for the family, if you take a bit of care and caution.

Downhill, free riding and cross country are the three categories of mountain biking. Though there are some amount of similarity in the three styles, the skills needed are different. The type of bike you ride would actually depend on the type of mountain biking you choose.

This sport can be best explained as biking on wild and irregular locations. There are areas all over Australia which are specially meant for mountain biking purposes. Knowledge of the route and any applicable rules and regulations are necessary before you undertake any trail and these are available from local parks. It is possible that there are many group rides and competitions taking place in your area as there are around Newcastle. Check the net and the local news paper for more information about such events. Usually there are groups both for advanced and beginner level riders.

Perseverance and tenacity are the two essential qualities of a great biker. A strong will along with a goal-oriented attitude are needed for becoming successful in this sport. Like all other sports, it takes time and practice. There would be some small injuries here and there as you start as a beginner.

While it is a matter of personal preference, the bike type can decide what types of ride you could expect. Choosing a bike is difficult because of the plethora of choices you have in terms of styles, shapes and prices. Do not buy a bike before scanning through the net and comparing the various prices. A great biker always enjoys a feeling of extreme togetherness with his or her bike and thus it is compulsory that you should go for a trial run before you decide to buy any product. Your personal comfort level and the gears are to be checked before purchase. Consider going on some guided tours with hired equipment before buying anything too.

Mountain bike riding involves traveling through perilous landscape and you ought to wear your helmet and pads for elbows and knees. If you are following a group or riding in the woods you should strongly consider a pair of goggles as well. Never take safety casually when you are mountain biking.

The biking around Newcastle is great and well worthwhile whether you are a long term local or just passing through as a tourist.