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Ana mandara villas dalat resort & spa in vietnam launches online reservation system

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa In Vietnam Launches Online Reservation System

March 5, 2009 – Da Lat, Vietnam / Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Dalat Spa – Enjoy more convenience and security when booking rooms online. Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa in Le Lai Street recently added a reservation system on its website, http://www.anamandararesortdalat.com. This new system features a two-week calendar of room availability and quick confirmation time, among other benefits.

Prospective guests who plan to book using the system will be able to view the two-week calendar that displays the rates and accommodation types, aside from room availability. Reservations are confirmed via an automated e-mail immediately after guests make a 10% deposit. This payment guarantees that the selected room type is ready and available upon arrival at this Vietnam hotel.

Security for both online payments and personal information is also assured. The hotel’s new system is supported by the state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption technology of WorldPay, a Royal Bank of Scotland company.

Nestled on the gentle slopes of the rural highlands, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa is sprawled across 35 acres of parkland in the romantic city of Da Lat, Vietnam. The hotel is only half an hour away by car from the Lien Khuong Airport. Foreign tourists flying in from Ho Chi Minh City can get to the hotel in about forty-five minutes, while those coming from Hanoi can reach Ana Mandara Villas Da Lat in less than two hours. The city of Da Lat lies in the south central highlands of Vietnam. It is casually referred to as “The City of Eternal Spring” and equally known as “Le Petit Paris” in allusion to the scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower at the city center. Da Lat is home to the picturesque Xuan Huong Lake and the numerous European-inspired edifices that line its wide city streets. It boasts of rolling mountains and a tree-lined terrain, making it a favorite summer destination among tourists and locals alike.

For more information on Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa’s accommodation, facilities, and location, log on http://www.anamandararesortdalat.com.
The hotel has partnered with DirectWithHotels (DWH) for this easy-to-use service feature. The company helps hotels worldwide to reach out to their markets the fastest way possible, at the same time empowering them to offer the best rates online and deliver instant confirmation of reservations. For more information about this innovative technology, visit http://www.directwithhotels.com.

Contact Information:
Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa
Le Lai Street
Da Lat, Vietnam

San telmo 8

San Telmo 8.5: A Review Of Buenos Aires Apartments For Rent

San Telmo 8.5 Review

I was at first interested in renting an apartment in Palermo or Recoleta. But then I was told by someone I had just met in Berlin that when I visit Buenos Aires the place to stay is really this 8.5 apartment in San Telmo. I had previously stayed in Palermo and I did tend to agree with him that I thought that Palermo is becoming too trendy and with all the new high rises it doesn’t have that old world charm of some of the other sections of the city. So I was able to get a reservation at 8.5 in San Telmo and was very happy with my choice.

Apartment 8.5 (or Ocho Punto Cinco as it’s often referred to) is situated closely to the world-famous art district and Dorrego Square.
I found the 800 square foot apartment to be the perfect size for me. In the past the littel 40 or 50 square meter apartment of Palermo I found to be just too small. But here the large open rooms and queen master bed (as well as the smaller bed upstarirs) I found to be perfect.

The 8.5 apartment is in the beautiful French style. It has high ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors and customized stained glass. The apartment is large and airy and allow for lots of sunshine in the living room study and bedroom areas. It’s important not to forget the gorgeous spiral staircase that leads to a storage area and also a bedroom on the upper floor. The furniture is customized and you also find amongst the modern appliances.

The overall design theme and feel of the apartment is modern classical however, it still embodies old world charm that you may find throughout Buenos Aires. The 8.5 apartment has many amenities. They include a queen-size bed that has four posts, top-of-the-line bed linens and blankets, an armoire a workspace area that includes a desk where one can work or study. There are also wooden doors, beautiful hardwood floors and the master bedroom is air-conditioned. There is also a quaint kitchen nook where one can eat breakfast. I also found the antique bath tub very relaxing and a nice break from the city.

Individuals or families will also find modern appliances such as a washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, a coffeemaker and everything that you will need to make a delicious meals. There is also cleaning service once a week, so you don’t have to be worried about handling that chore yourself. Apartment 8.5 is located off of the main street, so you don’t have to worry about a lot of traffic or constantly being disturbed by noise. There are also security doors within the apartment allowing you to feel safe while in the city. I also appreciated that the doors would completely block out the noise and light so in case I wanted to take an afternoon nap, that would be easy to do.

In review, San Telmo 8.5 is perfect for individuals who plan to visit Buenos Aires and don’t want to stay in a hotel.

Southeast asias newest nation east timor

Southeast Asias Newest Nation East Timor

The Democratic Republic of Timor Leste, commonly known as East Timor, is an island nation in Southeast Asia, consisting of the eastern half of the island of Timor, the nearby islands of Atauro and Jaco, and Oecussi Ambeno.

A political exclave of East Timor situated on the western side of the island, surrounded by West Timor. Formerly controlled by neighbouring Indonesia, which annexed it as a province in 1975, East Timor broke away in 1999 and achieved full independence on May 20 2002. When East Timor joined the United Nations in 2002, it decided to be officially referred to by its Portuguese name, Timor Leste, as opposed to its English name.

It is one of only two majority Roman Catholic countries in Asia, the other being the Philippines.

The security situation in East Timor remains uncertain. Violent protests have taken place in Dili and UN troops are patrolling the streets. Travellers should exercise extreme caution, avoid any protests or demonstrations and heed any local advice regarding safety. The border with West Timor has been temporarily shut travellers should check news services before attempting to enter East Timor.

Southeast Asias newest nation East Timor. Independence has brought mixed fortunes to this recovering conflict zone and it remains a country in transition. But it has fine beaches, colonial towns, rugged mountains and a lush interior, with Dili a taste of Portugal in the tropics.

The countryside is magnificent. Houses made from bamboo and wood, with thatched palm rooves, dot the whole of East Timor. It is mountainous, surprisingly so, yet the toughness of the mountains give way to some of the most serene and picture perfect beaches you are ever likely to see. The water so clean and clear, show the pristine reefs available divers should be visiting in droves.

Go when the weather is best. East Timor doesnt yet have a tourist season, so theres no time of year when youre going to be overrun by crowds. So go during the May to November dry season when theres little rainfall and youre assured of good weather. By the end of the dry season, it can be rather dry and dusty. The December to April wet season can be very wet indeed, making travel difficult, particularly if you get off the main routes where unsealed roads can become impassable and unabridged rivers uncross able. The end of the wet season, however, is the time for festivals.

If you are used to constant electricity, plenty of accommodation and eating options, air conditioned coaches, having access to a can of coke when you need forget it. This to me is the appeal of this place, it is so untouched, so raw, if this appeals to you than be sure to visit soon.

The falkland islands is british afterall

The Falkland Islands Is British Afterall

Since 1833 the people of the Falkland Islands have been sure of their British identity, but whether you regard them as a detached part of the British Isles in the South Atlantic, or as a part of South America, you can be assured of encountering a world of difference here.

Surrounded by the restless churning of the South Atlantic Ocean, pounding waves and billowing spray sculpt the shores of the Falkland Islands with an artistic flourish. This is natures kingdom, where the husky cry of the sea lion, the quizzical gaze of the penguin and the unfamiliar companionship of the striated caracara are a reminder of who is in charge.

From the minute you arrive, the Falklands offers you total personal security, clean air, friendly people, no crowds, no neon, no fast food, and no stress. All this in surroundings where the vastness of sky is only matched by the distance of the horizon and the eye is constantly captivated by the ever changing play of light on water and white grass.

This is a land where nature is sovereign, and mankind in the minority. Comfortable tourist lodges in remote locations, and holiday cottages on island farms give, to a privileged few each year, incomparable opportunities to see at close quarters some of the millions of seabirds and mammals which breed in the Falklands, black browed albatross, giant petrels, five kinds of penguin, elephant seals, sea lions, striated caracara, crested caracara, night heron, the list goes on. And then theres the fly fishing for sea trout up to a record in excess of 20lbs.

Its up to you With access to the Islands from the South American mainland by air still very much in its infancy and small visitor numbers there has been little chance or need to develop the necessary infrastructure for a wide range of outdoor activities, but there are lots of things to do for those prepared to organise themselves.

Be prepared to be more adventurous and achieve your goals. Among recent visitors to the Falklands have been yachtsmen, both lone and in groups, sea kayak enthusiasts, mountain bikers, climbers, hikers, campers, dry stone wallers, painters, and poets.

The prize for the nation providing the craziest visitors, however, must go to the French, who one year gave us the entertaining spectacle of a crossing of the entire Falklands by wind powered bicycle, and the next year a clown from Paris, who performed his complete repertoire to an audience composed entirely of penguins.