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Zante, a great ionian holiday abroad

Zante, a great Ionian holiday abroad

Zante or Zakynthos is an Island situated in the Ionian sea off the west coast of Greece. Zakynthos, as the the locals call it, is one of the largest Ionian islands. The island offers a fantastic climate all year and is surrounded by warm waters and picture perfect beaches. If your planing a holiday here its recommended you travel between April and October when the weather is at its best.

The best way to travel to Zakynthos is by plane or ferry. Ferries disembark in the island’s capital city of Zante town and its harbor port called Agios Nikolaos. Cheap flights are available from the Greek capital of Athens, and also most major airports in the UK. From the airport you can get a taxi or take the bus to your hotel. To find the cheapest holidays to Zante from your country of origin visit your travel agent or search the internet for Greek specialist tour operators.

This postcard perfect island offers a variety of pristine beaches, activities and entertainment for families as well as a pleasurable nightlife. Families can enjoy a delightful and safe holiday at some of Zakynthos’s child-friendly resorts, while couple and singles can enjoy the adventure and excitement of Zante’s large selection of pubs and clubs.

Zante is a great destination for Europeans and anyone visiting Greece. The island offers an excellent selection of resorts, inns, and cheap hotels for visitors. Areas that are popular with travelers include resorts in Kalamaki, Argassi and Keri. Tourists will also find that in terms of budgeting, compared to other islands in Greece, Zakynthos offers quality entertainment, food and accommodations ideal for a cheap holiday abroad.

What makes Zante different from other Greek Islands is the Venetian architecture; the buildings of Zante are traditionally Venetian in architectural design, giving Zakynthos a distinct marriage of Greek and Italian architecture and adding to its charm. The Venetians introduced its famous and abundant olive trees.

This architectural charm is showcased by the island’s main city and capital, Zante town. In this city the majority of Zakynthos’s 35,000 residents live. This picturesque harbor town offers tourists a number of attractions including shops, traditional Greek taverns, restaurants and a nice selection of hotels.

Another, influence on the island is religion. Greek Orthodoxy is the main religion on Zakynthos, and the island’s revered monasteries are a key attraction. A vast amount of Greek islands are famous for their local religious festivals and in Zante the holiday of saint Dionysios is the most well known. Islanders celebrate this day by a religious procession, which includes the carrying of the saints remains in a glass coffin, giving tourists and the religious a rare opportunity to see the remains of the saint.

For Tourists that prefer the nightlife, then Laganas on the south side of the island is your choice. The resort of Laganas offers lively bars and nightclubs for those who like to party untill the early hours. Ravers with enjoy the variety of bars and clubs found on the beachfront of Laganas. After the evening’s entertainments end, visitors can relax, during the day, on the longest beach found on any of the Greek islands. For tourists, who are seeking an ecological adventure, divers can explore the underwater marine attractions that the island has to offer through its many cave dives and the wide range of marine life surrounding the island. Snorkelers can also enjoy Zante’s marine life which includes moray eels, monk seals, and loggerhead turtles.

Zakynthos offers are variety of attractions for families, couples and singles. It’s picturesque beaches, wonderful weather and fun atmosphere to sum up what tourists will experience while visiting Zante or as the Greeks call it Zakynthos.

Reasons to rent a toronto party bus

5 Reasons to Rent a Toronto Party Bus

5 Reasons to Rent a Toronto Party Bus

Riding a Toronto limousine bus, also called a Toronto party bus, is one of the most luxurious experiences ever. Unlike regular buses, these ones have high quality interiors with leather seating, special lighting and plasma screen TVs providing a unique bus riding experience. They are built for partying and come with a driver so you don’t need to worry about finding someone with a license to drive a larger vehicle.

Why would you choose to hire a Toronto party bus? Here are just a few reasons.

1. Shuttling wedding guests. If you have a number of wedding guests from out of town, don’t provide plain buses for transportation. Instead, show them the posh side of living in Toronto with a party bus. Since you can rent the bus for an entire day or week, have the driver take people where they need to go, bring them from the hotel to the church or from the church to the reception location. A Toronto party bus is also a great way for the bridal party to arrive at the church and get to various venues after the ceremony.

2. Enjoying the ultimate bachelor/ette party. What should you do during your last few hours of being single? A Toronto party bus gives you plenty of options. From touring the city to bar hopping and just partying inside the bus, it will certainly be a wild celebration that will have everyone talking for months.

3. Taking a road trip. When a group needs to get somewhere, they frequently rent a bus. Limo buses allow for up to 46 passengers, depending on the model, and come with a driver to make things even easier. The luxurious interior of the Toronto party bus makes a long road trip infinitely easier to bear and is the perfect option for youth groups, family reunions or any other large group that may need transport over a distance.

4. Impress guests at a corporate function. If you have business guests coming in from out of town for a conference, business negotiations or other events, the best way to impress them is to treat them to transportation that will wow them. While a limousine will do if there are only a handful of guests, you will need to rent something larger like a Toronto party bus to take them to and from business meetings. In some cases, conferences may treat their VIP guests to a Toronto party bus to get to the conference location.

5. Celebrate a birthday. While most people celebrate their 16th birthday with plenty of hype, just about any birthday will do for a fun celebration in a party bus. Since you can get at least 30 people into all but the smallest limo buses, they are ideal for birthday parties and can be a fun way to shuttle the guests from one area to another.

A Toronto party bus has plenty of uses, from road trips to parties. The interior is designed for fun, no matter what your age and can be an excellent way to tour the city, go club hopping or just hang out. If you have an event or celebration coming up it’s worth looking into renting a limo bus.

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Much of greece is mountainous

Much of Greece is Mountainous

Greece is a country in south eastern Europe, situated on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered by Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Bulgaria to the north and by Turkey to the east. The Aegean Sea lies to the east and south of mainland Greece, while the Ionian Sea lies to the west. Both parts of the eastern Mediterranean basin feature a vast number of islands.

Until the 1960s only wealthy yachters, flower power hippies and adventurous backpackers had the pleasure of exploring the countless delights of the Greek mainland and islands. These days more than 12 million foreign visitors pour into the country each year, aided by an ever increasing number of tour operators, car hire firms and charter flight companies all falling over themselves in a bid to exploit the potential of one of the worlds most alluring holiday destinations.

Greece has the longest coastline of any European country, its islands number more than 2,000. However only about 100 are inhabited and its awesome array of ancient sites are unrivalled anywhere in the world.

The wondrous legacies of Ancient Greece are too numerous to take in during a two week holiday, even if you spend the entire time dashing from one archaeological site to another.

The Parthenon in Athens, the most famous ancient monument in the world, the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the stadium at Olympia where the first Olympic games were held in 776 BC. In fact the list is endless wherever you turn in Greece theres another ancient wonder waiting to take your breath away.

Everywhere there are reminders of that golden age when Greece gave birth to western civilisation and spawned the greatest philosophers, artists, poets, scientists, healers and warriors of the ancient world.

The Greek Islands offer all things to all people. There are the unashamedly hedonistic party playgrounds such as Mykonos, Kos and Ios.

There are tranquil, unspoilt islands where rural life continues much as it has done for centuries. There are islands that offer something for everyone such as Rhodes and Corfu where you can party around the clock or roam the hillsides far from the madding crowds.

Much of Greece is mountainous and the country has far more than its fair share of stunningly beautiful locations, many of which have been the target of Hollywood movie moguls.

The downtown area and the southern suburbs enjoy a typical Mediterranean type.

How to save money when visiting orlando

How to save money when visiting Orlando

Many people still see a trip to Walt Disney World and sunny Florida as a once-in-a-life-time trip. They look at the cost of flights, accommodation, car-hire, park tickets and spending money and think that it really will cost the earth.

Today, this is not the case.

If you invest a little time into researching and planning your holiday not only will you get more out of your time, but also more importantly, you will save lots of money.

So where do you start. Firstly, forget the notion that to visit Florida and Orlando, you need to book a package holiday. Although this is unarguably a quick solution, you are paying either a travel agent or a tour company for the convenience. Start thinking independent travel, break the holiday up into its component parts, and you will begin to see ways you can save.

Flights. Shop around for your flights, if you can book well ahead you can often secure the lowest prices, as airlines often increase their prices as the seats begin to fill. This will also mean that you, with many airlines, can choose your seats, allowing you and your party to sit together, (or apart if you choose). If you are looking for a last minute deal, don’t despair. There are still bargains to be had. Some companies buy seats in advance to sell on as last minute deals at prices which are reduced below the carrier’s own prices.

Accommodation. Holidays have come a long way recently. You no longer have to spend your well-earned rest crammed together with your friends or family in a double hotel room. Or pay a premium just to get connecting rooms. Now you can easily rent an entire vacation home in which to really relax and enjoy your holiday. Take a look at a Condo or a Townhouse. These offer you a full home from home with plenty of space to spread out and enjoy yourself. Most Condo and Townhouse rentals are located in wonderful communities which provide all the facilities you would expect from a luxury resort including swimming pools, hot-tubs, gyms, tennis courts and much more. Because a Condo or Townhouse can offer you two, three or four bedrooms you will very quickly find yourself saving lots of money when travelling with a party.

Car-Hire. When you organise a package holiday many companies will include a car. The only problem is they do not include insurances. These are the most expensive part of the car-hire deal. Shop around and you will find you can get a far better deal by yourself, and often you can get a bigger and better car for less money. A few companies even offer all-inclusive car-hire deals, which really do include all your insurances in one low price. This will save you a lot.

These are the three biggest expenses you have when considering a visit to sunny Florida. But when you shop around and look at the options available to you, you will see that you really can save a lot of money, and have a great holiday. A little work at this end will help you get the most out of your time and pocket when visiting Orlando.