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Lord of the arabian skies

Lord of the Arabian Skies

Dubai is a celebrated, rich and famous land. So is Burj Al Arab, the world’s tallest and most lavish hotel on its soil. Both are unparalleled leaders in their own spheres. If Dubai is the monarch of free-trade and infrastructure in the new millennium, then so is Burj Al Arab the lord of hotel industry. They both are unconquered celebrities. One provides the entire world an opportunity to be successful. While the other, one of the best architectural wonders of all times, displays its grandeur and artistry at the Gulf sea coast.

Measuring 321 m above the seabed, where it was constructed on a small man-made island, the hotel is arguably a very mammoth structure. The bellowing-sail that it looks like as was the brainchild of the UK based construction giant, WS Atkins, who are well known for taking up similar feats elsewhere in the world. They have been actively providing planning, designing, engineering, project management and consulting services since 1938, when Sir William Atkins had laid their foundation. Burj Al Arab is one of the most ambitious projects they have undertaken until now.

If you look from the hotel management viewpoint, running Burj Al Arab is a daunting task. Substantial manpower and planning are required to look after the lavishly built 202 lavish hotel rooms on 60 floors. These are no ordinary dwellings anyway. They are a part of one of the best hotel accommodations made available ever. If you were to fly in from a western location such as the USA, it won’t be a pleasing experience at first, stepping out in the heat of Dubai. However, driving across the sandy landscape and looking at the magnificence of Burj Al Arab from your Rolls Royces is enhancing. The romance of traveling starts making beats from hereon.

Inside the hotel, you will experience an unbound colourfulness overwhelming you. There is so much of gold splattered all around, that you might begin believing Dubai was the sole owner of all the gold artifacts on earth. They have a caring staff looking after each of your needs from the moment you have checked in there, which indicates the high standards of service they are looking forward to offer. There are separate check-in counters on each of those 60 lavish floors, thus providing their customers with unparalleled freedom.

And these living spaces are not just like what you will find at any other five or even six star hotels. The smallest one occupies an area of 169 square metres (1,819 square feet), and the largest one covers 780 square metres (8,396 square feet). The cost of staying in these heavenly suits is equally staggering. You will need to cough out anything from $1K to over $15K per night. Still more expensive are the Royal Suites, which cost you 28K per night. The total expense in making of the hotel was never made public by the owners. It has remained a guarded secret until this date.

Burj Al Arab is without doubt the lord of the Arabian skies, and one of the best attraction in this part of the world for the travellers to experience. It also symbolizes Dubai’s quest for more wealth and advancement. The quest that the outside world would love to be part of. Also hidden beneath is Dubai’s desire of being an admired host. A host who could be seen draped in ethnic Arabian values and western influences, both at the same time. From commoners to celebrities, all have experienced this great fusion of cultural diversities. Hope you also get to have a glimpse of the same in the very near future.

Touring cyprus, the land of aphrodite

Touring Cyprus, The Land Of Aphrodite

The legendary land of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, Cyprus is a mix of sunny modern beaches and the more traditional, and even historical, locales which aptly set off its geographical location. Once the centre of interest for major civilizations; Cyprus still is a land that is disputed. Just like Persia and the Greek empire once fought for it in 400BC, not too long back the Turks and Greeks were at loggerheads for it as well.

For tourists, though, Cyprus is a haven of the beautiful Mediterranean climate and traditional monuments and structures. In its midst are fashionable spas and yet the culture of the land has not died out. Some of the popular locations to visit when you tour Cyprus are the historical ruins and monuments. Salamis is just one area you can visit. The archeological remains here are from early 11th century BC, when it was a major link in trade routes of the Greek Empire, but the town itself dates long into history.

A contrasting attraction, yet the Ayia Napa district in Southeast Cyprus is a major tourist hub as well. The beach resort is popular all over Europe for its beauty and its fine golden sands. Not only is the Ayia Napa resort attracting almost 10,000 tourists per day, the local population of 1000 is a friendly and helpful host to boot. On top of all that is the nightlife that compliments the serene morning excavations to this breathtaking resort. A romantic getaway for couples as well as for friends, who are out for a good time amongst fresh blue waters, Ayia Napa is not by far, all Cyprus has to offer.

Cyprus’s Mediterranean climate is inviting all year round, but the tourist season is at its full swing during from June to August. Of course that means the accommodation costs more, and the general prices are high as well in keeping with the demand. If you wish a budget vacation, Cyprus still can cater to your needs if you visit just before the summer heat is at its peak, or just after. With the tourist numbers going down when the hustle bustle of the peak season slows April-May and September-October are still good months for a tour of the land where East meets West.

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Shopping in dubai – top 5 malls and markets

Shopping In Dubai – Top 5 Malls And Markets

For anyone on a Dubai luxury holiday, shopping is likely to feature heavily on the agenda. The city is known as “the shopping capital of the Middle East”, and from massive malls to traditional souks (marketplaces), when shopping in Dubai you’ll truly be spoilt for choice for places to go and things to buy. Since 1996, the Dubai Shopping Festival has been held every year, a frantic month long event in February where traders and shoppers from around the world descend on the city in a frenzy of buying and selling.

Whether you visit in time for the Dubai Shopping Festival or not, the city is a great place to hunt out bargains and souvenirs for home, with the products on offer ranging from gold, spices and traditional Arabic goods to top quality electronics and designer clothes. Here are five of the biggest, best, or simply most spectacular places to go shopping in Dubai.

Wafi Mall

If you are on a Dubai luxury holiday, don’t let the Wafi Mall pass you buy. This is THE place to go for luxury shopping in Dubai, with the shops focusing almost exclusively on the best luxury and upmarket goods that money can buy. Aside from the great selection of shops, visitors can also enjoy the spectacular Egyptian-style architecture (including several stained glass pyramids) and a family entertainment centre on the third floor of the mall.

Dubai Gold Souk

A historic feature of the city, and the reason that Dubai is sometimes known as “The City of Gold”, the Dubai Gold Souk is a massive attraction for people on luxury holidays in Dubai. This dazzling open air market offers gold, gold and more gold, with the occasional diamond or precious stone thrown in for good measure. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and every other conceivable piece of gold jewellery and decoration are available here, and anyone who goes shopping in Dubai has to pay the souk a visit. Great bargains are available, but even if you aren’t looking to buy, it is more than worth it for sheer spectacle. If you do decide to purchase something to take back home, be prepared to haggle hard!

Mall of the Emirates

If it’s size you are after while shopping in Dubai, look no further, as the Mall of the Emirates is the largest shopping centre in the Middle East. Indeed, it is the largest shopping centre outside of North America! Offering a huge range of designer items and traditional Arabic goods, this massive mall also features a 14 screen cinema, over 70 restaurants and even an indoor Ski Slope – so lots of activities for those non-shoppers on a Dubai holiday too!

Spice Souk

Much like the Dubai Gold Souk, the Spice Souk is an astonishing spectacle as much as it is a great place to go shopping in Dubai. This open air market has been around for as long as the city itself, with huge mounds of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, incense, dried fruit and nuts, all brought in from every corner of the Middle East. Like any other souk, be prepared to haggle persistently in order to get the best price, but the shopkeepers are very friendly and eager to talk about their wares.

Deira City Centre

The most popular mall for shopping in Dubai, Deira City Centre is renowned for the buzzing crowds at the weekends and its friendly atmosphere. It has over 350 shops, specialising in international designer clothes and high tech electronic goods, and the mall also contains an 11 screen cinema, a children’s entertainment centre and numerous other great attractions.

Hartford is the capital of connecticut

Hartford is The Capital of Connecticut

Hartford is the capital of the US state of Connecticut. It is home to 124,397 of its inhabitants.

The attractive modern capital of Connecticut, Hartford is on the Connecticut River, is also the insurance centre of the United States. Its central gold domed state capitol, sitting on a hill in Bushnell Park, houses a small museum of Connecticut history.

Founded by Dutch traders in 1600 the city was established by the Reverend Thomas Hooker in 1636. The first English settlers arrived in 1635. Having a number of insurance companies, the city is known by the title insurance capital of the world.

In 1711 the General Assembly granted parish privileges and the Hartford West Division Society was formed. The town was incorporated from Hartford in 1854. The town, rural for much of its history, began to develop its present substantial population only after the trend toward suburban living made it an attractive locale for people employed in the capital. Today it is the eighth largest town in the state with an active industrial capacity located in the south end.

Hartford is a rapidly growing community that has maintained its small town appeal.It affords its residents the opportunity to live and work in a small community and that gives the city a very strong sense of pride.

The schools strive to ensure that youth of the community are educated in many different areas and there are many public and private universities in South eastern Wisconsin to continue that education.

Hartford has an extensive road network that includes highways, expressways eases the traffic congestion in the city. The railroad in the city connects it with other areas. Connecticut Transit, taxis include the public transportation in the city.

The city has many interesting sights that are often visited by the tourists. The Wadsworth Athenaeum, founded in 1842 by Daniel Wadsworth, is the oldest public art museum in the United States, and houses a collection that extends over 5000 years.

Old State House is the oldest state house in the United States. Trinity College, in Hartford was the first college in the United States to allow admissions without discriminating based on religious belief.

The first city in the world to vote to buy land to create a park. This park was named Bushnell Park.
Worth a visit in the summer time with a number of attritions to view. Make a stop and enjoy yourself whatever the weather.