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Visit beaufort south carolina for your hilton head island vacation

Visit Beaufort South Carolina For Your Hilton Head Island Vacation

Beaufort, South Carolina, is a beautiful place full of southern charm. It is a town that shouldn’t be missed during your vacation to Hilton Head. One afternoon during your stay on the island, pack up the family and make some memories on the “The Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands.” Be sure to bring your sunscreen and a few extra towels in case the kids decide to splash around in the water.

Beaufort is home to many historic buildings and homes. One of the oldest buildings in Beaufort dates back to the 1700′s. There are many different styles of architecture to see. If you take a tour of the historic area you will be amazed by the beauty of the historic buildings. The downtown area has been recognized as a national historic landmark. It is definitely worth your time to stop downtown for some exploring.

While you are visiting, you might enjoy a traditional Horse and Buggy Ride. This can be a romantic adventure with a loved one. You can pack a picnic lunch and listen to the sound of the horse’s hooves hitting the pavement while you ride to a local park. This is also something that the whole family can enjoy. Children will be delighted to watch the horses pull the buggy down the historic streets of Beaufort. If you plan ahead you can take a tour from the comfort of a horse drawn buggy.

The naval hospital in Beaufort serves active duty and retired military personnel in the area. It is a beautiful hospital that gives its patients rooms with a view! When patients look out their window at the navel hospital they can see the ships and tug boats coming in and out of the harbor. The naval hospital is also home of the oldest tabby structure in South Carolina.

Located behind the naval hospital is Port Royal Sound. Port Royal Sound has picnic tables and a playground for the children. This is a great place to go and enjoy a picnic with your family. Take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and allow the kids to watch the boats coming in and going out of the harbor, while you kick back and relax with your favorite book.

Hollywood has been drawn to Beaufort, South Carolina, for many years. Due to the sheer beauty of the area, many films have been shot in the historic city. Forrest Gump is the most popular. Quite a few of the water shots in Forrest Gump were shot on Little Lucy Creek. The Vietnam shots were shot on Hunting Island. There were many other movies with scenes that were shot in the Beaufort area as well. These include Full Metal Jacket, Last Dance and the Big Chill.

If you are visiting in mid July, you won’t be able to miss the water festival. Opening day is a day of fun in the sun completed by an evening fireworks display. There are also many other events throughout the festival. Events include sporting and fishing tournaments, arts and crafts, Concerts in the park, talent shows, a parade of ships and a Commodore’s Ball.

You won’t regret taking a day trip to Beaufort, South Carolina. You should be sure to take your camera along so you can catch all of those great memories on film!

Mammoth lakes rentals

Mammoth Lakes Rentals

For a relaxing winter ski retreat away from the crowds that flock to Lake Tahoe, make your way to the always entertaining Mammoth Lakes and experience a downhill adventure unlike any other. With so many vacation rentals in this pristine and majestic setting, you cannot help but forget about all of your anxieties while you cruise down the slopes of the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains.

One of the advantages of staying in a vacation rental is that you have all of the comforts of home at your fingertips throughout your Mammoth Lakes getaway. You can whip up a quick dinner in the fully-stocked kitchen if you simply do not have the energy to go out or kick back in the private media room without disturbing those who want to rest peacefully near the fire. With more space than a hotel room and more privacy than a mountaintop lodge, you can spend your time indoors in a manner that suits your style.

In addition to all of the space and little comforts that make traveling in a group a much simpler task, it also important to remember all of the amenities you have at your disposal to make your mornings and evenings a little easier. Spend each morning on the slopes with dry, clean clothes fresh out of the washer and dryer; catch up on all the previous day’s events on the wireless internet; and entertain the family in the evening in the gameroom or with the numerous TVs and DVD players. Whatever you need for an enjoyable, stress-free trip, your condo or home rental is there to meet your needs.

While the indoor comforts of your lodging are a noteworthy consideration, probably the most important criterion for choosing a condo rental is its proximity to Mammoth Mountain. Fortunately, there are many ski in/ski out rentals where a day of challenging runs and intimidating drops are just a short walk away. Simply grab your skis in the morning and stroll over to the nearby lift for an action-packed day of downhill excitement, and then slide down a lazy run that leads right to the front steps of your convenient accommodations when you need a break from the winter cold.

Many of the Mammoth Lakes home rentals are not only convenient to the ski and snowboarding opportunities of the mountain, but they are also located amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery in the area. A quick glance out the window shows you towering, powder-covered pines and gorgeous, snow-capped mountains that will draw you outwards on a recreational adventure. Head out the back door on a cross-country skiing or snowshoeing excursion on the nearby trails and examine firsthand all of the wondrous natural beauty that abounds in the High Sierra region.

Mammoth Lakes rentals are ideally situated near the fabulous skiing opportunities of Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain while providing all of the luxuries of home for a truly relaxing ski retreat. To realize a more entertaining and invigorating winter vacation than you ever though possible, begin your search for a Mammoth Lakes vacation rental that has all of the comforts you are used to in addition to those little extras that can make all the difference during a chilly winter getaway.

Cyprus buses, taxis and finding your way around cyprus

Cyprus Buses, Taxis and Finding your Way Around Cyprus

Cyprus buses, First off let me just say that the buses in Cyprus aren’t brilliant. Unless you are on one of the main coastal roads or high ways you aren’t at all likely to be blessed with a bus service of any kind. There are however regular services between the main holiday resorts and Cyprus places of interest throughout the holiday season serving the tourist trade as well as many Cyprus charter services again operating mostly during the holiday season only. If you decide to take your holidays on the eastern side of Cyprus there is a great regular service operating between Paralimni and the water park in Agia Napa which stops of in Pernera as well as the main resort of Protaras.

These Cyprus buses aren’t the most modern fleet in the world and with so many stops along the way I wouldn’t describe it as an express service either but it is fairly reliable. Although there are plenty of official bus stops along the route the drivers aren’t adverse to picking you up if you flag them down most anywhere. The fares are mind blowingly inexpensive too but that goes with the territory in Cyprus so don’t expect to be traveling in luxury. In fact some of the older Cyprus buses don’t even have aircon apart from the windows down both sides. They also appear to be fitted with a unique gearbox that has only two speeds. STOP! and flat out Go! so hold tight.

If the joys of coach travel don’t readily appeal to you there are plenty of stretched taxis that will easily accommodate seven or eight passengers and an increasing number of mini buses with even more space inside. These Cyprus taxis or mini buses are a great way to get around and you can share the cost with a group or family trip to just about anywhere in Cyprus you please. Always be sure to fix the price though before you agree to the journey. On the whole the taxis and mini buses in Cyprus are “price fixed” by government or local licensing authorities but that doesn’t always stop some drivers forgetting to switch the meter on. They prefer instead to make it up as they go along and although they are in the minority you should always fix the price before you get into the vehicle.

If you want to see more of this beautiful Mediterranean paradise there are literally hundreds of companies offering excursions by coach or even Cyprus jeep safaris into the less accessible parts of the Island. If there is a group involved you may want to consider a hiring self drive mini bus or people carrier and have the total freedom to travel where ever in Cyprus the fancy takes you. Stop off when and where it suits you without having to stick to the set timetable or itinerary of an organized coach tour. Whatever you decide it would be a shame not to explore at least some of Cyprus whilst you are there.

For those who wish to see a lot of the Island whilst having the independence and freedom to do so at their own pace there is only one real option. Cyprus car hire or car rental as it is also known. There is no doubt that having the use of a hire car throughout the duration of your Cyprus holiday is a much superior option to jumping on and off the Cyprus bus service or paying out for taxis on a regular basis. The roads are well signed and the directions are in English so getting around Cyprus by hire car is totally stress free. They even drive on the left like the U.K. so for many it will be like motoring at home without the traffic problems or hassle.

Another advantage of car hire over Cyprus buses is that you can collect your Cyprus car rental at the airport and drop it off there when you return thus saving the transfer fees from the airport to your accomadation. There is really no better way to get around the Island and the rates are quite realistic too when you take into consideration that Cyprus is an holiday Island. So there you have it then. The choice as they say is yours to make. Taxis, minibuses a car rental package or those weird and wonderful Cyprus buses.

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Dalyan-caunos : a daily tour to the museum city

Dalyan-Caunos : A Daily Tour To The Museum City

Dalyan is 25 km. from Dalaman Airport and 77 km. from Marmaris, Turkey and its beautiful locale and rich history make it the ideal destination for a one day boat tour originating in Marmaris. I would like to give you an idea of what you can expect when you visit Dalyan.

This is a fantastic boat trip because you will visit one of the rarest corners on the earth : Dalyan Turtle Beach. This beach is one of the last breeding grounds of the loggerhead turtles and it is surrounded by fresh water on one side and salt water on the other. Sailing on the river boats through the maze-like passages of Dalyan Delta will surely remind you of “The Afrıcan Queen”. A stop-over at the magnificent Rock Tombs carved high in the cliff gives you the chance to get all the information about the resort. And finally there is a “fountain of youth: in the form of Mud Baths. It is fun, it is rejuvenating and it, surely, is great chance for an unusual snapshot.

Without climbing up to the Acropolis in Caunos, it may not be possible to feel how dangerous were the threats the Caunians lived under when they founded this city, at an elevation of 152 m. In addition to the striking panaroma, the break points of your tour will also appear : Amphitheatre, Church, Roman Bath, Terrace Temple, Fountain and Necropolis.

The City walls surrounding the acropolis, has different characteristics peculiar to different civilizations and ages, regarding the form, measurement and workmanship of the stones. It is hard to notice the distinction between Caunian, Greek, Persian, Roman and Byzan-tium traces on the same structure. The Acropolis is on a peak overlooking the southern area and interior seaport. From this viewpoint it seems easy to imagine ancient shipyards and merchantmen of that time. This high altitude point had also been used for rituals, feasts and wine parties.

One of the best preserved buildings is the Church. A cross on the entrance still remains. It’s 2500 year old domes and marble columns adorned by religious figures are wonderful. The Roman Bath was originally designed as complex building divided into rooms for education, sporting activities and meeting. The gigantic windows that were been built for athletes to warm up by sun after a bath with icy waters, also provided them with dazzling sights. Two columns found in the Terrace Temple were the first discoveries that started Caunos excavations. The Temple, which you can’t help being charmed by, remains almost as it was. The inscriptions on its marble columns mention the Caunian Gods. The most interesting part of this fascinating Temple is of course the Sacred Stone. It’s told that the object depicted on the ancient coins of the 4th. century B.C. represents the stone. There are a lots of inscriptions like this all around.

Love of Byblis : A legendary story

According to an ancient legend, Byblıs was a daughter of Miletus and Eidothea and sister of Caunus. Byblis was in love with her brother Caunus. This was a love that could not be between sister and brother. And as her love grew from day to day Byblis fell incestuously in love with her brother Caunus and declared her love to him in a letter. Caunus, horrified, rejected her. He fled from his sister, but she followed him through Caria.. He came to this part of Caria and founded the city of Caunus. As for Byblis, she pursued him as he fled her but could not find him. She was weeping so much and was about to die from grief and exhaustion when she was turned by nymphs into a fountain. This is the legendary story of the origin of the city of Caunos..

The Human Factor in Architecture

Another majestic building of the city is the Fountain. It is interesting to note that the Caunians never designed a city without a fountain. They were used by visitors coming from distant seas to freshen up. The fountain that also functioned as a meeting point for women at the time, is now being reconstructed for the new visitors. The most striking stage of the journey is the Necropolis. Of 167 tombs, ‘The Temple Faced Ones’ engraved into rocky cliffs belong to the noble inhabitants of Caunos. These Stone King Tombs are the symbols of the city.

So if you are visiting Turkey it is worth seeing Marmaris with its natural attractions, daily sea excursions, caretta caretta turtles, and with the possibility of visiting ancient city ruins such as Cnidos, Caunos, Cleopatra’s Island, Loryma and many others..